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Encopresis and My 7 Year Old Son and Awaiting an MRI on July 24th....I'm Scared.

Please help me with advice with my son's problem with encopresis.....
He was born with 2 mongolian spots and a sacral dimple.(signs of spina bifida)
They did a xray and don't think it is spina bifida occulta.But MRI will be more conclusive.He has to be put to sleep for it.
Awaiting MRI is killing me! How do you not worry about your child?
It took my doctor one year to finally send us to Children's hospital, Dr. thought it was bouts of diarreah for about 8 months....

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What can I do next?

So What Happened?™

Dakota's MRI was normal!
So now I know it is encopresis and we will keep working on this issue.
He did fine with the anesthesia, a bit grumpy after (to be expected)
and Children's Hospital was great, he got to pick a flavor for his mask that put him to sleep.
He picked bubble gum!
Love and thanks to all of you for all of your support.
xoxoxo K.

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Hi there, my 10 year old daughter has suffered with the same thing for 7 years, and has had to be hopitalized 3 times for 3-5 days for a clean out. This is a hard issue for parents as well the child. My daughter has also had 2 major and 3 minor surgeries and I was terrified of the anesthsia. It still scary, but not as scary. My biggest advice is come here, talk to you friends, husband, etc. BUT you really need to try to keep your fear away from your son. Focus on the positve, the MRI may give you the answers you need to help your son. I'm amazed it's only taken a year to get the MRI. We've been wanting one for 3 years. Hopefully soon for us.
Remember, ; breathe, it will be OK, and you may get the info you need for him. Lots of hugs going your way.

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Hi K.,

My son is 4 1/2 and he was diagnosed about 3 months ago with Encopresis. The Pediatrician put him on 3 tsp. of Miralax every night before bed. We have also put him on a poop routine that has helped tremdously. He must sit on the potty, 10-15 minutes after every meal. This has helped his body adjust to having to poop.
Our son was in the hospital for the first 2 months of his life. He had two surgeries in those two months and one of them was for a blocked bowel. Children are really risilient. Be strong and you both will come through with flying colors.

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Hi K.,
Of course you will worry about your child; that is why you are a good mother. I am familiar with having to endure a child undergo anesthesia--my son was 10 months old when he had his MRI and 17 months old when he had surgery for a tethered spinal cord. It is all very scary but you can get through it. Since your son is older, I would suggest talking to him about what will happen and let him know that it's OK to be scared. Of course you don't need to go into the details but make sure he's aware of what's going on.
As far as the anesthesia goes, the hardest part for me was when my son was coming out of it. We were warned about this so I'm guessing it's fairly common. The child is just so disoriented and scared that they really need you to be there and hold them and comfort them. Just be prepared for him to be confused afterward and give him lots of hugs and kisses. Good luck and best wishes.

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Hi K.~ We had a weird eye situation when our baby girl was only 4 months old which required an EEG and an MRI. It was scary to know she would be put out but they were fantastic at Children's. They were great before , during and after and I know that is what they are trained to do. No complications and she was just a baby! Your son will be great! It is better anyway, I just had to have an MRI two weeks ago and I wish I could've been put out (LOL- just kidding but I'm claustrophobic and figure you can use a smile). It will keep him from moving which requires them to start the process over so this will make it go by faster...only about 20 minutes. Hope it helps- you'll both do great!! Remeber the information you're getting from it will help you take better care of him in the future so it's all worth it!
God Bless!!

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Don't have any advice- just sending big fat hugs.

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Wow! My heart goes out to you. I'm a single mom and father left when she was 4mths also. I think if you have faith in GOD this would be the time to really turn to the faith...if not I encourage you to open yourself up to it. And of course support from fam & friends, or support groups even. Try to really think positive - it's going to be okay! You are welcome to reach out again to me.

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I can't help with the encopresis, specifically, but you sound very frightened and overwhelmed, and I just wanted to remind you that "this, too, shall pass." Take a couple deep breaths, and try to relax. You are doing everything you can, and it sounds like you're determined to make a good life for yourself and your son. Just keep moving forward.

The MRI is not painful, but it's very noisy and claustrophobic, which may be why they're going to anesthetize him. You hang in there!

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The MRI is related to the encopresis? I've never heard of that. Our son has had encopresis for two years. We've used mineral oil, laxatives and fiber, but found that making poop a routine and major bribery worked best.

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