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Experience with Device to Stop Grinding Teeth

I have been a teeth grinder my entire life. I don't do it every night, just now and then. My dentist has recommended a small device, I believed it is called NTI, which snaps in place between my front teeth to stop grinding. He says using it for a couple weeks will be enough to stop the grinding for awhile (and I'll just need to use it when I start grinding again). Of course my insurance does not cover it and it costs $430. Has anyone had any experience with these things before?

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My dentist gave me a rubbery mouth piece that was molded for me. I only wore it at night and now use it very rarely. It was about 150$.

I didn't have a chance to read all of the responses, so I don't know if anyone had the same experience as me. Forgive me if this is a repeat. When I was in my 20s, I too was told I was grinding my teeth at night. There was no evidence on my teeth, but I had the jaw popping and inability to close down all of the way on my teeth at times. I got the night guard and was forever finding it in the bed with me in the morning, not in my mouth. I gave up on it. Later on an unrelated issue, I went to a chiropractor. After the adjustment, both the back issue and the jaw issue were gone. Any time I have the clicking again, I get an adjustment and I'm all better. Weird huh?

Yes, I have one of these NTIs, and it has really helped me out. I am a clencher and a grinder and my jaw was getting really sore and starting to pop sometimes when I ate. I got one and it has been a life saver for me. I hold all my stress in my jaw, so I will grind at night to try and relieve it. Anyway, I got mine at my dentist in Wyoming before I moved to California, it only cost me $200 or so. Maybe you could shop around dentist. I would definately recommend it.

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I have the same thing. I just got it. Before that, I had a soft one, but they custom made the newest one for me and it is hard plastic that snaps onto my top teeth. They cost me the exact amount that you say in your message. I know it is expensive, but it is probably worth the money. My soft one cost $500 and lasted 5 years or so. I think this one will last longer. Your teeth are the only ones you get, so you should take care of them. I was told by a hygienist a long time ago to try the mouth guards that you get over the counter to save money, but it really didn't help at all. Since I was suffering from migraines from grinding, I decided to spend the money and my migraines did go away! I say it is well worth it.

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Not sure of the name NTI but I use a night guard for clenching/grinding. Mine has gotten so severe since having baby #2 (the stress is high!) that my jaw aches even when I talk. So I finally broke down and got the night guard which I hate BUT it does help. You just have to get used to the feeling. If you've ever had a retainer after braces, it is somewhat similar. Mine is kind of like the mouth guards used for sports only smaller and hard, not pliable. I would recommend you bite the bullet and get one as it can save your teeth. I should have gotten one a long, long time ago!

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I have been using the NTI for 5 years now and I LOVE IT! It is much different than using any other night guard. I get bad headaches when I grind my teeth even with regular mouth guards since they just protect the teeth they don't help stop or lessen the pressure. The NTI has been great. I still grind my teeth with the NTI but I can't do it with the same force and I can only grind my front teeth on the NTI. My insurance didn't pay for it either but I don't recall spending that much on mine. I thought I spent about $250. I went to Dr. Fair in Downtown Sac. http://www.davidfairdds.com/ Good Luck! You won't regret it!

Hi E.!

I have been a "teeth grinder" as well. I paid for a device to use when I slept, too. I REALLY helped me! I used to grind on my back teeth (sometimes I still do). I didn't realize how much pain and discomfort it cause me until I had this device made for me.

I lost the device when we moved years ago, and haven't replaced it. When I get stressed, is when I grind more. An aquiantance told me to put Gummy Bears on my back teeth to prevent my teeth from touching eachother....it worked!

If you can afford it, it will make a huge difference in your life, and I would recommend you have one made. Otherwise, there are silly other alternatives (like Gummy Bears) that can help ease some discomfort for a little while :o)

Hope that helps make your decision :o)

:o) N.

Don't know if you've already tried it or not, but they do have cheap ones (like $15-20) at Target or Longs (Rite Aid, etc). I'd personally try that first before spending hundreds :)
Good luck!

I started using the NTI about 3 weeks ago and it has been a life saver. I would grind and clench my teeth to the point that I would wake up with a migraine. Not a good way to start the day. It takes a little time to get used to it, but now I hardly notice it. It has not alleviated all my migraines but it was a significant piece. The moldable inexpensive ones did not work. You can still grind and get the pressure in the back teeth. Been there and done that. Even if I lay down for a nap I pop it in. Yes, it is expensive but so are replacement teeth and migraine meds. I wear it every night. I am not sure about his idea that it will stop your grinding after a few weeks. If you make the investment to buy it, I would wear it. Good luck.

I am a SAHM of 4, ages 14, 10, 7 and 4.

I use to be a teeth grinder myself. What I did was go to Walmart or any sporting good store and by a mouth piece, you know the ones that football players wear. I wore mine at night while I slept. I no longer grind my teeth. It is better to only spend 5 bucks. And it does the same job.
Hope this helps. K.

You can purchase a moldable mouth guard at Long's or even in the health/beauty department of your local grocery store (around $25) but you can also go to a sporting goods store and get one for around $5. They all serve the same purpose. I get the cheap one(s) because sometimes I leave them on my nightstand and my DOG chews them into tiny little pieces (the same thing she did with my girls' retainers when she got them). They're all a little invasive, but you will feel much better after wearing it for a few nights.

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