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Experience with Endometriosis?

I just got diagnosed with Endometriosis a month ago. My ob/gyn gave me a few options: 1. get a shot that puts you into menopause for months (I don't like this idea at all!!! I don't want to risk needing to jump-start my reproductive organs....) 2. Get pregnant 3. Get a laproscopic surgery in which they burn off the endometriosis. Since we've been thinking about getting pregnant for a little while and have been doing nothing to prevent it, I opted to just try getting preg. My doc. said to try for 3 months and come back either preg. or for the surgery. I'm not pregnant yet, and this is excruciatingly painful.
Not only is it painful especially during my period, but this makes having sex to GET pregnant so painful!!! However, with all of this I must admit that having a surgery in that area makes me extremely nervous. I really want to have kids later, so I'm not so sure about "snip-snip"s and burning off of tissue down there! I really don't want anything to go wrong and have an accidental hysterectomy!! Am I the only one who's had these concerns? Am I just crazy not to realize how far we've progressed since the caveman days? Does anyone have any suggestions or helpful hints? Can anyone sympathize or empathize with my situation? I feel like I'm up a creek without a paddle... Anything would be appreciated!

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Try to get pregnant asap, before the endometriosis gets worse, but don't give up. I had a fibroid tumor removed in 2002, that was very large. I had to have a bikini cut to get the tumor removed. (i also had a very very bad case of endometriosis)

2003 i had right fallopian tube removed and left tube tied. I thought i would never have kids. But we attempted ivf twice. The second and last attempt i got pregnant with triplets. My point is, never give up.

A wonderful doctor in bakersfield, ca can help you with this problem, and also help you get pregnant. (dr. Ayyagari, both me and my husband swear by him)

i hope this helps

I don't personally, but my best friend has it. So, does her mom. Part of the treatment she's had & was glad that I did was to get on the birth control pill for awhile. She told me the pill helped the body to slush off & re-build. She would get on the pill, I believe, for 3 months & then try to get pregnant. She didn't find out she had it until she was older & thinks that might be the reason she can't get pregnant. She's been trying (I think actively) for 5 years & she's 36. I don't know, but ask if the pill might help (at least temporarily)& then you can get pregnant later.

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Dear J.,
Not to sound presumptuous, but if anyone knows what you are going through, it's me. And I am sure there are a million other women just like us, so you are not alone.
I didn't start my period until I was 15 and it was all downhill and torture after that. I was in SO much pain that I couldn't even walk. The cramping literally irradiated in my back and down to my knees. I would be like that for weeks and barely spot. My mother, who never had a cramp in her life, was not understanding and had zero patience with me. She thought I was being a drama queen. She did not believe for one second that I could be in that much pain. But I was. And finally I went to a doctor who told me, at 16, that I may never be able to have children. I was a mess up one side and down the other. By 19, I had lost my left ovary and due to scarring, only had one good tube on the right side. I begged not to lose my chance at having a child. After numerous surgeries, I was so ill at 22, that I was scheduled for a complete hysterectomy. I spiralled into depression. A friend recommended her doctor who was about an hour away from me and I made an appointment. He could see my despair. I said I didn't think I could live if I never got to have a baby. He turned out to be the most wonderful thing that ever happened. He put me on medication that basically shut my whole reproductive system down for a year. That gave my body a chance not to continue forming the endometriosis. And, just shy of my 24th birthday, I had a beautiful baby daughter. Angel. After my pregnancy, things went right back to being horrible. Numerous other surgeries. I suffered. But, I held on. And it took nine years of torture, but I gave birth to a son. I only lasted a year after having him. The endo had come back with such a vengeance that I had no choice but to have the hysterectomy. I was in so much pain that I couldn't even carry my baby or ride in a car. But, I got my babies. I would have wished for more, but I am blessed. Lazer surgery can be helpful but it is not a cure. I just never agreed to the whole hysterectomy unless it was life or death and finally, I had no choice. But, I held on long enough. You can get through this! If you ever need a pep talk, let me know. Hang in there! God bless you!

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Hi J.,

Below is a website you should check out. The link below explains the condition and has a recommended change in diet for you. You will be amazed at how much your diet affects your health.


I hope this helps,


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Hi J.. I'm so sorry you are going through this pain. When I was your age, I also developed endometriosis. Mine wasn't as severe as yours, in that I didn't have intense pain between periods. But when I did get my period, I'd have intense symptoms and pain. When I first started having these symptoms, I was told by an OB that I had a hormone imbalance and that I should take birth control pills. Luckily she also recommended the option of trying acupuncture to help.

I started going to Dr. Lifang Liang in San Francisco, via the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine where she was teaching. With her acupuncture treatments and chinese herbs, my symptoms were reduced but did not disappear. I seemed to plateau. Dr. Liang was puzzled I was at a standstill. She then wondered if I perhaps had endometriosis. While she has studied both Western and Eastern medicine, at that time she was not able to practice Western (she's from China).

Anyhow, I went to an OB who couldn't definitely say I had endometriosis without an invasive laproscopy. But she thought I probably had it. So I returned to Dr. Liang with that info and she adjusted her treatments to focus on endometriosis.

Well I must have had it and her treatments/herbs definitely worked. All my symptoms subsided and never have returned. That was over 15 years ago.

In addition to my endometriosis, I had gone to Dr. Liang for other issues like allergies, colds, etc. with great results. A friend of mine took her daughter there when she was experiencing a severe hormornal imbalance. They had great success with Dr. Liang.

I highly recommend this very sweet and caring doctor. Here's her website http://www.lifangliang.com. Her focus is on infertility, but she's trained in gynocology - Western and Eastern. She's also published a book on infertility and IVF.

I fortunately was able to quickly become pregnant with my now 4 month year old daughter. However if I ever had troubles, I wouldn't hesitate to go to her for help. Best of luck to you whatever route you take. I know some have had good results from surgery, but I've also knew a young woman who had two surgeries before age 25 and still had issues. It kept coming back :( Of course, this was over 10 years ago...so perhaps the surgical treatments are better now.

BTW: If you never have had acupuncture and have fear of needles, you should not worry. I was COMPLETELY needle-phobic (and still am in terms of blood draws or IVs, etc.). However acupuncture needles are very very thin and you usually feel nothing or very little in terms of the poke.

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I was 24 years old when I found out that I had endometriosis I'm now 51 back then there wasn't much to do for it my doc told me to get on birth control pills but I had a reaction to them so that was out. So a year later and suffered very much pain I had I hysterectomy. but I already had 2 children. if they offered to burn off the tissue back then that is what I would of done. I don't know if getting pregnant would make it go away you would still have pain after having a baby. I did. hope this helps!

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Hi J.
I have heard of people doing acupuncture (with good results) for this ... you may want to read articles on the net about it and see for yourself. I wish you the best of luck :)


I have had endometriosis for about 10 years. I was diagnosed with it, when I was 22 and it was because of the pain.
I know the surgery seems scary--but I strongly advise doing it.
However, I also strongly advise having a surgeon who specializes in it, because he/she will so a better job. The surgery is painful--because most surgery is, but then once you recover, you'll have a lot less pain, and possibly none at all. plus, if the endo happens to be blocking any of your fertility organs, then it will just help you to get pregnant faster.
I had had 3 laproscopic surgeries over the past 9 years, and then inn december we welcomed our first daughter. It took us 3 months to get pregnant--and I was told I might have a really hard time getting pregnant. Good Luck!
-K. l

Endometriosis is a condition where the uterine lining grows in places it shouldn't. It can form cysts which can rupture, which is extremely painful. One of the best cures is pregnancy, which ironically becomes impossible because of the condition. I had endometriosis for about 30 years. I was diagnosed after my first, and only, child was born in 1974. in 1976, I had two endometritic cysts rupture on my left ovary, which required surgery. My symptoms were the same as a ruptured appendix, which is what my doctor thought I had. He had quite a surprise once I was opened up in emergency surgery. Endometriosis was growing everywhere. Post surgery, I spent 10 years on low dose birth control pills, which worked well. I was taken off the "pill" for 30 days once every 12 months and when I wanted to get pregnant again. Due to other issues, specifically fibroids, I couldn't get pregnant, so went back on birth ontrol pills to relieve the effects of the endometriosis. If the laporoscopic surgery had been an option for me, I would have taken it, but the procedure wasn't done in the 70's and 80's. My suggestion would be to consult with an OB/Gyn specialist as a second opinion. Acupuncture may be another option. I can recommend Ursula Monroe at Valley Acuncpure. Her # is ###-###-####. She successfully treated me for
tendonitis last year. Whatever you decide to do, don't wait too long to do it. The condition only spreads and gets worse when untreated.
Good luck!

Here is a link to some resources for Alternative/Natural treatments:


My cousin went through this with a doctor that claimed her pain/experience was not real.

Good luck!

T. Solar

Hi, J.,
I had a long battle with endometriosis that begun when I was about 32 years old. By the time it was diagnosed, I had to have major surgery to remove it, followed by six months of menopause inducing treatments. Believe me, I know the pain this causes as well as the side-effects of treatment. You have your young age going for you, and it seems since the surgery recommended is a laporoscopy, that your condition isn't too advanced. A laporoscopy is a minor, outpatient surgical procedure. I've had two myself - piece of cake compared to the injections and major surgery. My advice would be to attempt pregnancy first. Nature is the best method of treatment. If this doesn't work, go for the laporoscopy. You'll end up with two very small incisions in your abdomen and a few days to recover. This procedure may very well rid you of the pain, especially during intercourse, and the ability to get pregnant should improve. I'm not a doctor, so verify this with your OB/Gyn. Because you are so young, and diagnosed early, chances are you won't end up like me. Six years later, the endometriosis came back with a vengence, so I had another laporoscopy followed by six months of medicine, but it only got worse. I ended up having a hysteroectomy. By then I was 38 years old and had accepted the fact that I will never be able to bear children. The hysteroectomy improved my quality of life and opened the door for us to pursue adoption, so in my case it's not an unhappy ending. I wish you all the best, J.. God bless you!

Hi J.,

My name is Allene and I have endometriosis as well. I've actually had 3 laproscopic surgeries done and have 2 beautiful little girls 4 1/2 and 10 months. The surgeries are done with 3 little incisions on your belly. 1 in the bellybutton and 2 in your lower ab area and they use a laser to remove any scar tissue that may be there. So put your fears to rest regarding any unplanned hysterectomies :0) I know that once I had my first surgery, my periods were less painful and intercourse was pleasurable again. I would recommend the surgery asap so that you can get onto getting pregnant sooner than later.
Also, I'm not sure where you're located or which OB you are currently seeing, but I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Gul Zikria. He's located in Milpitas and thanks to him I was able to have children. God has touched his hands and he is a GREAT surgen.
My story is a long one and I would be happy to share my experiences in more detail if you'd like to contact me. My number is ###-###-####.
Just remember what FEAR stands for...
F alse
E vidence
A ppearing
R eal
Good luck with everything! You are doing the right thing and they (kids) are worth every painful (physical and mental) moment. God Bless!

Hi, J..

Before exploratory surgery to find out that I had endometriosis, I had extreme pain 3 weeks out of every month. Nothing helped it. Finally one night I had to go to the ER for a shot of demerol and then they did the exploratory surgery. I had pocks all over so they removed my uterus, one tube and ovary. No pain since... that was over 25 years ago. I do sympathize with you because I know what you are going through. I guess you have to decide whether you want to deal with the pain, and if it gets worse what you want to do. Me personally... I hate pain. You are young and want kids... but maybe it's not meant to be and it's not the end of the world. There are other ways. And, although I understand how important it is to have your own kids, the biological factor does not make it your child.

I wish you the best of luck.

I don't personally, but my best friend has it. So, does her mom. Part of the treatment she's had & was glad that I did was to get on the birth control pill for awhile. She told me the pill helped the body to slush off & re-build. She would get on the pill, I believe, for 3 months & then try to get pregnant. She didn't find out she had it until she was older & thinks that might be the reason she can't get pregnant. She's been trying (I think actively) for 5 years & she's 36. I don't know, but ask if the pill might help (at least temporarily)& then you can get pregnant later.

I had endometriosis years ago and after having a miscarriage I opted to have surgery. I had two cysts removed from my left ovary. I also had painful periods and just pure pain! I was well known in the ER too from many frustrating visits and overnight stays. I was told I would never have children or if I could it would be hard. Five years later my daughter, now 10 was conceived. Back then there was no miracle shot (if that is what you want to call it), there was just surgery or pregnancy or the pill.
Good luck!

I don't mean to be an alarmist but if you are this young with endometriosis you need to do something now. I recommend birth control pills which will reduce the severity of your periods and your endometriosis. I strongly recommend that you have the procedure that the doctor recommends. I also suggest that you find a good accupuncturist who can minimize endometriosis but treating the amount of blood flow you have going to the uterus. And lastly I recommend that you do not wait to have kids. I suffered from endometriosis from my 20s on and ultimately unable to have children with endometriosis as the primary cause.
good luck!

I was diagnosed with endo. 14 years ago. Since then, I have learned to listen to my body and have figured out things that help me feel better and things that don't make me feel good...mostly in the area nutrition and herbs. I learned a lot from the Endometriosis Association:


Mostly they link endo. to the environment (dioxins (i.e. chlorine -- which is in tap water and is especially hard on my body). They have spent lots of money on research and on trying to find a cure. Their books were very informative.

As far as surgery goes, I was never a big fan. I had a laproscopy to diagnose my endo., but they were unable to use a laser where I had the endo cysts. I wasn't thrilled at the time, but now that I have found alternate ways to make my body feel good, I am grateful that I didn't have them mess anything up :)

Good luck

I too have endometriosis and have suffered with it since I was in my early twenties. I had a couple of laprascopic surgeries where my ob/gyn went in and cleaned up my tubes & ovaries removing scar tissue that resulted from the endometriosis. After each of these surgeries, most of the painful symptoms went away and I had relief for another few years. Unfortunately, I was never able to get pregnant, except for one ectopic pregnancy, because my tubes became blocked. I was unable to take birth control pills because they made me sick and ultimately we ended up adopting. I continue to suffer with pain and difficult periods. My doctor has said that when I am done dealing with the pain, I should schedule a hysterectomy. Truthfully, I am just not ready for that entire process. My advise is to go for the laprascopic surgery. They can normally do it in the morning and you are released by 1:00 or 2:00 in the afternoon. You'll be a little sore for a day or two, but that is about it. It will provide you with relief from the pain and other symptoms associated with endometriosis. Plus buys you more time until you are ready to have a family. The most important thing is to keep your tubes clear so that you can become pregnant when you are ready. I wish you the best of luck.

Hi J.

Well I will just tell you a little about my story with endometriosis. IT SUCKS!!! I started my period at 8 1/2 years old and by the time I was 11 my periods were so painful that I would have to go to the hospital and get demerol shots. Then when I turned 13 they started to give me morphine shots. This was 22 years ago when they didn't know much about endometriosis. I ended up seeing 16 gynecologists between 13 and 18 years old. I missed alot of high school and my family thought I was faking most of it, but now that I have five children I would rather give natural children than ever suffer one more day of a painful period like I used to have!!!
At the age of 17 I had an emergency room doctor refer me to a friend of his that was a gynecologist. It was the best refferal ever. Finally i got someone that would listen. I was afraid that because of all the scarring from over the years I would never be able to have children. My doctor agreed with me, so I had the laproscopic surgery so he could remove the scar tissue. I was in the hospital for six hours and then home. I recovered within one week and back to work. My next period was still a little painful but it was the best period ever!!! I was still concerned that I could not get pregnant, at this time I was almost 19 and engaged, so the doctor orded a test called a hysteropingagram. The spelling is probably wrong.. But this is were you go in and they shoot dye inside of you then take x-rays to see if your falopian tubes have any blockage from the scar tissue. It was a little painful, but I was pregnant two weeks later. It was nice to go nine months and have no painful periods. My periods in between my pregnancys were better than ever. Cramps but no pain. I ended up having a hysterectomy at the age of 32 because of my history of endometriosis and life is GREAT now. Talk to your doctor about the hysteropingagram if you are not pregnant soon, it might help you too. Best of luck to you, I know first hand how you have been feeling and nobody really understands unless they have it too. Most people think it is just bad cramps they don't uderstand that it is EXTREMELY PAINFUL!!! Don't take the shots, putting yourself into menopause at such a young age is not the answer. If you are ready to have a baby then do everything you can do to get pregnant. Good Luck!!! My Best L.

I had my first laproscopic procedure when i was 23 and then again at 34. i was preganant within about 4 months of having the lap the second time. (i wasn't trying after the first.) i view it as simply going in and cleaning out the plumbing. your pipes get clogged and you gotta clean em out. it was really not a big deal. i don't want to minimize your fears, but it's such a simple procedure these days. check out dr. nezhat in palo alto. he is seriously the BEST! even if you just want a second opionion. good luck.

I believe that I can share some helpful information with you that will help you to feel better. I wish I had learned this info much sooner in my life!

I had to have a complete hysterectomy at the age of 39 due to endometriosus. That was in 1992. I took the homones that I was supposed to for about four years. Then I heard the word "alternatives" for homone replacement as I was learning more about the long term risks with taking presription hormones.

Thus, began my journey to learn about the natural, herbal, nutraceutical, healthier alternatives for hormonal balance. I am taking a combination of products that have worked wonderfully for me for the last 10 years! I feel great as long as I take my supplements appropriately, but will begin to have night sweats and hot flashes if I miss too many doses. The two most important products that I take are Female Balance and BioInfinity from Symmetry Direct.

These products can also be used for endometriosus and any hormonal challenge you can think of. Female Balance does just that--balances hormones--no matter what you want to call the nature of the hormonal imbalance. It is an effective herbal product that provides Phyto estrogens. BioInfinity is a nutraceutical supplement with different herbs, Co Q10, Pregnenolone (DHEA precurser) and more that balances the body's progesterone needs.

I am now a distributor of these products and would love to share more with you about this. Omega III fatty acids are also an important part of hormonal support and PAIN RELIEF. You can check my website at www.symmetrydirect.com/dhendon .

Victorious Living to you!
D. Hendon, RDH, SMM
Symmetry Direct

Hi J.,

I understand how you are feeling. The idea of sommething being D. to your very important parts can be frightening. I had laproscopic surgery about 9 years ago. My diagnosis of endometriosis came because we had been trying to get pregnant for 3 years. It turned out the endometriosis was the main reason I was not getting pregnant.

I was in and out in about an hour with very minimal pain. The doctor took a video of the prodecure with an internal camera -- not something I would recommend for the faint of heart, but it was interesting. I was pregnant 2 months later. The combo of the surgery and 2 subsequent pregnancies has kept my endometriosis managable.

The scar from the surgery is very, very small and right below my belly button. My best advice is to make sure you have a doctor who has D. several previously, because according to my doctor finding the smaller ones takes a practiced hand.

Best of luck to you.

Hello J., I also was diagnosed the endometriosis at a younger age (19) and had the D and C (dilation and coterization) which is the burning surgery you speak of. It is also a method for early termination of pregnancy. I must say it helped a lot, but I wasn't even close to getting pregnant then. I didn't get married until 36 and I got pregnant at 37. My sister had the shots bringing on early menopause for a different problem: she had to shrink cysts in order to have them removed in a surgical procedure. She said that was a nightmare, both while taking the shots and afterwards. I definitely would NOT do that. I remember her changes of mood and hated being around her. One thing I am very surprised the Dr. did not suggest is going on birth control pills for some months. Birth control pills have kept me from having endometriosis for decades. I am no doctor, but ask whether 6 months would help. You are able to conceive as soon as you stop taking them, and that would be a good time as your uterus would take time ( some months?) to build up that painful lining again. Hoping you get pregnant soon so as to avoid it all. Good luck


I was diagnosed also about 5 years or so ago (I'm 33). I was not planning on getting pregnant at the time, and I was exactly where it sounds like you are with the pain, so I had the surgery. I have absolutely no regrets - my dr was amazing (let me know if you would like her name), the surgery was relatively easy (I was nervous about surgery too, believe me), and I have little to no pain now.

I definitely understand where you're coming from, if you want to talk more, feel free to email me directly, ____@____.com.

My mom and I both had endomitriosis. I was lucky and got pregnant, and things have been great since then. My mom had the surgery in conjunction with alternative medicines and has been healthy for 15 years. The western doctors wanted to remove her ovaries because they said the cysts would keep reappearing, but the alternative medicine cured the cause after the western medicine cured the symptoms. So I recommend doing something alternative along with the surgery if thats the route you end up taking. Try not to let the anxiety overwhelm you; you will get pregnant easier without it. Good luck!

Both my sister and I have had Stage 4 Endo...not diagnosed until our 20's. GET A NEW DOCTOR! Laproscopic surgery worked for both my sister and myself...I know how painful it can be. You may have endo getting in the way of your ovaries, etc. My sister now has two children and I have one....with no problems. There are also many issues that can come about because of Endo such as other infections....it is connected to auto-immune issues.

Good luck...get a new opinion...and feel better! J.


I have first hand experience with this. Even after surgery, which left me with an 8 inch scar down my abdomen, the endometriosis came back. The thing that helped me was accupuncture! After 6 months of regular treatments, I was no longer in pain. I am now sitting here with my 2 month old baby boy. I highly recommend exploring alternative methods before you have surgery. Endometriosis is aggravated by horomonal imbalances and accupuncture is an excellent way to fix that.

Best of luck,


GET A SECOND OPINION!!! I am not sure you can get pregnant after the endometriosis is burned off. Please ask since I am no expert. As for the pain with intercourse, ask about that too. Good luck!

I also have endometriosis. I think I was diagnosed at age 23 or 24. My doctor also told me that I could try to get pregnant or have the surgery. At that time I was not ready for children, so I went for the surgery. I was worried too, but the surgery was not bad at all. They make two small incisions- one right below your belly button and one right above your pelvic area- to do the laporoscopy. Once they see where the majority of the lesions are, they make another small incision for the tool to do the cartarization. It was an out-patient surgery-for me at least- I don't know if they keep you now or not. The results are phenomenal! I haven't had pain like that in years now. I am almost 33 now and have two children. Both pregnancies were not effected by the endometriosis. Endometriosis is not curable, so my doctor said I might have to go back in and do another cartarization when I get older. I have absolutely no problem with that, since the first surgery has done wonders for me. Any surgery is scary, but I promise this one is not one to worry about. You will be thankful you did it!

Hi J.,

I had (and may have again) endometriosis and I had the surgery done since I couldn't seem to get pregnant and they thought maybe this was affecting my ability to get pregnant. I didn't have any problems with the surgery and I actually remember things (like periods and pain during intercourse) being better afterwards. Also, once they got inside, they found that I had a very sever case of endometriosis (it was everywhere) so for me, it was a good thing they removed it but they also stated that since it was so sever, it would probably come back because it was tough to get all of it. I was 35 at the time I had it done.

Two of the reason's I was comfortable with having it done is that endometriosis looked and felt like something that I shouldn't have inside the center of my body. It really looked like something alien in pictures and it was hurting me (bad periods and pain with intercourse) so I wanted it removed. Hopefully you get lot's of food information and make the right decision for you.

Good luck and I hope everything goes well for you.
L. Sechrest

Try to get pregnant asap, before the endometriosis gets worse, but don't give up. I had a fibroid tumor removed in 2002, that was very large. I had to have a bikini cut to get the tumor removed. (i also had a very very bad case of endometriosis)

2003 i had right fallopian tube removed and left tube tied. I thought i would never have kids. But we attempted ivf twice. The second and last attempt i got pregnant with triplets. My point is, never give up.

A wonderful doctor in bakersfield, ca can help you with this problem, and also help you get pregnant. (dr. Ayyagari, both me and my husband swear by him)

i hope this helps


I started feeling pain back in 1999 and it took until 2006 for me to find a doctor that could figure out the problem and it was Endometriosis. I am only 29 so it does happen to young people. My best-friend who is 26 also has it. It's actually more common than people realize. The problem is that there is this myth that periods are supposed to be painful and women just don't do anything about it or think much of it. But periods are not supposed to hurt. I tried a regular low dose birth control pill, but it just wasn't working. My dr suggested either the lupron injection or the laproscopy. To be honest in my opinion I though the side effects that come with the lupron shot were way worse than the few days recovery from the surgery. The procedure was outpaitent. I went in at 5pm and was out by 8pm. I have tiny little incision scars near my belly button, but nothing major. My doctor did tell me too that getting pregnant would be the easiest right after the surgery. I had my procedure in Oct 06, stared trying to get pregnant in Jan 07 (with the help of Clomid, because of lack of ovulation) and had conceived by the beginning of Feb 07. After the baby was born in Oct 07 my doctor put me on Aygestin for my b.c. pill because it's straight progeterone. It's the estrogen in regular b.c. pills that help the endometriosis spread. Also I don't know what area you live in, but I highly recommend my ob/gyn he's the best I've ever been to and sadly I've been to a lot. His name is Dr. Gary Hoff, he's in Redwood City and his number is ###-###-####. Good luck and take care. (sorry it was so long winded)


Hi J.,

I can relate to your situation so I thought I'd send you a few words of thought. I also have endometriosis. I was in so much pain and having sex was also painful that I never felt like I enjoyed it anymore. My husband at the time and I tried to get pregnant for 4 years and it never happened. I finally had the surgery and it wasn't bad at all. I am now pain free and have a beautiful 4 year old little girl. It is extremely difficult to get pregnant while the cells are active. I highly recommend having the surgery if you do want to have a baby. But, you are only 21 so please enjoy your time together as newlyweds first! The surgery was a quick recovery for me and was not very painful at all. Everyone's body reacts differently but I wouldn't be scared. It will be worth it if it means the pain will be gone and maybe some day you can have a child. Good luck!!
L. :-)

go see Marti Lee Kennedy. She is an acupuncturist who specializes in women's health. She has helped a lot of women with this.

I know exactly what you are feeling. I lived with endometriosis for over 15 years. I also had the shot that made me go through menopause at the age of 22 and let me tell you that was hell on myself as well as my ex-husband and young children. I would yell at everyone or just start crying for no reason. I have had the laproscopic surgery 4 times. The last time I had that done, I was pregnant within 9 months. I wasn't trying to have a baby, but I received a little surprise! If you still feel like you need more information as to what to do, I would suggest you get a 2nd and 3rd opinion from other ob/gyn's. Only you and your husband can make that decision. Endometriosis always comes back even though you have the laproscopic surgery. That is why at the age of 30 and having suffered so many years, I had a hysterectomy. I wasn't planning on having any more children and let me tell you, I feel great! I don't care that I have to have a hormone replacement shot every month. It is better than having so much pain and heavy bleeding. Good luck and don't get discouraged!

I have endometriosis also. I had two kids before being diagnosed. Growing up I had terrible periods but never knew why. I tired for about 6 years to take non-stop birth control. I would take it for three weeks and than throw out the pack and start a new one. My worst time was during my period, so they prevented me from having a period. You might want to talk to your doctor about this. They may not recommend since you haven't had children. I had the surgery, the recovery was not bad. They went through my belly button. In your case I don't know that I would try the surgery before having kids. Have you tried Aleve? That was the only medicine that relieved any of the pain. Hang in there. I am so sorry to hear you are going through this. Please keep me updated :)

I suffered from endometriosis for several years before being properly diagnosed. I had a surgery performed in March 07 which I personally just don't think was performed well by the first surgeon. It's not that there were complications, the condition just came back within a couple of months.

At that point, my primary physician told me I wouldn't be able to conceive, but my GYN though skeptical, decided not to give up. This time, he performed the surgery himself in July 07...I was pregnant by mid August and I am awaiting the birth of my first born at any time.

It was a same day surgery, small incision, and quick recovery. I highly recommend the procedure and would even be willing to refer my surgeon if you're interested. I definitely sympathize with your situation.

Good luck to you!

The surgery was "no big deal". I tried for 18 months to get pregnant and was not successful until I had the surgery. I am now the mother of a a set of twin girls! The doctor believed that I was having a hard time having the egg implant into my uterus due to the endometriosis. My periods were less painful and sex no longer hurt after the surgery. I would do it if I were you.


I woke up with horrible pains in my lower abdomen when I was 17 and had to wait 4 months before I could have the surgery done because my OB wouldn't preform it until I was an adult, and it was so painful I couldn't wear pants during my cycles.. I had the surgery done and have been wonderful ever since! Its a really simple procedure, only two 1 inch incisions, the only part that really hurt during recovery was when the gas started letting out of the abdomen, (they fill your stomach with air/gas so they can see everything better) but I just took some pain meds and slept through that, within a week I was feeling better and I am super happy that I did it, it also made getting pregnant when I was ready to easier!!

Good luck in your journey, there are many many wonderful books out there that you can read if you want to get better informed, my Mom bought me 2 to help me cope through those 4 months of wait time.. Happy Healing

Hi J.,
I am a certified hypnotherapist, member of the American Society for Clinical Hypnosis ASCH. I can offer you hypnosis to help your body deal with the endometriosis so you can get rid of the infection and get on with getting pregnant. In addition I also offer HypnoFertility and HypnoBirthing I am definitely in the baby business. Hypnosis has been used centuries to help people get control of their bodies and their mind. Hypnosis has a huge benefit in that there are no negative side effects and usually lots of extra beneficial side effects.
Contact me via email on ____@____.com or by phone ###-###-####, ###-###-####. Please leave a message if you happen to call when I'm working with another client and I will get back to you as soon as I can.
Looking forward to hearing from you, S. in Bakersfield

I don't have personal experience but know it can be painful and cause reproductive havoc. I recommend consulting with a fertility specialist before you do any surgery, as I learned in my own case (fibroids) that they would have done the surgery differently than the general OB did - with better results for pregnancy. Consider telling them you're interested in a fertility consult, so they don't refer you to a general OB.

I'm so sorry you are going through this. My sister and three other friends have endometriosis. They have all tried getting pregnant. Three of my friends have succeeded. One friend had 3 laproscopic surgeries and ended up getting pregnant after going to an infertility doctor. One friend had the surgery once I believe, and then got pregnant on her own. One friend had a baby, I'm not sure if she ever went through the surgeries but has now had a hysterectomy (she's a bit older) and my sister has had the surgery 2 times, and they want to do that thing where she's put in the "menopause" state. I'm not sure if she's going to do it. They do say that eventually she'll have to have the hysterectomy. I know this is scary but the laproscopic surgery has helped my sisters pain go away for awhile. It doesn't last forever though. They did say that if they could get rid of some of the scar tissue then she would have an easier time getting pregnant (but she's not ready for kids yet). Maybe if you decide to go for the surgery you will have an easier time getting pregnant right after. I'm not sure if this helped you but maybe you won't feel alone in this. Good Luck!

Hi J.,
I am sorry that you have been dealt the endometriosis hand! It's a real pain and it can affect all areas of your life! Please check out the internet for the endometriosis websites that can really help. Some are scary, so take it all in slowly. Every woman's endo is different. The good news is that you have been diagnosed early. The usual treatment for endo is birth control pills taken continuously (to fake pregnancy and stabilize your hormones). The other options you mentioned are usually for more severe symptoms. I have had the surgery and can say that it is a bit scary, but safe. They make a small incision at your belly button and another just above the the pubic hair line. In one side goes the laser, the other the camera so they can see what they're doing. They basically burn all of the extra tissue off. I was done with the surgery in one day and went home that afternoon... took about a week to feel "right". I will say that it was MORE than worth it! All that pain is usually due to adhesions (the endo tissue) glueing your insides together. Having that gone is FABULOUS!. I was able to get pregnant within a year of the surgery and again 3 years later. Now I am looking at the same options as you are, due to more tissue build up. It just keeps coming. Just know that getting pregnant isn't always a cure nor is hysterectomy, though many uniformed doctors think so! It's tough to find good docs. who know their stuff in this area.

Take your time and read up. Other things that help me are diet (avoid milk, red meat, etc) exercise and accupuncture. It takes time to find your own mix. Good luck and take care.

Hi J.,
I've had endometriosis since I was 20 (I'm 40 now). I also had the symptoms you're describing. I would recommend the surgery, it is a very simple surgery and you should be out of the hospital in a day or two. I was back on my feet with no problems (although laid off any hard physical work for about 2 weeks) and was fine. Here I am now, with 2 kids and no pain. It's awesome and was worth it. Just make sure you are very comfortable with your doctor and get his track record on how his patients have done. I highly recommend my M.D. Eldonna Christie in Napa...she was terrific.
Good Luck!
K. N.

Ask your MD to check your progesterone level. If low try bio-identical progesterone.

Yes, I emphathise! I'm now in my 70's; had endometriosis & cancer some 45-6 yrs ago; but already had my children. Never having been tested before, I opted for a hysterectomy. If Dr. says you need 3 mo. to see if you're pregnant or a candidate for surgery; I'd opt to see another Dr. You may have to face a surgery, but adoption is a choice, if so. But maybe someone else can help, can only hope! At 21, I wait a bit, if you can stand it! Wishing you much luck! A

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