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Experience with Diapar Genies

Would any of you mamas who have used the Diapar Genie care to give me a review of how well it worked? Pros, cons, etc? Was it worth having? Thanks! J. in Fuquay

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Thanks for your responses, ladies! I think that instead of getting a Diapar Genie, I'll make a pretty 'tube' to store plastic grocery bags in for the nursery! You've been very helpful!

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I have had 3 differant kinds of diaper pails one being the diaper genie. They are great when the baby is little but when they get older it only hold a few before you have to empty it . Is just as easy to put in used grocery bag & toss in garabage can. I ran a home day care for 6 years & just put them all in house can in grocery bags then took big trash bag out at end of day . Didn't stink up the house at all .

hey, we weren't impressed with the Genie. It is great for keeping the smell down, but so is emptying a trashcan. It is really cumbersom and hard to empty. It's a mess. we finally chucked it and just got a small trash can that has a pedal that pops the lid open. We just tie up the bag at the end of the day and be done.

We won't be using a Diaper Genie again.

I have one and don't know that I will use it again with my next child. It does work, but cleaning it out is nasty! And you have to buy the refills which I began to fill like it was a waste of money. Next time I will but them in a plastic bag and take the stinky ones strait outside to the large garbage can.

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We used a Diaper Genie for about two weeks after our son was born, but it was more trouble than it was worth to take the diapers out and didn't control the smell that much. We eventually went to just using a regular 5-gallon bucket (one that had had laundry detergent in it) with a regular trash bag. It did as good a job of anything of keeping the odor in as long as the lid was put on correctly. Sometimes I'd put a dryer sheet in the bottom of the bag to help with the odor when we opened it to put in another diaper, but then I just got one of those 99-cent air fresheners like you see for hanging on cars' rearview mirrors and taped it to the underside of the lid. We used it for four years and two kids.

Good for you! You'll be surprised how much new and "improved" stuff is out there...

I did not like the Genie because it used special bags and you have to twist them in... Check out the Diaper Champ, you can use the plastic bags you get at the grocery store and the lid just flips over to accept the next bundle.

congratulations on your newest addition! I know you are so excited. I just had a friend adopt from China and I can only imagine your excitement. I used a Diaper Genie for my first child. It was great! But what I found was even better was we finally got trash pickup for the 2nd child and I would just throw the stinky ones right into the dumpster outside! I did that with child number 3 too. That seemed to be the best thing, because the stink was completely out of my house!

I personally think they are just too expensive and complicated. I have always just double bagged stinky diapers in grocery bags and that works just fine for us.

DON'T BOTHER!!!! Diaper Genies are disgusting. You would be better of getting a little trash can and throwing your diapers in it outside or in the garage. They are difficult to deal with and when you have to change them the bag weighs about 200 lbs and smells like heck!!! I used to call it the poop sausage maker. It is so gross. Congrats on your new baby.

I know you asked about the Diaper Genie but I thought I'd give yo a review of your other popular option.

We got a Diaper Champ when my daughter was born and really liked it. We've since switched to cloth diapers so we're no longer using it but while we were it was great!

Unlike the Diaper Genie the Champ can be flipped with one hand so when you have a squirmy baby on the changing table you aren't left trying to figure out how to get the diaper twisted up like you do with the Genie.

Also, the Champ can use any bags. We used plastic grocery store bags for ours and emptied it every couple days. With the Genie you need their special refill cartridges that cost $6 each I believe. And if you run out in the middle of the night you are SOL.

These were my two main issues when considering which option to go with for us. I am really happy that we ended up going with the Diaper Champ!

Congrats on the new addition to your family! What a blessing for all of you!

A Diaper Genie is a MUST!!! It really helped us with the smell of those dirty diapers. It seemed to be more sanitary using the Genie instead of our regular trash.

I have had 3 differant kinds of diaper pails one being the diaper genie. They are great when the baby is little but when they get older it only hold a few before you have to empty it . Is just as easy to put in used grocery bag & toss in garabage can. I ran a home day care for 6 years & just put them all in house can in grocery bags then took big trash bag out at end of day . Didn't stink up the house at all .

i liked my diaper genie when my boys were newborns and could hold a good amount of their diapers but the older they get the less they can hold and the refills are pricey. I wouldn't recommend buying one. I would just stock up on plastic grocery bags and tie em up then throw them away!

I used my Diaper Genie for almost 4 years and didn't have many problems. If you use it properly it seals the diapers in and there is no smell. Mine seems to hold a lot more diapers than others are reporting. I would only have to empty it every 2nd or 3rd day. The only problem I had with it was that the blade that cuts the bags gets dull or jammed with bits of plastic bag after a while and doesn't work so well. I just used a pair of scissors to cut it, tied off the end, then took the whole thing outside to the trashcan, opened the bottom and let them all dump out. I also didn't find the plastic bag that expensive, about $5 at Target every 3 or 4 months. My daughter just potty trained herself so I'm passing mine on to a friend who is a Gramma with 3 in diapers.

don't do it!!! Diaper genies are such a headache and you spend so much more money on the special bag. they smell after wards too. I found a diaper pail that uses the normal trash liners you use in the kitchen. it is called clean air: Odor free diaper disposal. you have to buy a filter every 6 months but it is $10 for 2 as apposed to the 5to 10 you would spend for every package of special trash bags. it is also battery operated but i don't use any batteries and it still works.

With my first child, i really did use them. I actually have a diaper champ, not a genie, because you can use a regular garbage bag instead of the specialty bags you have to buy. With babies 2 and 3, and 4 on the way, i never even got it out of the attic. Probably because my 3 are under 3, so 3 in diapers would have filled it faster than i can empty it. I found they are great for the newborn poopies...when they don't smell so much. Once the child is on solids, no diaper genie is going to contain that smell...bag it in a Walmart bag and send it outside! Good luck on the adoption!

I prefer the Diaper Champ because you can use kitchen sized garbage bags for liners. You don't need any special liners and the smell is contained as long as there is a bag in there. I have used a Diaper Champ with both of my children over the course of four years and it looks the same as when I bought it.

They are gross and if you don't empty them like every three days they have little nats flying around them. It is much better to use grocery store bags or individual diaper bags (made specifically for dirty diapers) and take it straight out to the garbage.

Congratulations on the new addition to your family!!! I have the diaper genie II and I love it. It is very easy to use and changing the refill cartridges are simple. I have no complaints! Hope this helps :)

I have used the diaper genie with all three of my babies, and I really don't like it! It works great with the itty bitty diapers for newborns, but as the baby and diapers get bigger, it becomes a pain. It "sticks" and the diaper won't slide down correctly. Plus, I feel like it is just a breeding ground for germs, since you can't clean the whole inside contraption with Lysol. For my toddler's room, I got just a regular diaper pail that has a hole in the top, and I like it a lot better. I will switch to that in my newborn's room once his diapers get bigger. I wouldn't waste your money...use the money to buy something fun for your new precious baby! Congrats on the adoption! Hope this helps!

I have a diaper genie II and LOVE IT! I know the inserts are $5 a piece, but I tried other brands and this is by far the best. Little to no odor, neat, clean....great, highly recommend.

hey, we weren't impressed with the Genie. It is great for keeping the smell down, but so is emptying a trashcan. It is really cumbersom and hard to empty. It's a mess. we finally chucked it and just got a small trash can that has a pedal that pops the lid open. We just tie up the bag at the end of the day and be done.

We won't be using a Diaper Genie again.

Hi J.,

A resounding YES! I love my Diaper Genie. It saved so many trips to the garbage can especially with "messy" diapers. I just didn't have time to run out to the outside trash can 2-3 times a day with just a poopy diaper. The wet diapers don't smell too bad but those messy ones could knock you over. The bags last quite a while so you aren't buying this every week so I think it is well worth it. I never even smelled the stinky diapers either. I truly loved mine! If you are going to go the "huggies" route the diaper genie is a time and life saver. Good luck!!

Congradulations!! What a wonderful experience your abou to have. As for the diaper genie or anyother diaper system out there, my husband and I found that they are great the first couple of months, but after that, the smell of the dirty 'poopy' diapers permiated the genie, and then our daughters room. I knew someone who would take the poopy ones and dump the poop in the toliett, and then put the diaper in the genie, but when you're changing 20 a day, thats a lot of extra steps/work if you ask me. Our family settled on just wrapping the individual diaper in a shopping bag (from the grocery store or Target) and putting in a small garbage can by the door one with a rubber seal and poop lid. When we left for the day, we took the latest collection of diappers to the trash. We never had a stinky house again, and it turned out to be very convenient once we got use to the routine. Plus, I think the diaper genie is the one that you have to buy special bags for? That gets to be expensive after a while b/c you go through so much. Good luck!!

My hubby and I purchased a diaper genie with our first and ended up getting rid of it before he was even a year old. It still smelt as if you haven't put the diaper in anything. We found the scented trash bags for the poo diapers to work very well for us. Hope this helps, and good luck!

Hi J.,

I have to say that mine always smelled. I really hated that.


A diaper genie prevented my home from smelling like I had a child in diapers. :)

I had been given a diaper genie and a diaper pail at one of my showers and I used the diaper genie until I could not take the smell any longer and went to using the diaper pail. It is a great concept but it smells to high Heaven!! The diaper pail ended up being what I used. I used the deodorant trash bags and NO SMELL!! I just think that it's not worth the money.

We had one and it worked great, but you can save money by just buying the little baggies at Walmart that are designed for dirty diapers and then throwing them in with the regular trash. Our family trash goes out about 2x a week so the diapers don't smell. I am pretty sure the baggies come in a pack of 50, they are blue. Hope that helps!

I used the Diaper Champ with my babies. I liked it because it used regular tall kitchen trash bags. You didn't have to buy special little bags at the store, so it wasn't an added cost. We would use the Glad Odor Shield trash bags inside it and it worked great! =0) Congratulations on your new baby girl, what a wonderful thing you're doing!!!!

Diaper genie's are a waste of money and bad for the environment. The refills are pricey, and you will go through them faster than you can imagine. Basically there is a plastic piece at the top that you twist to seal off each diaper. When you open the pail, the dirty diapers will look like plastic sausage links... but they will still stink like dirty diapers. I had two (one upstairs and one downstairs) and they were just a waste of money. The plastic absorbs the stink and then you just can't get rid of it.

Save your money and just throw the diapers in the trash can with other garbage. The really super stinky diapers just put in a plastic grocery bag before throwing it in the garabage, or throw those out in an outside trash can.

We used a diaper genie when my son was a newborn. I liked it at first - it was easy and there was no odor. But once he got bigger, then it was much less convenient - wouldn't hold very many diapers and that got expensive very quickly. Also, once he started on solid foods and had much more smelly diapers, you could still smell them even though they were in the diaper genie. We ended up switching to just putting the diapers out in the garage in a plastic bag (and then moving that to the garbage can outside when it was full). That has worked really well for us and of course saved us a ton of money! Congrats on your new baby girl! Very exciting. God bless you and your family.

Congratulations! I would have to agree with those who say it is a waste of money. I am a mother of three and used the Diaper Genie with the first one. Somewhere along the way I stopped using it with my second child. I think it is much easier to throw the diapers in the trash can and (like others have said) tie the stinky ones in a plastic grocery bag and toss. I think the Diaper Genie's are a pain and get really stinky if you don't take it out everyday anyway. The refils can get pricey too. I think your money could be better spent somewhere else. Hope this helps! Good luck!

Good Morning!
I did a bunch of research and talked to may people who used the diaper geanie...and decided against it. I purchased the Diaper Dekor, and I love it! It is easy to use, and works good to control stink. I do not put poopie diapers in it, so that probably helps, but would recommend it.

First of all congratulations on your adoption!You must be so excited!
The diaper genie is good, but here's my opinion-the diaper champ is better! You don't have to buy the pricey refills, regular garbage bags work fine, and you don't wind up with the "diaper sausage" which can be unwieldy :)
Good luck to you!

J., I bought a Diaper Decor
They are like a trash can that you can put REGULAR small trash liners in. Then when your little girl becomes a big girl she can have her own trash can in her bathroom or bedroom.

I simply love mine. I am all about stretching the dollar and thinking ahead. You will get more use of the Diaper Decor than the Diaper Genie... They sell them at Babies R Us, Target etc... After all they aren't in diapers forever but everyone needs a garbage can. ;)

Congrats on your adoption!

I used one for about 1 week and decided I would prefer to have my stinky diapers in the garage rather than sitting in my house. I put the stinky ones in plastic grocery sacks and tie them up and put them in the trash in the garage. (I seem to forget my green bags 1/2 the time I go to the grocery store!) So, I gave it away :)

i hate that thing! it doesnt keep the smell in well and you have to buy their bags. go with the diaper champ you can use garbage bags.

We got one for our first child and RARELY used it. It was just as easy to put the dirty diaper in a plastic bag and toss in the garbage. Besides, once he got into bigger diapers, they wouldn't fit into the Diaper Genie opening. We got rid of it and never even missed it with our second child. It definitely wasn't worth it in our case.

I have two diaper genies, one for upstairs and one for downstairs. I'm not a fan of them and don't use them anymore. They are such a pain to empty and I don't think they work that well. They keep the odor contained but as soon as you open the lid to put another diaper in it, you can smell the last diaper you put in it. I think a trash can with a tight lid would work just as well, be a lot easier to empty and you wouldn't have to waste your money on diaper genie refills.

I have a diaper genie and quit using it because it stinks! We put the diapers in the trash and pour some coffee grounds on top of them, never to smell the diapers again. Then we just smell the pleasant smell of coffee. Love that smell!
Congratulations on your new addition!

Hi J.!
We got a diaper genie when my son was first born. I liked it, but you have to buy their brand of trash bags. The way it works is you put the diaper in and then turn the handle which twists the part of the trash bag above the diaper (which is what keeps the stink in). To me, it seems a bit inefficient if you look at how much trash bag is wasted when you pull it out to throw it away. I think it's not worth it just because you have to buy their trash bags. But regardless, within about 3 months, one of our dogs absolutely destroyed it (I guess it doesn't totally keep the smell in because he knew he wanted to get in there!) I opted to not buy another one and instead I just use the plastic bags from the grocery store, tie a knot at the top and throw it in the garbage in our garage. Works great and I don't have something else in my house I don't need!! Best of luck with your new baby - enjoy every minute of it! Congratulations!

My suggestion would be not to purchase!!! They are not worth the money you pay. If you take your trash out every couple of day anyway. We also have one at church and they are very smelly and not any better than a good old Kroger bag taken out every couple of days. I would say no.


I received one as a gift when my daughter was born and did not care for it at all. Like a previous post stated, it's just as easy to bag it tightly and put it in the trash (we put poo diapers outside).

I don't know why the diaper genie gets such great reviews. I have owned 6 diaper pails and only one of them actually worked...used it until they discontinued it..baby was over a year. All the others worked well until we started solids and then the smell from the dirty diapers was awful...especially when you opened it to change the bag out. It would also make the plastic that the pail is made out of stink...nothing would get rid of the smell. Now, if you just use it for pee pee diapers you will like it, but once you start solids it is best just to bag that messy diaper seperately and take it out. Hope this helps.

We got a diaper geenie when our daughter was born, but I never had one with my son. I've found it's just as easy to bag the diapers separately - like in all those plastic grocery store bags everyone just throws away - at least that way they get used twice. And you don't have to buy the liners for the geenie either which saves some money. A little trick my mom told me is once the poopy turns into "big kid" poopy (formed), just dump & flush it in the toilet and that way it doesn't smell up the whole house when you put it in the reg trash. It works, but I still bag it first too.

Hi J.! My husband and I have been using the diaper genie for almost two years with our daughter and we have found it pretty useful. I don't have any experience with other systems so I can't compare, but it's an okay product. We had one in her room that we use upstairs, but only for wet diapers, and now we just throw those away because it's not worth the effort to empty it. The diaper genie is great if you empty it everyday but we don't, so we keep one in the garage for dirty diapers and we empty that once a week on trash day. It's not that great at masking smell but I guess you would find that with most systems. Anyway, if you just want to stash one in the garage for dirty diapers and it's more cost effective than other systems, I would recommend it. If you're going to use it inside every day and don't want to have to empty it, I would pass. By the way, good luck with your adoption!

I have one and don't know that I will use it again with my next child. It does work, but cleaning it out is nasty! And you have to buy the refills which I began to fill like it was a waste of money. Next time I will but them in a plastic bag and take the stinky ones strait outside to the large garbage can.

Congratulations!! I used the older version of the Diaper Genie. I loved it. It kept the rooms smelling like it should, meaning there were no oders at all except when you take the diapers out. That's the only time and it was for a short time. I sprayed the inside with Lysol as soon as we took them out. It was pretty easy to use. I'm not sure if the newer ones are like the older ones. It was easy to use and a lot better than a regular trash can. I hope this helps. Good luck with your new baby girl and the diaper genie. J. A.

Hey J.. I am a first time mom-to-be, so I don't yet have first hand experience with any diaper disposal system. But I can share with you that we bought a Diaper Champ because my neighbor told us you don't have to buy any special bags for it. You can just use any trashbag you can find. On the other hand, the Diaper Genie requires the use of their "special" bags which from what I hear are a lot more expensive. My sister has a diaper Genie and she likes it okay. She has mentioned that it doesn't hold larger diapers (1 year old, etc. .) very well.

Good luck on your search!

I got the Diaper Champ instead, mainly because it looked easy and uses regular trash bags. We change diapers upstairs, so taking each stinky diaper outside is kind of a pain. Now that he's a big boy (with correspondingly big, super-stinky poos), it doesn't hold in the smell as well as I'd like, but it's super easy to use. We'll stick with it for now. Good luck!

I used a diaper genie with my first and found it to be expensive, difficult to use, and while it held the stink in for about a month, it smelled just as bad as a regular garbage can after that. We have a Diaper Champ and LOVE it - it uses regualar garbage bags and holds alot of the smell out. It doesn't hold poop tho.....the poopy diapers still get dumped in the toilet and then thrown in the diaper champ.

If you want one, I would recommend the diaper champ, otherwise get a child safety diaper ail and use individual plastic bags....


I hated both the Diaper Pail and the Diaper Genie (tried each with the first two children). With #3 - I bought those scented Diaper Disposal bags and put the really stinky ones in one of those and then just dropped the diaper in my regular kitchen trash can. I emptied that can everynite so - the smell didn't have time to build up in the kitchen. I think with the Diaper Genie and Pail people (myself included) get comfortable that you can't smell the diapers, that is until you go to change the bag, whew!

Good luck with the adoption!

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