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ENT Recommended Second Set of Tubes

Hello all! My son had a follow-up appt. today at the ENT. He had tubes put in when he was 18 months and has been doing great ever since. We did end up taking him to an allergist and found out he is allergic to nuts and our dog. He is on flovent 2x/day. The tubes are out now. He has a cold, had it for a 2 weeks not. The ENT said there is fluid behind his eardrum, and its not red or inflamed, yet. He recommended putting in a second set of tubes. We are conflicted as to whether or not to have it done. Do we wait until he does get an infection and go through the misery of sleepless nights (for all of us) and painful ears, potential loss of hearing for him, or do we go ahead and have it done, risking anestheia and, again, potential loss of hearing due to scar tissue build up? Anyone have any thoughts? I would love to hear...

Thanks, J.

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Thanks to everyone who took the time to send your advice/feedback. It's great to have so many people to bounce ideas off of.
We decided to take the wait and see approach with regard to the tubes. He currently has a cold and so far has not gotten an ear infection. If he does get one, we will get the tubes. As far as the dog, we were on vacation and my parents were taking care of her. We haven't gone to get her yet, but probably will. The kids love her and keep asking. My parents are willing to take her whenever we want. I did take my son to the allergist, who said it was common for kids with eczema to get false positive readings where pets are concerned. We'll see how it goes.
Thanks again!

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Don't wait -- you don't want the misery of another ear infection. More importantly, the hearing loss has implications down the road. My daughter had two sets of tubes. Unfortunately, we didn't realize she needed the first set until the hearing damage was done -- it impacted her all through school because there was neurological damage caused by not being able to hear.

Dr. Jeffrey Keller out of the Mt. Kisco Medical Group in Mt. Kisco. Been using him for almost 10 years. Put tubes in 2 of my kids ears twice as well as remove adnoids and tonsils. He's great!

It can't hurt to get a second opinion. And out of curiosity, did you get rid of your dog? I find a lot of people have kids that are allergic to animals and yet don't find a new home for the dog/cat (my brother's ex-wife kept a cat in her house and my nephew was allergic). If the dog is still in the house, it is likely the cause of continued ear problems. Allergies are a cause for fluid build up in the ears! I have allergy and ear issues myself so I know that staying allergin-free is very important. Hope your little guy is ok!

I have heard that chiropractic adjustments can be helpful in children with chronic ear infections. If you are looking for something less invasive to try before having the second set of tubes put in, it might be something to consider. Just be sure to find a chiropractor who is experienced with young children. Good luck.

A second opinion never hurts!!! We use Dr. Levine out of Riverdale, just off Route 23 South. I really liked him. I had first taken my son there, which resulted in his adnoids being removed, surgery was a success and corrected his problems.

I since have seen him too, and was quite happy. He is very down to earth, tells it like it is and will not suggest something if he doesn't really think it is necessary!

Good Luck!

First things First,
Did you get rid of the dog?

I'm an obsessive dog lover, so it's hard for me to say this: but you have to find a new home for your dog! :( I know that absolutely stinks. But my husband was terribly allergic to cats from birth, and his mom (for some reason) always had one. His asthma got worse and worse, and they ended up doing all sorts of medical interventions...but never got rid of the cat!

When he went to college, no cat. Thus, very few asthma attacks.

I'm sorry!

Hi J.,
My daughter has had 3 sets of tubes. She was 3yrs 5yrs and 7 yrs old. I questioned each time I did it but each time she looked up at me after the procedure and said " mommy, I can hear you now". I never regretted it. If it helps them you should do it. She had continious ear aches, stuffed ears and soar throat. She just went to the ear doctor recently and hears perfectly without the tubes now. She is 8 1/2. I recommend to do it. It is better than them suffering with all that goes with not doing it.


I would wait. Our son had tubes at 10 months. He had already experienced hearing loss and had had 8 ear infections. He may need another set (he just turned 2) but our ENT feels that we need to address the underlying issues before having another surgery. Sure, he's had a few ear infections since the tubes, but he also definitely has some allergies that we need to pinpoint (we are currently doing elimination diet for allergens). How was the allergy testing done? Many times at that age, allergy testing is not conclusive - my son clearly has a strong egg allergy, but the tests came back negative. Your son hasn't even had another ear infection - I think you should wait and see if the fluid can resolve itself now that your son is bigger and stronger. The number 1 cause of ear infections in children is a dairy allergy.

I know others said it, but probably you should find another companion for your dog. :( Also, a holistic chiropractor could help too. Other things we have done are Vitamin D3, and children's DHA (Nordic Naturals makes little strawberry flavored balls that our son just loves). I think the vitamins have helped strengthen his immune system. He now gets colds that don't turn into ear infections. Good luck!

As difficult as it may be, you now know what is likely to be the cause of this and can address the environment thereby not having to go through continual medications or potential surgeries and complications that come with both. I would work on finding a nice home for the dog and see about possibly a hamster or fish as a pet if he is attached to the pet. The pet is not worth risking or compromising your child's health.

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