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Ex Husband's Girlfriend Is Constantly Causing Problems! Help!

My ex and I have been apart for 3 years. Divorced for a year and a half. He has had this girlfriend since a week after our divorce was final and she has done everything she can to cause problems for me and my relationship with my children. She took my daughter to a different city without her booster seat and then let her ride back in the front seat w the seat laid back. My daughter could have been seriously hurt or worse if they had been in an accident. When I tried to talk to her about this she just ran away saying leave me alone (and let me add she is only 22). Next thing I know she went to the police station and filed harrassment charges against me saying I was yelling and running after her. She has also told my kids that I am a liar, told my middle son who is 4 that she is not going to let him come back to my house that he just need to live w his dad. And a lot of other things I don't have the space to mention. Now while at my son's tball game she had my daughter in my ex's truck and locked her in and wouldn't let her out. It was my ex's weekend. Then she called the police and said she was being held captive in her vehicle and she was blocked in by my family and we wouldn't let her leave...mind u she wasn't going anywhere. HELP.. has anyone else had this type of problem. I am meeting with a new atty this week . If anyone can share advise I would appreciate it! Thanks.

**everyone is asking why my ex allows this behavior..he says everything that she does is always my fault. She can do no wrong. Take thetime she locked my daughter in the truck..my ex was in the dugout w my son.. she wouldn't let me have my child. He says its my fault bc I don't get along w his gf...no logic. That is what I am dealing with. There is no reasoning w him.

What can I do next?

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If she tries the car seat sort of thing or similar, I would call the police on her. Document, document, document the behavior.

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Document everything and get legal advice. If she is endangering your children she should not be around them. Take pics and get witnesses if you need to, otherwise it is your word against hers. Good luck, she sounds like a real piece of work.

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You need to document this stuff and get to your lawyer. She sounds like a nut case and shouldn't be around your children. You need to make it so your ex only has them without her around.

Get to your lawyer right away.


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My question is why in the world is your ex husband allowing this behavior?

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I second what Dawn B. wrote.... definite nutcase... get the authorities involved.. also, where is your ex in all this???????? does it NOT concern him that his girlfriend may be a nut? something doesn't sound right here... sounds like there may be more to this.. I say that because IF the EX is a decent father and has concern for his kids, why would he allow them to be in danger....Something needs to be done and quick...

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Thank goodness for cell phones that have video. Always take someone with you that is ready to video everything if something transpires. Don't react to her or you will be seen as the same as her. How come she is calling the police and not you? If she locked my daughter in the car and wouldn't let her out I would be on the phone, she wouldn't of needed to.

I hope it gets better soon! If your children feel scared with her you should also be able to get a restraining order, especially if she locked your daughter in the car.

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OH MY GOD, just what you mentioned is ground for filing sole custody of your poor children! You ex must be such a jerk to keep this woman around his children...totally absence of basic parenting skills here (or mere common sense for that matter)!It's hard enough to get used to their family being broken, can you imagine having a total stranger handling them in such non-sensible (and non-sensical, if it's even a word) way. I hope your attorney will guide you through documenting all the horrible things that go on becasue of your ex lack of responsability and you will be able to shield the kids from this trash. Let us know how it goes.

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Absolutely get the police, Dept of Children and Families and your new lawyer on this right away!! If your ex cannot pick better women to be in his & his children's lives - then he should have only supervised visitation.

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If she tries the car seat sort of thing or similar, I would call the police on her. Document, document, document the behavior.

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