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Exersaucer for 6 Month Old

Did you buy an exersaucer for your baby? I keep hearing how great they are but they're not cheap and so far I haven't had luck finding one on Craigslist. I don't want to get caught up in the baby industry and spend tons of money unnecessarily, but I keep hearing that exersaucers are great for this age. Do you/did you own one and did you find it useful? At the moment, we put our baby in her bouncy seat, on the bed, bumbo seat (which I don't find useful at all), or on the floor on a mat. Someone let us borrow a jumparoo but we haven't used it yet.

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Thanks so much for all the responses and offers. Because we have a very small apartment that is already cluttered with baby stuff, we're going to stick with the jumparoo for now...she really enjoys it. Great info and suggestions though, so thanks!

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In my opinion, if you were given a jumparoo, then just use that. I don't think it necessary to have both, especially in terms of the amount of space they take up. My daughter is 7mo old and LOVES her jumpy. If you have one just use that.

Try out the jumperoo. My son absolutely loved it. We had to put it away as soon as we realized he was too big for it, because he still wanted to get in it. It really exercises the legs, and is great fun.

I have a jumparoo and both my kids loved it...they also love the jumpy thing you hang in the doorway (how's that for a technical term?)
My only criticism of the jumparoo is it is a pain to move...I got it instead of the exersaucer because I thought it'd be less noisy but I think they're about the same...and the exersaucer looks easier to move.

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I have a 2 1/2 year old and 17 month old. Although I experienced exersaucer envy, we never purchased one for either child. If you got a free jumperoo to try out then happy testing. Both my kids have developed fine and have entertained themselves with other things. Necessary? No. Nice to have for all the reasons people mentioned? Certainly.

They are really good. Both my kids have enjoyed the exersaucer. My little girl is still using it. You have a couple people who offered to sell you theirs, buy it! They are very expensive new as you know. If those don't work out check out used stores too. I also bought a walker which both kids adore. I spent less than $30.00 dollars at Babie's R' US on a Baby Trend unit, very basic put lots of fun for the kids. We have a basement and are just very conscious about keeping the door closed. The walker was some of my best money every spend on kid's stuff.

I did no have one and think it is fine without them. It's convenient as it keeps your child entertained, while you're making dinner, but so does sitting them in a boppy wiht a multitude of toys around them that they can reach for and work on their gross motor skills

I have one and a jumper. My son LOVES the jumper and only likes the saucer. I am erally glad I have both though.

We loved our exersaucer and bought a jumperoo for our 3rd child, an infant now. It's nice to allow them to be busy playing, know they are safe and contained, while I cook dinner.

They are big sellers at garage sales and church bizarres. With your LO already 6 mos old tho, you may not want to wait to buy one. Try freecycle. You can post it as 'wanted'...I'm sure someone will have one they are willing to part with FOR FREE! You just have to pick it up.

Good luck!

My son does not have an exersaucer but he does have a jumper (not the door type) I looked at many reviews before making the decision of the jumper. He has been using the jumper since he was about 4 months old and absolutely loves it. It was about $80.00 and worth every penny!!!

My daughter loved the exersaucer, well worth the money in my opinion. It contained her and entertained her for a few minutes so I could do other things quickly and not worry about her. I agree with some of the other posts try a consignment shop or maybe even a garage sale if it's not too cold in Chicago! Just take a good look to make sure the plastic isn't cracked anywhere and it's not too worn out.

I loved our exersaucer for both kids! They both loved sitting in it which gave me hands free time while knowing they were safe and secure. Both kids used theirs until 14/15 months....once they became really mobile, they didn't want to be stuck in the saucer anymore.

Go to Once Upon A Child. They usually have them for like $15 or $20.

They are terrific. Both my kids loved theirs. If you are anywhere near Arlington Heights or north like Lake Zurich, I would be happy to part with one of mine. I have a unisex one (jungle theme) and one that is pink & purple in the shape of a car. They are both in great condition. $20 each.

if you have a jumperoo thats fine
i have both and keep them on separate levels

We loved our exersaucer with our first child and are now enjoying is with our second who is 5 months old. I recommend the Bright Starts one. It has a seat on wheels that circles around a table full of toys. Not only does it entertain them, but it also gives them some exersize. I've seen it a target (just a slightly different design then the one we bought 4 years ago) for $79.00 I think it's worth every penny, especially if you plan on having more than one child who will use it!


My exersaucer was a lifesaver! I could drag it into the bathroom and take a shower!!! I could take things in and out of the oven, without any threat of the baby crawling over. This is the best solution for securing your child (for a short time) once she outgrows the bouncy seat. Your little one will figure out how to crawl out of the Bumbo seat and won't be secure.

I sold mine on Craigslist recently and, at the time, there were many, many exersaucers listed. I know they also have a bunch for sale at the various "Once Upon a Child" second-hand shops. I would keep looking on Craigslist. I'll bet one pops up soon.

We had an exersaucer for our daughter and she LOVED it. My parents bought a walker for when we go over there and she also loved that. In hindsight, in my opinion, I would have just bought a walker and skipped the exersaucer. It's so similar and kinda has a dual use. Just my opinion though. :)

I didn't have one for my 4 year old but a friend gave me one for my now 14 month old. I think you could just as easily entertain them in other ways if you don't want to spend the money. But if you do want to get one, I've seen them used at the Second Child consignment shop on Armitage in Lincoln Park. I saw a Baby Einstein one for $30 (they retail for $80 - I know cause I had one!). I really think you can go either way....

I loved my exersaucer, it was one of the best purchases I made. I used it for a long time, until my kids learned how to climb out. The jumparoo is a good one too though, so maybe try that out first. The one thing about the exersaucer is that there are a lot of activites for the child to do. You might also try to look on ebay for one. You can get good deals there a lot of the time.

Just saw your question, I know it was a few days ago. Just wanted to throw in my two cents... We had a jumaproo and my son LOVED it. In fact, girlfriends with babies who had the exersaucer, would see how much fun my son had in the jumaproo and wished they had bought one instead!!! So, I'm glad you're sticking with the jumparoo!!! All the best!

I personally wouldn't recommend buying one second hand unless you can verify that the brand hasn't had any recalls (that was advice we got early on regarding any kind of baby equipment).

We had a EvenFlo Exersaucer - both of our kids still get into it at 22 months and 3.5 years. It was well worth the $100

They really don't use it for more than a few months, but they loved it. Neither really liked the jumpers at Day Care, so we stuck with the Exersaucer. She will change a lot over the next few months and will be much more interactive as her abilities develop more.

Personally, it was one of the best gifts we received.

I had one given to me and loved it. But if I had bought one I would have bought the one that they can jump in also. They have them that look like excersaucers with lots of stuff to play with and lights and sounds. Mine really did like his excersaucer, he would play with it even once he was walking by pulling up on the outside and walking around it, he could do that for hours every day.

I have a jumparoo and both my kids loved it...they also love the jumpy thing you hang in the doorway (how's that for a technical term?)
My only criticism of the jumparoo is it is a pain to move...I got it instead of the exersaucer because I thought it'd be less noisy but I think they're about the same...and the exersaucer looks easier to move.

I say a jumparoo is very comparable to the exersaucer....I do not think you need both. But I WOULD recommend putting your baby in the jumparoo as soon as possible. You will be amazed at how much fun they can have!

The daycare my son goes to has a horse jumparoo and yesterday he was bouncing in it for like 10 minutes straight, just as happy as can be! (he's 5.5 months old).

He also loves his exersaucer and just now is starting to learn how to move so he can turn around in it and see various toys.

I'd say to try the jumparoo and if it works, you don't need to spend any more money!

In my opinion, if you were given a jumparoo, then just use that. I don't think it necessary to have both, especially in terms of the amount of space they take up. My daughter is 7mo old and LOVES her jumpy. If you have one just use that.

in my opinion, one of the best invenstments for that kind of stuff. they come up from time to time on craigslist so hopefully you can get a good deal on one!


Both of our children loved their exersaucer. It kept them entertained when nothing else would and they started as young as 4 months. It was a great spot to put them while preparing dinner or even part way through dinner so we could finish eating.

I'm not sure where you are located but we have 2 exersaucers that we are done using in very good condition. One is the traditional round kind and the other is a bit larger, rectangle and has piano keys that make noise as they learn to slide their seat back and forth. The larger one works better as they get older.

You can have them for a nominal fee if you are interested.


I totally agree with Nese and Sabrina who recommend the Bright Starts Fun Around We Go product. It is basically a really awesome activity table with a detachable exersaucer-type seat on wheels that orbits the table. It is a FANTASTIC product and both my 8 month old and my 3 year old LOVE to play with it. It has a great keyboard with some pretty cool music/rhythms, a little magnadoodle pad, snack tray, and some other cool toys on board. Best of all, once she gets a bit older, she can pivot herself and walk around the table in circles.

Pediatricians now recommend against walkers, as they have not been found to actually aide in developing walking skills and are a major fall hazard if you have stairs in your home. The Bright Starts product eliminates this danger and, although I would not expect it to do anything to help her start walking, she will love the fact that all her movement DOES get her somewhere and is not just stuck in one place all the time.

Easiest way to see it is at www.target.com then enter "Bright Starts" in the search bar and select "Baby" for the category.

My daughter is 6 month and we got her a jumperoo at 4 months. She LOVES it and gets a lot of exercise in it. It's fun to watch her jump around like crazy! I would recommend one. We had an exersaucer for my son 2 years ago, and he liked it some, but I would say the jumperoo can be used longer. Our jumperoo adjusts to height.

We had both an exersaucer and a jumparoo. My daughter preferred and would more time in the exersaucer. She was not one to stay in a pack n play or on a mat for long. I used the exersaucer to keep her contained and occupied while I cooked dinner but it is not recommended to use either for more than 15 mins. My daughter only walked after 17 months. I'm wondering if it is because she spent too much time in the exersaucer.

We had something in-between an exersaucer and a walker, and very much liked it. It was called something like Bright Starts fun around we go. I liked it that the baby is able to move but there is no potential dangers associated with walkers as the movement is restricted to going around the activity station. It is not very expensive either, about $80. In fact, I have a used one at home that we no longer need, and I was planning to put it on CL, but I am not sure if you would be able to pick it up from Madison ;-)

Our daughter really loved her Baby Einstein Exersaucer. I agree with the Bumbo, it was not very helpful. The jumperoo is very good, but she had to be older (and seemed to outgrow it quickly). My husband and I were just thinking about selling the our Exersaucer. It is in excellent shape, and it has three levels to grow with your child. Are you interested in buying it? If so, please give us a call at ###-###-####, and we are located in Antioch, Illinois.

Good luck!


Try out the jumperoo. My son absolutely loved it. We had to put it away as soon as we realized he was too big for it, because he still wanted to get in it. It really exercises the legs, and is great fun.

We never had a saucer. But we did have a Jumperoo instead. Both of our boys LOVED it and it wore them out. Some studies have shown that the saucer doesn't help leg muscles develop. My MIL bought a $25 walker for our older son b/c she thought he needed one. It went through our son, then the neighbors boy and then our little guy before it died! Anyway put your little one in the Jumperoo, he/she is JUST the age for it!

Both of my kids used our excersaucer and it was great. Neither of them jumped/bounced that much in it but it allowed them to see the world from a different perspective. I would put it in different rooms so they could see new things in that rom. They enjoyed the activities on it and they enjoyed spinning in the seat. I would take the toys off and put a little water in it and let them splash a little. They loved the independance of the excersaucer.

Neither of my kids have any issues with their legs, necks or anywhere else. I think you can find doctors with many opinions. My experience with this toy was wonderful. This was the favorite for both kids.

We bought a used exersaucer and really loved it. It was an excellent place to put baby when I needed a few minutes hands-free (and worry-free). The jumparoo should be pretty much the same thing--give it a try before spending any money on something new. Keep looking on Craigslist, or google for a kid's consignment store in your area. I'm actually planning on selling mine soon--too bad you're not closer!

Our 5 mo old son LOVES his! We bought his at Walmart for $58. If you aren't having luck on Craigslist and don't want to spend that much, you can go to your local Children's resale shop. Once Upon a Child has TONS of them and are all around $30.

Try the jumperoo! My 5 month old loves his, he jumps/bounces in that thing for 40 minutes straight, has a bottle and passes out for his afternoon nap. It's amazing!

It is definitely a huge hit in our house, it allows me to wash dishes or start dinner while he bounces in the living room. We have an open floor plan - the kitchen and living room are one big room.

I also loved our excersaucer! Both my boys started in there at 4 months. Once my first son played in the excersaucer, that was the first time my husband & I were able to truly eat together. We loved it!!!! It kept both our boys entertained and I loved watching them go around playing with all the toys on there. You think there's too much stuff on them but really the kids have such short attention spans at that age they quickly go from one toy to the next. Totally worth every penny!!

totally worth it!. I would even bring it out in the backyard (when it was nice) and do yard work while they played. It also helps build muscles in the legs. I have even brought it with to family or friends (that don't have little ones) so that we didn't have to hold the girls all of the time. It's bulky and a pain sometimes but if you have somewhere to store it ( covered in an attic/garage) between babies, you will get plenty of use out of it!

I have my degree in Early Childhood Development and in trainings we were told no exersaucers (not good for their legs-make them bow legged) , no bouncy seats ( does not allow for back muscles to develope properly- plus causes flat head- if their head is in one position too long) , no bumbo seats ( hard on their necks and posture). All you need is a clean blanket on the floor and plenty of Tummy Time- alteast 20 minutes 3 times per day.
Tummy time build strong minds and bodies!

Did you know if a child's doesn't learn to crawl they have dificulty reading.
A good resource is the web site for NAEYC (National Organization for the Education of Young Children) look for articles/books on development.

Abrilis.com -has the books at a discounted rate- after you've researched what book you may want to read from NAEYC web site.

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