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Exercise After C-section - Miami,FL

Wanted to ask you all about exercising after a C-Section. I want to work on my abs but was told that you have to wait at least a year before you start any stomach exercise. You might feel good but your insides haven't healed yet. Is this true and has anyone been told the same thing? Need advice...

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I had a c-section with my son and I was afraid to go wave running because we do some really fun stunts. My doctor told me that it was fine after two weeks but it is really up to you. I believe a year is way too long.

I didn't have a c-section, but I did have a hysterectomy 18 months ago and was told the same thing. I "tested" it about 6 months out from the operation and regretted it. I'm just now getting back into trying to work my core on a regular basis.

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My doctor had me up and walking within an hour of delivery. I thought he was perhaps evil. (((smile))).

They always say, "everything in moderation." So perhaps call the doctor's office, and ask what exactly do they suggest you do or do not do.

I pray you heal quickly.
God bless!!!!!!!!

Ive had 4 c-sections ranging from the age of 20 to the age of 39. In the hospital I started doing some exercises in the bed. Lie on your back and press the small of your back flat to the floor holding in your abs. Hold for a count of 10. You can repeat this several times. This does not add any strain to your incision. I also beleive I was released to do crunches after my 6wk checkup. Ledg lifts took a while to get back into. You know your body and its limitations. I cant beleive a doctor would have recommended such a long waiting period, unless you have other medical issues. Check again with your doctor. di

I had a c-section with my son and I was afraid to go wave running because we do some really fun stunts. My doctor told me that it was fine after two weeks but it is really up to you. I believe a year is way too long.

Good Advice so far ! :) The only other suggestion I could make is a program called Core Rhythms. It isn't really hard to do and it's actually fun because your learning latin dance moves at the same time. It really is a great workout (for a change of pace)and you'd be suprised how much ab work is involved ! Ever seen a flabby dancer ? Good Luck and Enjoy ! C.

I was told 6-8 weeks too..maybe about 6 months for intense workouts... gradually build as your strength returns...you should be able to feel your own limitations...just dont oush it too much at first. I had a c-section with my last 2. but don't be surprised if you dont see any results...at least not for a long while,,,,the muscles have been cut....I still have a belly..2 years later..;-(.
Mom of five.

I had a c section 3 1/2 yrs ago and I started walking about a week later, elliptical after 3 weeks and everything, weights, spinning class and jog after 4-5 weeks. I had no problems at all, just listen to your body. I did all the everything as mentioned above until the day I went to the hospital. The only thing my doc mentioned was nothing heavier than the baby the first and no driving for the first 3 weeks. good luck!

I had a c-section in September. I was always pretty active, so I stayed in touch with my doctor after delivery for advice. I was told to get up and walk around as much as I could comfortably right after delivery. At my 4 week check up, she said I could start exercising, but I should not start any abdominal work or strenuous aerobic exercise for at least another month.

After basically not getting out of bed for 2 weeks and not doing any abdominal exercises since before getting pregnant, I started VERY slow at about 2 months postpartum. My abs still tire easily, but I am slowly building my way back up. I try to get in at least a few sets of crunches every day.

Hi R.,

I have had 2 c-sections without complications after and I was exercising within 6 weeks.
I started with walking and increased the efforts. At about 3 months, I started doing some gentle ab workouts like the plank, or just holding the crunch without the repetitive up and down movement. Make sure to listen to your body.

Go here: A doctor gave some advice:

Another good source: http://www.abs-exercise-advice.com/abdominal-exercise-aft...

Water aerobics is perfect for that situation too.

I have an outdoor stroller fitness class for moms and babies in Davie. Call me for advice or to try a free class.
Good luck =)

i had 2 c-sections and i started walking about 2 weeks after having both of mine and then waited on my abs for abt the 4-6 weeks. after that the dr gives you the okay to start exercising again. i would say the earlier the better. my abs have never been the same since i had my c=sections. i have a ton of scar tissue and i have gained 10 inches in my stomach that i can't seem to get rid of. it's terrible.

It's like everything else-there are guidelines and averages. You have to feel out YOUR body and see what it tells you. I had a c-section and was able to exercise (walking, pilates, step-whatever else I was doing while pregnant) about a month afterwards. You have to find what is good for YOU. Unless you had some sort of complication, who ever told you to wait a year is insane! No one should wait that long to exercise!!! It might be true that your muscles might not be healed completely until about a year later, but please don't ever stop exercising! It's what keeps you going.

Hi R.,

If I were you, I'd wait a year. Even after I considered myself healed, after my c-section, (3 years ago) I would still feel twinges or stinging and sometimes a bit of pain. My doc explained that I was still healing internally - and that went on for quite a while. My motivation not to push it too hard was wanting to regain full sensation on the outside. It is common to have numb places around the incision, and I didn't want that. Eventually all of my numb spots regained feeling and the twinges stopped. It was about a year later. So, I'd wait.

I was told that after 12 weeks & if I was feeling good, that I could resume all normal activities. But you should listen to your doc & your own instincts.

I didn't have a c-section, but I did have a hysterectomy 18 months ago and was told the same thing. I "tested" it about 6 months out from the operation and regretted it. I'm just now getting back into trying to work my core on a regular basis.

My doctor recomended exercise after 3 months. I mean you can not go an entire year without working out. Pilates is the way to go, it relly targets core training & really works your abs. I like Windsor Pilates the best, but all of the workouts are good. It is very easy on the body as it is mostly strength training and stretches, but you will be amazed at how fast it can put you back together.

My DR cleared me at my 6 week post-op check up. I have had 2 and never heard of a year.

I started doing crunches and yoga 3 months after my c-section. Lie flat on your back and place your fingers right below your belly button. There should be a small space there. If it's smaller than your index and middle finger side by side then you should be just fine to excercise.

Hi R.,

Firstly, I've had 3 c-sections. Who told you not to exercise until one year has passed? If you doctor told you this, I would explore why he/she recommends this.

I got the okay from my ob/gyn to exercise slowly once I got to 6 weeks post-partum. Please understand that this "6 week" time frame can be different for every woman. You may get to 6 weeks and feel pain and/or discomfort when you attempt to exercise those abs. It WILL be uncomfortable to do ab exercises after a c-section but do not push yourself. You may be able to do only 5 and feel like you did 20. That is okay. You do them slowly, and work your way up to whatever is your goal. Lets assume your goal is to do 10 crunches but you can only do 2-3 when you begin working out. That is fine. If you can do 2 today, try to do 3 tomorrow. If you can do 3 tomorrow, try to do 4 or 5 until you get to where you can do 10 (or more) comfortably. I work out 6 days a week and I worked out throughout my pregnancy, modifying where I needed to. If you've never worked out before, this may be difficult but not impossible. You can do this. Good luck!

Also, I have purchased many exercise programs from a web site called: www.beachbody.com I am currently doing the P90x routine but I do have the P90 Master series. They have the P90 program, which I only have 1 dvd of the set, but it's really good. There are a slew of others to choose from, depending on your preferences/tastes. Working out, especially after having a baby is so empowering. I feel great! I love the results, considering I've had 3 children, all c-sections.

This is very true. I have had 3 c-sections. Do little small exercises, just to stay in sh
ape, ie walking.

I've had two c-sections. Unfortunately it is true that the inside heals much slower then then the outside. I was told that as soon as I felt good, I could walk. But to avoid working on the abs, or doing anything that strains for several months at least. By about 6 months though, I was back to my normal routine (yoga, pilates). For the first few months, wearing a girdle will help keep the muscles from drooping too much.

I too have had a C-section and another one on the way. You need to remember that there is at least 6 layers that have been stitched up! It takes a while to heal. My advice is just to walk - A LOT! It works.

I made the mistake of working my ads too hard, too soon. It hurt for three days (I actually asked if that was normal on Mamasource and found out it could be). I went to my doctor and he said to wake up in the morning and do 10 crunches and that's it. It sounds silly but if you think about what your ads have been through for over a year...poor ads lol. He told me to do that for three weeks then increase it to 20 for three weeks and so on. It worked. By the time I got to 30 I felt back to normal.

A year??? Sounds like you were getting advice from a mom who had a C-section and didn't like to do abs! I think I started mine a couple of months afterwards. I'd ask my doctor - they're used to quick calls for this kind of thing.

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