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Ex Having Another baby...affecting Childsupport Payments?

This may be petty but Id like to know anyway...My ex and his fiancee are expecting a child.He doesnt work but collects SSI or SSD from the goverment due to his BIPOLAR..(I know,sad isnt it?)Anyway they take from his monthly checks $213.00 MONTHLY for our 2 daughters child support.So my question is.... Will this affect the childsupport.. as in less of a payment?Honestly Im hoping it doesnt because unless I have that I have nothing from him..He wouldnt even go half and half on new bikes!..If anyone has gone through something similar or knows how the system works Id appreciate the info! Thanks!!!

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I think all the answers you got are based on NORMAL child support as dictated by the courts. My ex is on SSD for Bipolar as well (my condolences) and SSD payments are divided among his dependants. I haven't had to check this out recently, but when I checked this several years ago, I was told that if he had additional children, the check would be divided among all of them. Just the opposite happens when children become adults, the money that was going to the older children will be divided among the younger ones left. In other words, there is only a specific amount that they take of his benefits and that amount is divided to all his children. Check this out directly with the Social Security office. By the way, my kids by him are ADHD too. Two are now adult, and two are teens. If you ever want to talk......

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I am going through this right now and yes the new baby will affect the amount ONLY IF HE OR YOU REQUESTS A REVIEW! I found out my ex was having a new baby after I requested a review. However, the new baby's medical bills, daycare and other expenses DO NOT effect the amount. However, if both parties keep their mouth shut then of course it won't affect anything and the CSEA does not retro back for the new baby nor do they check up to see if anyone has had a new addition. All the new baby will really do is give him X amount of credit off his income. Hope this helps!

ughh...makes me mad. He can't be a father to his daughters, but he can go and have another baby..sorry...anyway, it won't affect anything. Child support is based on income, so, unless his income changes, there won't be a change in the amount. In a way it's a good thing he gets ssi because it sounds like he wouldn't support his kids any other way, even though it's a pathetic amount. So, unless he stops getting that money, no other child will affect this. They base child support soley on both parents incomes and I believe franklin county does a verification every 3 yrs, unless you pay to have your case reopened, like if you find out the other parent changes jobs, or has another source of income they aren't declaring. Hope this makes sense and congrats on the new baby and your GED!

Sorry to say but I believe once the new one is born, they will adjust the payments to be divided between all three of them. My ex had a child during my divorce (I was unaware of) all the more reason to believe the divorce was the right decision, but yes once the girl took him to court for paturnity, they counted him as having the three children, and it's divided evenly to all of them. My son is now sixteen (and daughter past support 22) but the new one recieves more then my son, go figure that one out?? I'm a single mom who works and gets no help from anyone, and the other woman lives in government housing and gets all the help available, and they ride him more about this child, because the government is involved and it effects their money, and I don't ask or accept help. I've never counted on the support, and use it for extras for my son if and when he does pay. Good luck, unfortunately life and the system isn't fair at times. My ex also was diagnoised as biopolar, but doesn't take meds and never tried to get SSD, yet. Just is in and out of jobs, and has always been calculated on minimum wage, and gets away with it each time.

He will possibly get more income when his baby is born. Child support is based on his income and how many children he is paying for. You can request a re-evaluation once a year at no charge to you to see if he is paying the correct amount. This would also be applicable if he had received a demotion or loss of income. He can request these hearings as well.

If you want to know for sure contact your case worker at child support. I don't think it's petty. Fiancialy supporting children on your own is hard work, and every little bit helps. It would be good to know now if your support was going to decrease so you can start to adjust your money now.

One thing I did want to add to what was said is that if for some reason he ever falls behind on child support the new baby will effect the amount of money they can take from his check in order to pay back the amount he is behind. with his income coming from teh state that will probally never be a problem but just so you know, without him having other children they can take up to 65 percent of his check in order to cover back child support and the current order but no more than that, after the baby it goes down to 55 percent so if he does ever fall behind it will take him longer to make it up. untill then don't worry there is nothing he can do to get it lowered jsut because he had another baby. good luck.

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