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Entertaining a 5 Month Old

I need suggestions on how to entertain my 5 month old daughter. She seems to get bored very easily with the same old things every day. Any suggestions on games to play with her or anything like that?

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Hi K.,

I am looking for playgroups in the clearwater area, I have a daughter who is going to be 5 in December....I work FT and go to school PT...I am looking for some new friends and never have the time to get out and meet new people..

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Hi K.. My daughter is now ten months and we joined a local playgroup here called Jax-Park. It has been wonderful. You have a meet and greet at first at a park or the mall play area and then once you are verified as a Mommy, you are allowed full access to the website. Every day of the week there is something going on. And there are things for all age groups and then specifics for infants, toddlers, preschoolers. Activities are all over town, so you can stay in your area or venture out, which is what my daugher and I do. We joined when she was almost five months and it has been a wonderful experience. They have activities at the childrens museum, the Zoo, field trips (just went to the Tiny Tots Symphony) and much more. You should check it out. It is nice to get out of the house and meet other Mom's and great for your little one too. Hope that helps. Good luck! -S. The website is: http://www.jaxparkplaygroup.com/

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Not only are the other ideas really great...but you could also join a playgroup! I know of a great one... http://groups.yahoo.com/group/jacksonvillekids

I have a 2 month old, and a 2 year old and we have a blast just going around town and looking at everything...at 5 months, they love to look at things, so museums and anything with the bright colorful lights of the season are sure to be winners in her book! Places like Toddler Town are also a big hit...*hugz*

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There are many good books available that suggest activities for each month of the 1st year. The one I used was called "Your Child At Play: Birth to One Year". For Five month olds here are some ideas:
let child look in the mirror, play with shiny pots and pans, roly-poly toys(knock over and it pops back up), swing on the swing at the park or in the house, rattles are still fun, play "how big is baby?", bouncing on knee, reading board books, singing silly songs with finger plays (itsy bitsy spider), read aloud to child- nursery rhymes, starting "baby sign language", peek-a-boo is a timeless classic, water fun in the bath or sink, don't forget tummy time, blow bubbles (gymboree has awesome bubbles that you can buy), if you can, let your baby socialize with some older babies- there won't be much interaction, however they will enjoy watching the older children. Find a free playgroup. Hope that helps.

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When my daughter was that age we got her an Exersaucer. That thing was a life saver. She can sit in it and turn herself around to the different toys that are around the whole thing, it keeps them busy for awhile anyways and give you time to do dishes or even just sit down for a bit. Hope this helps. Good luck.

I imagine it's too late for you, K., (you've probably passed this stage now!) but in case anyone else is reading: learn all the lyrics to songs you particularly like and then make up silly dance routines that you can do with your baby---and keep them the same each time. My son and I dance to Frank Sinatra"s "Fly Me to the Moon". I fly him above my head, we hold hands when the song says to, and (his fav part) when it says "baby kiss me" I always sing it much louder than the rest and give him a way over-the-top kiss. Result? He's already laughing wildly a couple of lines before that one!

Hi K.,

When my son was 5 months old I was doing a little mommy and baby yoga - for my exercise and stretching and for his entertainment. One of the poses that he loved (and feels great on your back) is to lay on the floor on your back with your knees bent, put your daughter laying on your shins - holding on to her hands. Then you can rock your back from side to side or pull your knees in to kiss her forehead and then straighten back out. I think I heard my son's first giggle while doing this. It felt great and he loved it!


When my daughter was 5 months old she was whiny because she couldn't get to where she wanted to go. It was just a phase. Try and change her scenery when she gets bored. I used to have a fisher price aquarium toy that had toys dangling down and then later it turns into a tunnel. She loved that and when she got bored of that I would bring her back onto our bed and let her roll around and listen to songs and I would sing to her. The first DVD that kaylie would watch was a sign language video. I had the "My baby can talk" versions, but I have heard that "signing time" baby videos are very good as well. i have seen the older child ones and they were good. my daughter is one year old now and can sign please, more, thank you, diaper, hat, and dog even though she can't say words yet. Good luck with everything!

When my son was 5 months old I would sit him in his bouncy chair and put him in front of the tv and he would watch SpongBob. For some reason that is the show he would watch. Now when he turned 6 months old he wanted nothing to do with the tv but he did go through that little stage of watching tv. I think it is good for them because they hear different sounds and won't be afraid of sound.

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