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Expecting Mom Seeking Answers About Aflac Insurance

I recently had an insurance salesman in at my work telling a few of us that are expecting about a plan they have that is for hospitalization. He has explained it to me that if you sign up for this insurance and have it in place at least 6 months prior to giving birth that you get a check from Aflac for you and the baby having to be hospitalized. The amount comes to almost $6,000 that you would get for being in the hospital for 2 days if you have this insurance for $120/month premium. I can't get my mind around this idea and was hoping someone else has heard of it and could give me some insight. Please help!

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I oversee my company's HR department, which includes all benefits. We offer AFLAC for our employees. You definately have to be on AFLAC for 1 full year prior to the birth of your child. And the amount is no where near what you quoted. Double check before you sign up.


Hi E.! A good friend of mine was enrolled with AFLAC for short-term disability. She enrolled the month before they started trying to get pregnant because she had to have been enrolled for 9mo. before it would kick in. Luckily for her she became pregnant the month after she enrolled and was able to collect short-term disability checks while she was on Maternity Leave. There are a lot of great programs that AFLAC has to offer, just be sure to ask all the necessary questions. Congrats and Good Luck with your research!

We have Aflac and it does pay pretty well when you have medical problems. I know with the one that we have we had to be members for 1 year before it paid anything big like that. It will pay you even if your health insurace pays too. I like it.

I am an insurance agent and I would advise you to please read the fine print. I find it very hard to believe that this type of policy would pay that kind of money upon the birth of a child. These type of policies work very different from a traditional major medical plan and pregnancy is considered a pre-existing condition. I would definately find an 800 number or other contact for the company and ask a lot of questions before you sign up. Make sure that it is in writing instead of going based on what the agent says. I am sure you have a good agent, but also remember that he/she is making commission and the possibility that he/she may not looking out for your best interest. I hope that everything works out. Good luck and congrats on the new arrival!

Aflac is a very good insurance company, My husband had it at one of his jobs and they told him if he was at home and cut a finger off they would give him 1500.00 and plus a check for being off work..The medical is GREAT! It was all there in the paper's he signed. They also told him if he was in the hospital for whatever reason he would get X many dollars for each day he in there if it was job related they also gave X many dollars for each day he wasnt working..You should really look into it..It's well worth the money.

I havent a clue on maternity but being 8 months pregnant myself and already a long term aflac member we are trying to look it up now that you said that, we didnt get anything with the birth of my last 1 yrs ago but then we didnt submit anything either. We have gotten money theis pregnancy already though for having a pap smear and having an ultrasound. We have used aflac every year though b/c they pay you $65 for getting a well check up and we used it when my dd broke her arm. It was enough to cover all the copays and maybe even have a couple dollars left. We were always under the impression it was only for accident or illness hospital stay but the website doesn't clarify anywhere just says it varies by state and of course dh cant find our paperwork right now

I had that policy with AFLAC and we got $500 for being admitted into the hospital and $250 per day that I was there. I think it is worth it. It paid for the rest of our hospital bill.

That does not sound right to me. I work in insurance, and it seems to me that it would not cover a "pre-existing" condition. Since you became pregnant before you bought the policy, it would seem to me that your pregnancy would be excluded. I would call Aflac directly. If that is the case they would want to know that there salesmen are giving out incorrect information.

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