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Endometriosis and Breastfeeding

I have endometriosis and was told that as long as I breastfeed my endometriosis will stay in remission. I have been breastfeeding my daughter since day one and have been starting to have discomfort from my endometriosis. I was wondering if anyone has experienced or is currently experiencing this same problem and what you did to control the pain. Another problem is a few days the pain has gotton so instense that it was really hard to take care of my daughter. Does anyone have any advice for me on what to do?

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Well thanks to everyone who has commented so far. I was on Lupron for 6 months about 2 years ago. I had a bad reaction to it and was not able to continue with it. I am going to start up a daily walking routine with my daughter, as suggested, in hoped it will help to alleviate some of the pain. I am so afraid to take any medication right now since I am breastfeeding, and am very confused to why i am having symptoms when I have not had a cycle in a year.

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Hi T.,

I also have had endometriosis. I haven't had it since surgery but I did still have major issues with my menstral cycle. I found a great nutritional suppliment that unexpectedly helped with the cramps, and everything associated with my cycle. I have talked to many women about it who also take the suppliments and they have all experienced the same relief. Some of them do have EM.

Let me know if you would like more info. I was so happy to have relief from my monthly cycle I decided to be a distributor.

I am a 40yr SAHM with a 1 year old amazing daughter.


PS - The suppliments are sompletely safe for breastfeading because it is all nutrition. I am still breastfeeding as well.

Hi T.,

A good friend and client of mine has endo and is doing much better after modifying her diet, lifestyle, and environment. I'm sure she would be happy to speak with you about her experiences. I am a Holistic Health and Nutritional Counselor and am also happy to work with you. Feel free to call me at ###-###-####.

Best wishes to you! :)

Hi T.,
I have had severe endometriosis since I was 15. I feel your pain, mine gets so bad I can't sleep for days. Walking and hot baths help. But as far as medication, there is a drug called Lupron (not sure if that is how you spell it) Your Dr. gives it to you through injections and it lasts for three months. It's pretty new and not all Dr. offer it, but talk to yours and see what they say. It is the only thing that has ever worked for me.

I have severe endometriosis and nursed three of my babies. Saying it won't bother you as long as you're nursing can rank up there with you won't get pregnant while nursing! I did find relief for a short time after my first few pregnancies, nursing or not, but my fourth was very trying! I toughed it out until she was at least a year old, then talked to my doctor about vicadin again. What helped while toughing it out sounds weird... apple cider vinegar drink! Use only Bragg vinegar (raw, unfiltered) or you won't see any benefits. They started the health food movement and saved Jack LaLanne... and have a website. Good luck, I really feel for you!!!

I have not experienced nor do I have knowledge-based advice about your problem. However, I learned a lot about some health issues of my own on the internet. Put both of your keywords: breastfeeding and endometriosis in the search engines. Also, look up some local mid-wives and ask them for advice. Gynocologists and Obstitritians may be another source. However, I got bad advice from mine when I had a breast abscess. After going through a painful experience of weening my baby I met someone in the Le Leche League (nursing mothers). There is a website that will give you where to contact the group nearest you.

I too have endometriosis and am still breastfeeding my 18 month old. I have been having problems with my endometriosis for a while now. It started around the time I got my first period, which was in June. The pain still comes and goes. I hope it gets better for you.

I feel your pain!! I have had the same issue,and with every child it has gotten worse. I was at the point where I pretty much was in pain all month, and pretty much crippling mid-cycle. I've been using natural progesterone cream for the last 6 month and the pain is virtually gone. I'd be happy to talk to you about it, I've done a lot of research on it. Feel free to call me ###-###-####

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