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Exersize After C Section?

i gave birth 11 days ago and i know i cant do anything till after my six week check up but im freaking out over what ive been reading on the internet about c section recovery. ive heard horror stories about women who feel pain after 2 yrs and women who rip open their incision at 8 weeks! looking at my haunches and my belly is depressing too, not to mention how i am dying to go for a bike ride or a jog now that spring has sprung.i work out for peace of mind not just to keep my waist and now i feel doomed to wear "mom pants" instead if mini skirts for eternity. this on top of carpal tunnel flaring up, a hemmoroid, a broken vein on my cheek and nursing headaches im vowing to have my tubes tied.can someone please say something to make me feel better?its not all bad, yes, im greatful for my child ,but im also suffering.

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I had 2 sections, each time i waited 6 weeks to exersize.But was walking in the neighborhood 7 days later. I do not think you can do biking or jogging just yet. I have friends who had 4 sections and they look great. It really all depends on how you're built and how much work you're willing to put in.

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I gained 85 lbs with my first. I was a size 6 at conception and an XXL maternity upon delivery. I had everything, edema, early dilation at 22 weeks which led to bed rest, carpal tunnel, rashes, hemmoroids, nasty skin it sucked. I couldn't believe it! I could not have imagined anything like that happening to me in my life. People that had known me for several years didn't recognize me at all. My boss told me his new girlfriend looked like Shania Twain and I looked like I ate Shania Twaine. haha...
I had a c-section. It didn't rip open ( but i was careful) I am all healed just fine. Take your time. DOn't rush it. I lost all but 12 lbs of the weight and feel great! I'm preggers now ( first trimester) and it took me this long ( my daughter will be 3 in June) t o get over how much I hated being pregnant the first time.

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I've had 3 C-Sections and the recovery gets easier with each one. However, I would caution to take it easy with the exercise this early. You probably didn't know this, but it's actually illegal in most states to even drive after a C-Section for 2 weeks and even vacuuming is a big no no. The worst thing that could happen if you don't follow doctors orders are you could end up with a histerectomy. That being said I've always walked after having my sections, even just days after giving birth. Walking will get you outside and hopefully help you feel better about yourself with doing any damage to your recovery. After 6 weeks you can slowly start back to an exercise routine, trust me 6 weeks passes very quickly. Good luck!

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I had two C-sections. My middle child was an all natural vaginal delivery. My first and last children were breech and could not be turned. The vaginal delivery was an absolute breeze compared to my sections. It did take me a full 6 weeks to feel completely recovered. For the 6 weeks recovery period I took advantage of the time to work on eating healthy. I needed to lose approx. 30 pregnancy pounds. I counted my calories and tried to eat 3 small but nutritious meals everyday. I did manage to lose about 7 pounds during the six weeks. After my follow up on the surgery, I added a 30 minute walk 4x's a week. About 8 weeks out I started back to my normal workout. No problems, and the weight really did fall off at that point. Keep in mind that you have had a major surgery. You will need to be careful for the 6 week period. You most definately can bounce back to normal though. I mean, I was able to deliver my 2ND, vaginally with no problems what so ever! Hang in there. It will get better. I am now 46 with 3 teenagers and menopause! I have all of a sudden gained about 15 pounds, my hair is greying and my breast are heading south!! I'm trying not to shoot my husband and string my teenager up on certain days, but I know from expeirience that this too will get better. One day at a time. Feel better soon A..

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A., take a deep breath and relax! I've had 3 C-sections, the first two were emergent and the third was planned. Also with the first 2 I was active duty, which meant luckily I didn't need the motivation! It was mandatory! I started working out after the 6 week suggestion but after my second child, walked up a steep windy road to see the Neuswanstein castle in Germany, after only 2 weeks. A little sore but no problems otherwise. It's really up to you about how soon you get back to business. I would advise starting slowly...maybe walking...and easing into a brisker walk. Sometimes you'll feel little sharp stabbing pains around your incision....they cut the same strip all three times....but it's ok, it's called scar tissue...after 5 years I still feel mine when I fold my treadmill up. A promising note....after my second child, I began working out again after 8 weeks and by the time she was 16 months I looked better than I did before children! It's all dependent on you, but please, take it easy at first and your body will tell you when it's done. A bike ride shouldn't be difficult unless it's in the hills...maybe find a smooth flat road, if they exist! Good luck and congratulations!!! Babies are a wonderful joy to our lives, even when they are fighting and screaming with their 13 and 10 yr old sisters!!! LOL! Take care! Also, are they twins???? Remember, it took you 9 months to get into those "mommy pants" it may take that long to get completely out of them! Be smart and do it slowly! It will help keep the skin tighter

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I have had 2 c-sections. The second was a little harder to recover from only because there's 12 years between them. I have had no problem excercising other than no motivation.... it will get better! it's only been 11 days. You'll notice a big change between now and your 6 week check up. Nursing helped me a lot with tightening my stomach up only because I would try to hold it in so the baby didn't kick my incision.

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Oh my goodness, don't let the stuff on the internet scare you. I had a c-section for my second (she was breech so it was planned) and I had vaginal for the first. I was freaking out about the recovery period and when I read other mother's stories online it completely freaked me out. No stairs for 2 weeks!? Pain months later!?

Not the case for me, it was not a big deal AT ALL. You will know what feels good for your body. Just take it slow and you will be fine. I was going up the stairs 2-3x/day by 4-6 days after delivery (SLOWLY and easily). I was walking my older daughter to school (aobut 1/4 mile) 2 weeks after delivery. I did that every day and slowly added other things. By 6 weeks I was really seriously walking/exercising 1-2 miles. The key is just to listen to your body, don't push it and build up gradually.

And, by the way, I am not an athlete by any means; I am actually 50 lbs overweight. Just an average lady who recovered quite easily from a c-section. Good luck!

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I had twins 13 1/2 years ago...and the pain will be with me for another 4 1/2 years LOL!! When I had my C-section, I was in severe pain for the first 7 days. When I went back to the dr at my 1 week check up, she took out my staples and most of my stitches. I think the rest of the stitches came out a week or two later. I was a little afraid of having my incision rip open (first surgery)but the body is really stronger than we give it credit for. I had one section about 1/2 an inch that was a little stubborn and took a while to close but it never ripped open. I felt like a new person at about the 2 1/2 or 3 week mark. By the time my 6 weeks check up came,, I was feeling normal again. I would definitely wait until the 6 weeks check up before I started an exercise routine and I would start out slowly, however, there is no reason why you cannot start walking earlier...put the baby in a stroller and go for a short walk. You will have to stroller for support if you need it. Just keep in mind not to walk until the point where you are tired...you still would have to turn around and walk back home!Start out slow, your body is still healing and that takes alot of energy. As for pain, I hurt for the first week...slept in a recliner cause I couldn't get out of my bed from lying down flat. There was some pain the second week. After that it was a breeze. I haven't had pain since, in fact my incision in a little on the numb side. I have since had to have surgery again to have a cyst, tube and ovary removed. They cut through the scar tissue. Again I had to sleep in a recliner. The hardest part of this ordeal was that I cold not poop for about 8 days. This was more painful than the actual incision sight. I was so scared that I would bust my stitches from straining. It took about 12 week for me to heal from this ordeal...once spot about an inch long would not close again (different spot though). That being said, every time and every body is a different healing process. You will get through it. This last surgery was almost 2 years ago and still I have no pain that has lingered. My advice...take it slow and don't worry until your body physically tells you to worry. Listen to what it is telling you and you will know when and how much to exercise. You are going to be fine. Good Luck and congratulations!

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I'm a c/s mom myself, and may I offer a link?
http://www.ican-online.org/ and in the upper left, click on forums. When I needed a group who would hear me about how c/s caused me a frown-y body image and needed ideas on recovery, physical and mental, and what to do for the next pregnancy, assuming I ever got that brave again, they were INVALUABLE. (And I get that some women have fine c/sections and wouldn't need such a support group, but other women have c/sections that are not all rainbows and cupcakes and do need it. To each her own.) Anyway, they'd for certain have good responses to these kind of query...

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