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Exhausted All Day, Wide Awake All Night...

Hi Mommies, I'm in a bit of a pickle. I've always been a decent sleeper, except when my daughter was a newborn, but that's beside the point. Recently, I've been doing a lot of chores around the house, cleaning, de-cluttering, etc. By around 1 in the afternoon, I'm completely worn out and can barely make myself get up. When it's FINALLY time to go to bed at night (around 10ish) I'm wired! I toss and turn until about 1 or 2 in the morning, and I'm exhausted and completely worn out the next day, which makes my 1 in the afternoon routine that much worse. Any suggestions??

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You may be suffering from Vitamin D deficiency. I know this bc I was always a "night owl", but could never get up in the afternoon and was tired all day, but wired at night. Anyway, I always thought I was an insomniac and in college, I signed up for an insomnia study at the sleep center at Cornell Medical in NYC. Well, I went there and they asked me a bunch of questinos and said, "well the bad news is that you dont qualify for the insomnia study...good news is that we know whats wrong". They diagnosed me with a little-known sleep disorder called DSPS or Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome. Basically, your biological clock is out of whack. Your biological clock is set by the intake of Vitamiin D. The ONLY way to get Vitamin D naturally is by sunlight. To reset your clock, you basically have to get in about 10,000 luxes of light (a measurement of sunlight) for about 45 min a day for a week. This means taking a 1/2 hour-45 min walk in the mornings or just spending time outside on a normal day. You can also buy special lamps for this. This should help you sleep better after about a week. Look it up online, its quite interesting. I hope this helps bc I wish I knew this about 10 years ago...it drastically changed my life. Feel free to message me with anything!

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I am the same way, but I dont do all that you do during the day. LOL. can you try to clean a bit latter in the day that way you will be so tired at night and crash then?

I would try to 'reset' my bodys clock by taking something to help you sleep for a night or two. That way, you will be rested when you wake up and awake enough to tackle the entire day. Avoid a heavy lunch if you can, also, DON'T SIT for more than 5 minutes after lunch, because its torture to get going again if you hang out doing nothing much for long lol...after lunch is such a sleepy time for me too. Good luck :)

It sounds counter productive but make sure you are exercising enough during the day. Also make sure you are not taking in any caffeine from the afternoon on. Even hidden caffeine. Is your mind racing at night? Try meditation everyday and it should help. Just like we do for our kids, start a bedtime routine. A warm soak or read a book first. You will start to associate it with sleepy time. A 20 minute cat nap when you are super tired during the day might help prevent a second wind later on.

Ok you can try these :)

Sleepytime tea-
Valerian root- herb store
Passiflora/or pasiflower- herb store
magnesium powder- vitamin store

Soft/ambient music-

I know your pain!!! I get insomnia and it kicks my butt!
Some of the above herbs may really work well with your system,
pasiflora can be amazing!!

Let me know how it works!! Sweet dreams ;)

I agree with the suggestion to check your thyroid. But also, try to make sure you are getting enough protein.

Congrats on the de-cluttering, etc. I need to do more of that myself!

have your thyroid checked by a specialist, not your regular doctor.

Are you sure your wired and not that you have aches and pains, even slight ones that could be keeping you awake? I sometimes take an ibuprofen when I toss and turn all night, even when I don't think the aching muscles are hurting bad enough to keep me awake. This usually puts me to sleep.

Also, are you drinking or eating a lot of caffeine after noon. This could keep you awake as well. Not me but my aunt has this problem.

If you are dieting and actually eating all those veggies you are supposed to be eating daily and still taking a multivitamin besides, that may be a problem for some. It was for me.

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