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I just had an awful experience at Target this past weekend. I was trying to return stuff I had gotten from my baby shower and spent an hour at the customer service desk trying to match gift reciepts with the items I was returning and then had over 10 items that I didn't have reciepts for that they would not let me return even for store credit!! I was told I could pick 2 (A YEAR) to get store credit for with my drivers license or I could exchange the items for like items of the exact same price from the same department! So bath stuff I had to get bath stuff, and clothes, clothes, even though I had a registry and could have used a baby gate instead of bath wash that I already have like 900 bottles of. Anyone else have such an experience? I am thinking of boycotting Target!

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Target wrote me back "explaining" the policy, but not applogizing or making any exceptions. I guess my biggest problem is that I understand that they are losing money because of disreptuable people, but most of thier customers are not trying to make them lose money. I am all for customer satisifaction- you do whatever it takes to keep your customers- and I for 1 (along with my family) will not be shopping at Target ANYMORE!!

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I had this problem after my shower for my twins. I had thousands of dollars worth of merchandise that was doubled (er... quadrupled). I wrote a letter to corporate customer service and explained that if I had a registry, then I should be able to exchange- no exceptions. They do it to prevent theft- but come on!!! Who is going to steal 4 pack-n-plays?? Anyway- the e-mail helped. And I was able to print out a copy of an e-mail and I had no problems when I presented the letter.

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I came here by accident looking to buy something online from Target - This is not good. I think I may just move on to JC Penney where they accept returns regardless of receipt.
Note to the European ladies: if you had higher expectations and voted with you feet (as I just have) you might have better return policies.
To expect that every customer is a theif because they return an item is very bad for business.

YES! I had the same experience when I had returns from my baby shower! It is ridiculous! I was so mad, and I called their 1-800 number to put in a complaint, but I don't know if it helped at all. I told them I wouldn't register there the next time around b/c they make it so hard, and some people don't include the gift receipt with their gift. But now if I give someone a gift from there, I ALWAYS include the gift receipt. They need to put a warning on the registry that prints out.

That sounds awful. I'm so sorry you had to go through that! I shop at Target all the time, and I have never had anything like that happen. Did you talk to the store manager when all this was going on? Sometimes that can help. If the store manager isn't willing to do anything for you, you can go to their website and get the information to contact the corporate office. No one should have to go through that. I have NEVER had an experience at any store where it is their policy to only give 2 store credits a year on items that you don't have receipts for, especially if you have a gift registry. That's completely rediculous.

I ran into the same issue at Babies R Us in 2008. I had bought a few boxes of their store brand diapers that I had bought in preparation for our baby's arrival and only had receipts for a couple. They were awful diapers for my son and he leaked through them constantly so we wanted to exchange. They refused the ones without the receipt. The manufacturer did reimburse me for the open box when I politely complained about the leaking (without any proof of purchase). They just sent me an envelope to send in some samples for their testing. Target and Babies r Us now can look up purchases via your credit or checking account number which is so helpful. You are still up a creek with gifts but I really wish more stores would employ that receipt look up technology.

Hi S.,
I think Target is absolutly right, and all stores should have that policy. In Europe no store will never ever take something back without a receipt. Why should they? Maybe it is stolen!
Only a receipt is proof it is not stolen. So no receipt: no return.

I can imagin you are mad, because for years Americans are used to just returning everything. But that's going to change, because that's costing the stores tons and tons of dollars. Target is just the first one.

Good luck,


I had this problem after my shower for my twins. I had thousands of dollars worth of merchandise that was doubled (er... quadrupled). I wrote a letter to corporate customer service and explained that if I had a registry, then I should be able to exchange- no exceptions. They do it to prevent theft- but come on!!! Who is going to steal 4 pack-n-plays?? Anyway- the e-mail helped. And I was able to print out a copy of an e-mail and I had no problems when I presented the letter.

had the same problems. it is completely unrealistic to only expect two returns a year without a receipt! i just tell them i don't have time to shop and request a credit on a card. that way you can use it for whatever you want!

I have had the same experience at Target as well. There is a loop hole though. If you registered for it they will take it back. So you just go online and add it to your registry and that you received it and then tell them that it was items off of your registry and they will take it back. It is a little time consuming but it works. I am a store manager at Right Start in Dallas and we deal with registry returns all the time, we are very leanant though. We will return it no questions asked, we know how stressful it is when you are expecting. Hope this helps!!!

We had the SAME EXACT problem! As well as two of my girlfriends who have had children in the last few months! We've already boycotted them completely! From the conversation I had with the manager there will be no reversing this policy in the near future!

Yep, that's there policy. Annoying though it it...
Your best bet is to see if your friends and family will help you out by returning things under their driver's licence numbers.
Good Luck!

Yes yes yes!! I hate it! It is so aweful. I have had the exact same experieces. Walmart (which i also hate) will usually take stuff though.
Just an FYI, babys r us has become really strict about their returns too. You can't return anything with out a receit, EVEN if its on your registry.
Thus, I havent been to either store for months!!!

I had the same experience when trying to return things at Target after my baby showers. I was not registered there, but of course received items from there and was told you could only make 2 returns/exchanges a year without a receipt. I finally had to get my husband to return the other things with his drivers license. They definitely are not easy to deal with so I always make sure to include a gift receipt and will probably not register with them for my next baby. I feel your frustration and have also thought of boycotting them also. I called their customer service department to complain about the policy, but it did no good. It's sad that they really don't listen to their customers, but what else can you do???

I'm torn on this issue. I understand how retailers have to protect their bottom line and they lose thousands of dollars a year on returned merchandise. But at the same time, I do tend to spend more at stores where they have more liberal return policies, like Costco, Kohl's and Sam's for that very reason. I think that when the tags are still attached, when the item is clearly new, and when they still sell the exact same item and it's not been clearanced, I do not see why they cannot go ahead and take the item back, at least for store credit. If they know the item has been on sale, you should only expect the lowest sale price back regardless of how much you know was spent on it if you don't have a receipt. But I think any time there's a "zero tolerance policy" for anything, you're not doing the best job you can to service your customer. And if you think Target and Walmart are bad, in my experience, places like Fry's and Best Buy are even worse. I had the same problem with some baby stuff I wanted to return to Target. And it was Target's brand, "Circo" I think is what it's called. They said "No receipt, no return" even though it was clearly their brand and still in the brand new package. I'm more careful about my receipts as a result, but the main thing for me is I mainly do as much shopping as I can at Costco. If we all started shopping at places with more liberal return policies, maybe Target and Walmart would change their return policies as well. :-)

Target is one of the worst when it comes to returns, especially if you don't have a receipt. Walmart does really GOOD about returns and exchanges, receipt or not. At least that is my experience.

Walmart has the same policy. I think it only applies to the same store though. The lady who went on about Europes return policy hasn't met my mom who is constantly traveling back and forth buying and returning things and can't ever keep track of receipts. My mom hasn't stepped into a target since she came across the same issue. She raves that Costco has the best return policy. It costs companies a heck of a lot more when they loose customers do to lack of great customer satisfaction especially when one bad experience can trickle down to your friends and their friends negative referrals.

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