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Evicting Baby!

I'm currently 36wks 2 days pregnant. As of next Friday- I will have been pregnant longer then anyone else in my family (we tend to go early). Next Saturday is our last baby class. I'd like to start trying ways to encourage labor that week or the week after.

Baby is very low- even got a wow from the dr about it as well as we're already having contractions (dr verified)_ and effacement (this is our first so dilation is going slow)- I may not even need the tips as the dr has started moving up all appointments since things are moving along fast.

However- knowing that baby boy is on his own time and I've probably jinxed us to a 42wk induction. What did you guys do to try to bring labor on naturally? Or once its started- to have it be more productive- our baby class said tons of walking- but what other options are there?

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second update:
If baby isn't here in a week and a half- dr wants to induce. Guess he'll be here soon

Not sure that I phrased it well- but we aren't planning to try for a few more weeks. We have another baby class to get through and because of family history and where i'm at now... We're not even sure we'll make that!

Anyways- We do know the date of conception and my dr is keeping us almost a full week behind that (first ultrasound was 5 days ahead of conception date (4wks 5 days instead of 4 wks) and he's keeping us 8 days behind that). So technically we're barely at 38wks even though we're at 36wk appointment and 40wks from my LMP.

Just looking for ways to speed things up once we're given the go ahead (aka allowed to have sex again and such.) I have a strong feeling that he'll be here by July 13 (i've been right with every other strong feeling this pg) and my fiancee has to work until July 10. Going to try for those three days if he isn't here yet. If Baby doesn't make an appearance until they decide to induce me- we're going to try naturally inducing again.

I really appreciate the tips- and the concern for my son. I hope the ones that help labor move along really work and I love pineapple and raspberry tea! Thanks!

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I don't have any advice for you but if someone does give you some PLEASE let me know, Because I am also 36 weeks and due in July. I am ready to have this little guy. So if you get any info please let me know. Thanks. J.

Don't know how to get stuff going (I finally went into labor the morning before being induced at 42 weeks with both kids), but while in labor, walking is key. I had a doula help me with my second labor, and she and I walked as fast as I was comfortable, then rested, then walked some more. The walking definitely helped contractions get stronger. I would also suggest eating a high protein meal before leaving for the hospital(eggs or something) to have energy for the labor. The last thing she had me do was drink a 32 oz bottle of water, b/c sometimes at the hospital they only let you have ice chips.

Good luck!

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I self induced 3 out of 5 of my babies with castor oil, but I must say I waited until I was 40 weeks and sure the baby was ready! Be patient, it has to be born eventually!

any kind of exercise you feel safe with

Mine tend to come early, although, here I sit at 38 weeks with nothing happening. With my second, it was a debate as to when to take the baby as I have to have c-sections. The doctor said that in a worst case child, the lungs are not developed until 38 weeks 3 days. You really don't want to rush things. I did ask my specialist last week, and she said sex is the only thing with scientific backing. The hormones are the same as what they give you to efface when being induced. Obviously in much smaller amounts, but it's fun to try! She also mentioned, there are a lot of old wives' tales that are very dangerous to try. Just wait it out, and give that baby all the time he needs. You'll be grateful later. An early baby, even if full term, can have a hard time. My first was "full term", but had no suck reflex and a few other problems. My second did come before the 38 wks 3 days on his own and does have lung issues, as well as other things. We just wonder if more cooking time would have helped.

37 weeks, while still considered full term is still awful early to be wanting to put yourself into labor. Give that little guy as much time as he needs to finish cooking. Do you realize that a doctor isn't even allowed to start you more than 7 days before your due date unless it is medically neccessary? That should give you a clue. Let him come as late as he wants.

My husband heard that eggplant helps labor to start. He fixed me eggplant parmesean for lunch and by 1 p.m. contractions were starting. Baby was born at 10 p.m. that night. Could just be coincidence. . .

I had one session of accupuncture (she put needles in my ankles and legs) and my water broke two days later (I was 3 weeks early). The accupuncture felt really good and I was super relaxed the whole time. It's worth a try...

I don't have any advice for you but if someone does give you some PLEASE let me know, Because I am also 36 weeks and due in July. I am ready to have this little guy. So if you get any info please let me know. Thanks. J.

Eat fresh pineapple. Take two evening primrose oil capsules 2x a day. These are like a prostiglandin and can also be used as a suppository to help with effacement.
Go for a walk. get a child size step stool and squat on it so your rear is supported and your feet are on the ground. Fix some RASPBERRY LEAF tea and drink a cup every 2 hours and do nippple stimulatio one minute start--two minutes rest; one minute start- two minutes rest, etc.
there are also trigger points on y our feet and ankle that can help....hold your hand out and rest your pinky on the top inside of your ankle bone. Where your first finger rests- there is a trigger point that you can touch and hold. There is also a trigger point on the outside edge of your pinky toe where it meets your foot. Feel free to ask more deatils if you need them. These all worked for me- three labors with scheduled inductions that I was able to start labor on my own to not need medical inductions. Good luck!!

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