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Expanding Ribs During Pregnancy?

This is a really odd question. I think my ribs expanded while I was pregnant and stuck like that! LOL I am pretty little, 5'2" and back down to my prepregnancy weight of 110lbs (I promise I eat, and a lot!). My ribs never used to stick out as much as they do now - and it's not the really skinny kind of showing ribs, it's literally like they expanded, more so towards the bottom. I carried my son, who is now 13 months, all in front, I was all belly. He was usually pretty low and rarely in my ribs, which I would think would make more sense if he were high! Has this happened to anyone else? Or am I just imagining this...

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THANK YOU ALL!! I fee normal now! LOL I am glad to know I am not alone. It still sucks because I look funny in tight shirts like tank tops - the bottom of my rib cage is the part that sticks out so I have a weird bulge. I guess I will just deal with it and be glad that atleast I am back to my prepregnancy weigh! ;) Thanks again everyone, it helps to know I am not alone!

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Hi S.,

Yes, this happened to me too! My dresses that I wore before having children still fit around the thighs and waist, but the zipper gets stuck going up my back.


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Nope, you're probably not imaging it! My left rib cage sticks out further than my right. When I lay down, it looks funny cause it sticks out a little. My son was 9 lbs at birth and I have him to blame for it. :)

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yep! Because I breastfed I got below my prepregnancy weight at some point and I seriously could still not fit into dresses that were in my prepregnancy weight's sizes because the overall shape of my body changed! Not good when you wait to the last minute to put on a dress for a wedding!!

Ah, crazy things happen! I had a torched torso occur after my pregnancy. This was found out after I had my friend give me a bodywork session as I was favoring one side more than the other.

I would imagine if you want to see if things can go back... Maybe getting your torso worked in any massage sessions could help if you have your sessions focused there if it really bothers you? (some persons are not comfortable with things after pregnancy...). I am not sure if PT would do it or if there would be a means for a script for it without it getting overly expensive (you know how pricey these sessions can be! I had to go a few times for my knee and I am always blown away when I get the bill!)

But the body goes thru crazy changes after we have our beautiful children! LOL ~ ;)

have you been to a chiropracter? They can do x-rays and work on the issue if there is one. :)

I've read that your ribs actually expand when you get pregnant, to allow your lungs to take in more air. I'm the same size as you and prepregnancy I had a 32 bra and now can only wear a 34" band. Hope that helps...oh and my babies are now almost 8 and 5 so it doesn't go away :(

Hi S.,
You're not imagining things. It happens. Some women have things go back down after the baby is born... but even those women often do not have things exactly back in place.

Particularly since you are a petit woman, I would imagine you notice it a bit more. Baby does alot to your body... it's just part of the package. :-) Hips are wider, ribs a bit wider, everything a little out of place. It's just how it is.

It has happened to me, I am also very small like you and always wore small shirts now I am a medium and even sometimes large. My feet are a 1/2 size larger too! Can't believe what pregnancy can do to our bodies, but it is all worth it!!

Hi S.,

Yes, this happened to me too! My dresses that I wore before having children still fit around the thighs and waist, but the zipper gets stuck going up my back.


mine too! same thing...the bottom of them sticks out more...and in fact...i have one side that sticks out a little farther...which even give the illusion that one breast is WAY bigger than the other....
oh well....kids are worth it...

I also have a rib problem. However, mine are crooked, one side is sticking out further than the other. I first noticed it before I was pregnant but I do think it's worse after the pregnancy. When I was pregnant my son loved to use my rib cage as a foot rest so I would have thought maybe he pushed it back down a little. I guess this is one area where I'm lucky to have a little extra fat around the middle!

Yes! Your body changes in so many ways! Even being back down to your prepregnancy weight doesn't mean everything goes back to it's prepregnancy spot! LOL Your ligaments relax and your body does spread out to accomodate that baby...including making extra blood that needs extra oxygenating! You probably enjoyed the deeper relaxing breathing you could do during your pregnancy, that most women fail to notice because baby is stuck up in their ribs! But hey...maybe it will make your waist look even smaller!!! LOL


Yup Mama, this happens. Happened to me with my first, she carried very high. Some mom's have even had fractured ribs during pregnancy and labor!!!

Someone I worked with said this happened to her - she had a particular sundress from before she was pregnant that was too tight only in the ribcage after she was pregnant. Carrying a little one does a lot to your body!

Yes, this has happened to me also. I am also little, 5' even and very short waisted. I have 2 kids, now 8 1/2 yr girl and 6 yr. boy. My rib cage did expand. It was very frustrating because you can lose the baby weight but not get your rib cage back down. Sorry no solution to this, but just to let you know you are not imagining it. I believed it was because I am so short waisted that the babies didn't have much room so they kicked the ribs out. It also changed my bra size around which was frustrating. I guess it is something that most people don't think about.

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