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Enourmous Amount of Rectal Pain During Menstrual Cycle.

I was wanting to know if there was was anything i could do or if anyone might know if this has happend to them i am having a lot of rectal pain when i am on my period does anyone know what it might be? PLEase help any advice will help

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It could be endo. or if you had a c-section it could be scar tissue that has adhered itself to the rectum or it could be something more serious that is only noticed when the pelvic area is swollen from your cycle. I would go to the doc and find out.

I just had a hysterectomy and I am hoping that some of the pulling and such I would feel is gone when all is healed.

Good luck.

I was having this as well during ovulation. Doubling over pain. I had a CT and it turns out I may have had a little ovarian cyst. Just go to your OB and they can help you out.

You are not alone. I have this too and don't know why? I always thought it was normal.

You are not alone, sista!

Is it your rectum or your perinium (sp?)? I get this too if that's the case. I got it very bad when I was pregnant with both of my kids too. I don't know what it is, but I just want you to know that you aren't alone. I take midol and it usually helps.

It sounds like ENDOMETRIOSIS. I had it, too, for years. You should see your GYN about it. It can be treated. So sorry, though...I know how miserable it is. Good luck.

Ask your doctor about it, it could be endometriosis. There is a little area betweek your rectum and uterus that it can settle in that can cause pain. Good luck!

Definitely not alone! Sometimes I'd have to stop and be still, it took my breath away it hurt so bad! I too thought it was normal because it's only on my period.

I'd strongly recommend seeing your OB about getting checked for Endometriosis. The overgrowth of intrauterine tissue becomes inflamed, bleeds, and sloughs in response to hormones just like those in the uterus - depending on where they've grown, the pain can be centered just about anywhere. I was about your age when it was diagnosed.


I don't know if it's normal or not but I have this and serveral other "odd" pains that showed up after giving birth 5 years ago.

If your pain feels like mine, you have my total sympathy! If you do find out what this is, be sure to post it. Sounds like there are lots of us who could use some insight!

Best of Luck!

My mother has the same problem. The doctor told her that it is because she has endometriosis, which caused growths or scar tissue on her women organs everytime she was on her period. You might want to ask your doctor about it.

Hi there, girl I know what you mean,After my son was born, I have never been the same.I had a very difficult delivery, my son was 9.88 lbs. The doctor arrived too late for an epesiotomy. so after the tear they had to repair my bottom,front to back. and I have heard from nurses that scar tissue from the healing willl cause continued pain. I am better now, but I still have to keep my bowels as clear as possiable. and around my period I can barely sit down.

Hi C.-

I have that too. But I have the Mirena IUD. I get extreme cramping..it feels like labor pains! I've almost had it removed it gets sooo bad. Dr put me on 800 mg of Advil. You basically have such bad cramps from your uterus contracting so bad. When I was reseraching the reason for my cramps thinking maybe it wasnt the IUD, it did say endometerois could be the cause of rectal,severe back cramps. I would go to the Dr and have it checked out to see if it is just bad cramps or endo.

I also think it may be endometriosis I have the same symptoms and just got the diagnosis and my Dr. described that pain as one of the symptoms, try taking pamprin or midol one or two days before your period as a preventive .

Sounds like you could either have Fibroids or a rectocele, which is where the rectum partially or fully prolapses. It's not all that umcommon after having kids. I would call your OBGYN next week and make an appt. Good luck!

Sounds like you may have a "tilted" uterus. When it gets heavy with mentral weight--it lays back against the back and rectim--causing pain. I would see my gyn and explain this in detail to them---if this is the case--as your period progresses (gets into day three and four, etc.) the pain should become less and less! Definitely see your doctor. I had something similar when I was younger!

Me: Mom of 2 Nana to 3!

Im not a md or anything so im not diagnosing you, but i had horrible pain during my periods accompanied by other issues. i went to see my gyn and found out that i have endometriosis. some of the cells had lined the rectum which was causing the pain during defecation. good luck

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