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Experience with Baby Acne?

Hi All,

I have a 1 month old beautiful baby boy that seems to have a mild case of baby acne... I've researched online and it says this is a normal occourance to about 40% of newborns (especially boys). The best advice I've read is to just wash his face once a day with mild soap and water...and that it will disappear within 4-6 months... Just wondering if any of you can give me any advice or have had experience with the same thing...Thank you so much :)

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It disappears within a couple weeks. the cause is interenl, just processing leftover mama hormones from the birth. don't over-wash the face, or you may exacerbate it. It's not a big deal and will go away soon.

My grandson had this problem and my DD used Johnson and Johnsons bath soap on his face... this is the bar of soap not the liquid soap. It dried it up and helped significantly.

My youngest daughter was born with it 15 years ago. It is Milia(According to the doctors at the time) and it went away soon after we left the hospital. I did not do anything different(per Dr's instructions) and it wasn't an issue, however she also suffers from acne as a teenager...

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Both of my baby boys had acne issues, but they didn't last that long. It did come and go, but outbreaks would only last 4-5 days at a time. I didn't wash their faces everyday, but at least every other day. He should be handsome and blemish free soon

Yes, just leave it alone and will go away. Don't use soap, just a wet washcloth. As a matter of fact, when my daughter was a newborn, I only bathed her like once a week.

Actually my daughter had a little of that too. I left it alone, and it went away on its own. Don't pick or squeeze the blemishes, as horrible as it sounds it may be tempting..that will just spread the bacteria and oil. I let it run its course, and it was gone before we knew it.

There's nothing really you can do. DON'T POP THEM and they'll go away...promise!

My daughter had a terrible case, my son not so much. We didn't use soap on their faces and in both cases they went away just fine. My daughter's was worst at one month and was gone by six weeks (we cheated and used a six week picture for her one month old one :-)).

I understood from my pediatrician that it is indeed a hormone thing--more to do with YOUR hormones than theirs--and very normal. It passes on its own.


Hi, L.. The standard advice is correct, although it did not take so long for my son's baby acne to go away. Make sure his face doesn't come into contact with any fabric softeners, perfumes, bleached fabrics, or anything that might irritate his skin. Normall, I recommend aloe vera for adult or teenaged acne, but I would hold off on putting anything like that on his skin until he's a few months old.

The South Florida heat doesn't help the acne, either. I would dab his face with clean water in between the times that you wash him with soap, just to keep sweat from building up and clogging his pores. Don't worry, this too shall pass.


My grandson had this problem and my DD used Johnson and Johnsons bath soap on his face... this is the bar of soap not the liquid soap. It dried it up and helped significantly.

Hi L., My son had acne when he was an infant. Best thing I found was just a warm wash rag, no soap.

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