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My 9 year old daughter has had a long time problem with constipation. We have her on a special diet for it and everything. And over the last few years it has been better. But the last month has been bad.She is soiling because she is so constipated. We have taken her to the Doctors and they put her on laxitives which only made things worse.After three days of laxitives and nothing we did an enema and still nothing. Which we have done in the past and it usual works. But it is very upsetting for her. She cries and begges me not to. It breaks my heart to put her through it but this is no other way. So what i was wondering is there a way to make it not so horrible for her? I have tried talking to her in calm loving tones. I don't rush her and i never get forceful. But it takes hours sometimes to get her to do it. And by then she is so upset she is physically tired and shaking.I don't know what to do. And with my last enema not working i have to give her another one tonight. So if anyone has any ideas looking for all the input i can get. She is on a fiber rich diet no dairy . She does have a blockage and thats why we are doing the enemas to get it out. It has been there for almost a month now. Which is why she is soiling. She has been in counciling for 6 months now. Because we are aware that stress causes some of the problem. And what i mean by the laxitives makes it worse is it is making her more constipated. I have tried all the fiber drinks and nothing helps. I have tried mineral oil and that doesn't help either. So at the moment i am just tring to get the poop out of her. And I have scheduled a lower GI with a specialist.

What can I do next?

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Thanks to everyone on all the information. Things are finally moving through. Thanks to strawberries :) .....Still exploring all avenues though to insure this doesn't happen again. Thanks again :)

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ask her Dr. for Miralax.
It just mixes and total dissolves in any drink in a few minutes. Works differently then the store laxatives. Solves the problem with regular use...
she should also drink lots of other stuff..

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Hi K.,

You poor things. The suffering you and your child are going thru. I had surgery and it was almost 1 1/2 weeks before I moved my bowels again. That was with stool softener, laxative and double suppositories. The worst day was Thanksgiving. I can empathize on how she feels. It hurt to go, it hurt not to go. The first time I moved my bowels it was after atleast 1 hour in the bathroom and I had to shower afterwards because I was drenched in sweat. I had more pain w/constipation than I did with my full abdominal hystorectomy.

My first question is very similar top your first request response. Has she been to a gastroenterologist? This is a doctor that specializes with digestive disorders.
This is something I would demand from her pediatrician. You do not go into the office and get no other advice axcept enama's and she should out grow it. If she needed heart surgery, would you only take her to her pediatrician vs a heart doctor. I know that sounds extreme but Doctors do not want to admit they may not know why something is happening. If your pedi says I don't think we need a refferral. My suggestion would be thank your pediatrician for his/her advice/opinion and DEMAND the referral or you will switch doctors. You let them know that you are not asking for the refferall.

Other people may recommend counseling. I cannot rule that recommendation out. Only because this becomes a vicious cycle. Can not poop, hurts when I do poop. Which one hurts less. So they may actually learn to with hold the bowel movement to decrease the pain. However, then it becomes a psychological problem, even if this is not what caused it. Also the muscles that help move the poop thru the intestions get weak. Thus causing more problems going.

A high fiber diet is important but..... too much fiber can also cause constipation. Limit banana's, cheese, too much milk, rice, applejuice &/or applesauce. Things that are included in the BRAT Diet for diarreah. LOTS AND LOTS OF WATER!

Maybe even consider an allergist. I would try the gastro first and then if no answers I would try the allergist.

I bet the poor thing feels constantly like throwing up. When food gets digested and what ever is left over is waste product(poop). If the waste is not coming out , then it has to go somewhere. There for causing nausea.

I think that covers all my suggestions. Drink lots of water, exercise 30 minutes daily and make another doctors appointment!
If you ever notice yellowing of the eyes, she needs to be immediately seen by a doctor. This would be a sign of jaundice, which can become life threatening if ignored.

Good Luck!

H. B.

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I don't have any experience with enemas, but it sounds like she is miserable. Maybe you should try a different doctor. A specialist or something...

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Hi There,
I know what your going through, My daughter had problems like that a few years ago. She was 7 and now she's 11. It broke my heart to have to give her an emena. I only did it twice and I would not make her go through it again. I think putting her through that made it even harder for her to relax and go.It was tramatizing for me and for her. When they begin to shake with fear its time to try another way to gelp them. She started to resent me for it. We started her on a fiber drink. I think it was metamucil every AM and again at night before bed until she started going. Then I kept her on it for quite some time. Eventually she started going regulary. I think even fiber drinks that are clear might work. She didn't mind the orange flavor either. Before we started the stool softener drink a doctor recommended adding a couple tablespoons of caster oil to applesauce. She had a hard time eating that but you might try it. I myself would stop the enemas. There just to hard on a child.

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Hi K.,

your daughter should see a gastroenterologist. Has she been tested for a blockage?

Instead of enemas - try getting her to drink epsom salts (2 tbs) in 8oz of 7up. Pineapple juice can also help but I imagine you've already tried that.. The GI doc or maybe even your pediatrician can give you a drink called "golytely" or "colyte" that is used to move the bowels typically before a colonoscopy or other procedure.

Definitely consult with a specialist - if you're in the seattle area, I know a number of them - feel free to email me for referrals.

Hope she gets better! That is a toughie - I feel awful for her...

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HI K.,
I also have a problem with my stool, which causes a bowl movement at least once but sometime twice a month. I can completely relate to your daughter as a child that went through the same thing and my heart goes out to her. I

I’m sure the gastroenterologist will help you with finding the best solution for her. I know there are many things that can be causing this. I have long colon and a water absorption problem so this is what worked for me. I took mineral oil, which you mentioned but it doesn’t always work right away. She may have to take it for a few days before it really works. You may want to adjust to dosage too. The other thing to try is perdium (I’m not sure about the spelling or the name) its in the same area in the grocery store as the mineral oil, its in a small green bottle. I think there are now a few favors. It taste horrible and will probably take her a while to drink it but it will work with in about 24hrs. I always used it as a last resort.

I would try and stay away from laxative and enemas because that can cause her body to become dependant on those for a bowl movement. You could try a glycerin suppository, which should help her and her body won’t become dependant on it. The other thing which I truly didn’t understand as a child but looking back as an adult I wish I would have done more which is to make sure she is drinking enough water.

Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help.



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Dear K.,

Have you tried prunes? We called it candy fruit and ate them with our 2 year old and drank water with clinking ice cubes, just to make it seem special. Sit there and have a tea party with napkins, and stuff to make it special.

The prunes work, and especially extra water, drink it with her all through the day. No more enemas, o.k.?

Good luck, be patient, yes, I know you already have done that, sorry. Try it. C. N.

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ask her Dr. for Miralax.
It just mixes and total dissolves in any drink in a few minutes. Works differently then the store laxatives. Solves the problem with regular use...
she should also drink lots of other stuff..

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Hi K.,

I feel for you and your daughter. I would suggest you check with a pediatric specialist for G.I. problems. My daughter had similar problems all her life. I can tell you that not combining any of the B.R.A.T.Y. foods together is a start, lay off the carbohydrates and add more water to her diet. She sould be getting at least 1/2 oz for ever pound she weighs, so for a 60 pound girl she would get at least, a bare minimum for 30oz of water daily.

B.R.A.T.Y. stands for Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, Toast, & Yougurt. Those foods in combination will stop dirreah so they are not foods you want to serve to her in the same meal.

Good luck!

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