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Enfamil Vs. Parents Choice

hello everyone! My 5 month old daughter has been on Enfamil since she was born, and I just wanted to know if anyone knew of any differences between enfamil and parents choice brand formula? I looked on the nutrition facts on the back of the cans and compared them. They are basically identical! The price difference is very obvious and I was just wondering if anyone has used parents choice brand formula or switched to it or has any knowledge about this! Thanks!

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My son was on Parents Choice and had no problems. It is definitely cheaper, and I had similar concerns as to WHY is to so muc cheaper. He was on for the whole first eyar and did great

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My son was on Parents Choice and had no problems. It is definitely cheaper, and I had similar concerns as to WHY is to so muc cheaper. He was on for the whole first eyar and did great

My son started on Similac Neosure (he was a preemie). At 9 mo we switched to Enfamil and then I tried Parents Choice. He seems to be taking the switch ok. The ingredients are the same. I talked with a rep at the baby expo and she explained to me how the ingredients to enfamil, similac and parents choice are the same. The price is considerable less. Hope this helps!

I used Parents Choice and loved it! (and so did my baby of course!)

We started with Enfamil-went to Similac-then another version on Enfamil before trying Parents Choice and it was great!

I breast fed my son for the first year, only giving him a little bit of formula. But a good friend of mine & her husband researched the Target brand of formula & found it to be identical to the name brands. They used that & saved a fortune...

I totally agree with the other moms! In fact, I wish I had switched sooner! I started on Enfamil, then Similac and recently tried out the BJ's brand "Berkley & Jensens". It is just like the Similac in my opinion and the baby took to it very well.
If you are ok with the generic brands I would suggest trying one of the wholesale brands like BJ's, Sam's or Costco. Chances are you'll get WAY more for your money. I was paying $27.99 for the 2.1 lb canister of Similac and discovered the BJ's formula came in a 3 lb can for only $19.99! Add in the $4 coupon and it was a total bargain.
Like I said, I wish I had made the switch sooner!

i used both enfamil and parents choice with both of my kids. with my daughter the parents choice was kinda gross looking but it was also soy. so i stayed with enfamil. with my son, i started off with the enfamil and got freebies with it, then switched to parents choice, the regular milk-based parents choice is fine. it looks the same and no side effects from changing.

We used Parent's Choice and were happy with it. I did not use the exact product as you though. My daughter needed some extra calories, as she is not a big eater, so her doc put her on PediaSure when she was 2 - and she is still on it at almost 4. After a while we switched to the Parents Choice version and my daughter didn't seem to notice and the labels were very much the same. Then, PediaSure added DHA and Parents Choice didn't, so we switched back. Now Boost has introduced a new product with probiotics, so we are using that. So, check the details, if it is exactly the same, try it and see how your baby reacts.

The FDA sets standards so anything you see on the shelf is safe, even the cheapest brand. I used Parent's Choice with my second child and saved A LOT of money and he's healthy!

I used Parents Choice after talking to my pediatrician who said that baby formula is the most regulated food product on the market. He assured me that the only difference between a store label formula, such as Parents Choice, and a name brand product might be the taste. The nutritional values are the same.

Hi M.,
I used a little bit of formula with my boys...always Enfamil, of course until I realized Parent's Choice was cheaper, and nutritionally the same. The thing I did not like about the PC formula was the texture of the powder. Enfamil is very smooth and easy to scoop and pour, whereas the parent's choice is more like the texture of flour. I used a portable container that had sections where you could pre-measure for bottles on the go. The Enfamil would pour easily form the small opening, but the PC was always a pain to get into the bottle. I didn't use formula much, so I went back to Enfamil, purely for the convenience of the texture, but if you are buying a lot of formula and want to save money, the PC will provide the same nutrition for your daughter.

Hi M.!

By law, generic formulas need to be pretty much identical to name brand formulas. :) When I switched my son to formula, we used the generic concentrate and added water. It was less expensive this way and he was getting the exact same thing! :)


It is pretty much the same thing! It's just much cheaper because they don't have to pay for marketing, etc. By the way, the target brand and PC are made by the same company and are the exact same formula, so I would just by it at whichever store I happened to be at that day.

Hi, my doctor told me there is no difference, so you can go with the cheaper one. We use the target brand.

Hi, M.
I used Enfamil with my first child, and started to use it with my second, she didn't like it that much, so I tried it myself and I didn't like the taste. I switched to parents choice and it tastes even better, and my daughter liked it more. I guess every child is different.
Good Luck!
Best wishes,

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