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Emergen-C & Pregnancy

Hi Moms,
So far my Hubby and 2 yr old have come down with some nasty 48 hr stomach bug and I feel I'm destined to get it!
Well, I'm keeping my fingers crossed and trying to do everything to prevent myself from catching it but that's very hard considering how much my 2 yr old needs me.

Does anyone know if it's safe to take Emergen-C while pregnant along with my Prenatal Vitamins?
It's a Vitamin C powder you mix with a drink and it also contains 1000 mg of Vitamin C, 32 Mineral Complexes & B Vitamins.

My Hubby thinks it's perfectly safe since it's just vitamins to help boost your immune system but I really need some opinions from other Moms too.
TIA for any input!

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airbourne is fine to take while preggy. My midwife suggested I take it when my monkies are infected or when I feel like I'm coming down with something. Hope you don't get sick!

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Since you are already taking prenatal vitamins, and they are probably not whole food vitamins, I wouldn't add more fractionated vitamins and minerals, as they can lead to imbalances. Look for a whole food vitamin C complex product which the body can utilize much better, not just vitamin C (ascorbic acid). I would also change to a whole food vitamin/mineral product that includes folic acid. I am located in San Antonio, and I am a wellness consultant specializing in detoxification.

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Hi- I am pregnant as well and my hubby is a PA. He says everything you need is in the prenatal vitamins. As far as getting the bug my advice is drink, drink, drink. This way if you do get it you won't get dehydrated. I got a stomach bug with pregnancy #2 and ended at the hospital due to dehydration with an IV. I just didn't drink enough. Good Luck and wash your hands alot!!

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I actually had never taken Emergen-C until my OB told me to when I was pregnant and struggling....I took it most of my pregnancy; especially at the beginning.

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Emergen-C is a great product! I have taken it for over year.
One of my doctor's recommends it for everyone when they are feeling under the weather. It will NOT hurt your unborn baby.
Any extra Vit. C your body does not need will be eliminated from your body.

Hope you avoid getting sick.:)

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I read on this site -- from another mom -- that her ob/gyn said it was okay. Sorry I don't have first hand knowledge.....But I have used it occassionally, and I too am expecting. Not sure whether it makes much difference -- but I wanted the extra boost for energy and with flu going around so rampant etc. And of coures, nothing beats the good o'l fruits - -tons of fruits will boost your immunity as well.
All the best, K.

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It's safe; I take it every day along with my prenatal and other supplements. :)

N., Hi, I am a mother of 2 boys, of course they are in their 20ties now, but my advise to you is to call your Dr. and ask him. You can never be too safe with over the counter
meds. All of our bodies are different and it would be wise to get proffesional help since you are pregnant. We do not want anything to happen to you or your baby...Luv an older mom...

over 1000 mg of vitamin c is not good for a non-pregnant person,much less a pregnant one. your prenatals most likely have some, i wouldn't do both. stick with the prenatals, and try a cell salt homeopathic wellness formula along with it, they are gentle enough for a newborn,

N. O - PLEASE call you OB/GYN to discuss any medications, supplements or OTC drugs before you ever take them while pregnant. There are many "natural" products that can be harmful to the child in utero. Your OB/GYN should be your only source while pregnant. And after working in health care for years, your best choice is to wash your hands constantly right now. It is the #1 preventive action any person can take to preclude illness! Good luck, S.

I take the Emergen-C when I feel a cold coming along - your pre-natal doesn't have nearly that amount of vitamin C. It does contain alot of some B vitamins, which are likely also in your pre-natal and you do want to be careful of taking too much of some of those (e.g., B3, B6). So, I would suggest as others have mentioned and ask your OB about it - and see what she thinks of just taking extra Vitamin C when you feel you need it.

I took Emergen-C when I was pregnant. That was the only otc thing I took.

If it makes you feel better, just call your nurse. She should know.

Hope you feel better soon!

Hello N.,

I think Brian & Melanie are correct. Your prenatal vitamins should be all you need. You might want to ask your OB also.

D. P., LMT, CPT,
Assistant Supervisor/
Forever Living Products,
Aloe Vera Health Products
Birth Doula

I specifically asked my Ob/Gyn about this during my pregnancy and she told me not to take Emergen-C, just my prenatal vitamin.

Herbalife offers a product that is called Best Defense that is all nature. It has 1,000 mg vitamin C and zinc, which helps boost your immunity. It is a drink, where you put the tablet in a glass of water, acts like a fizzie. Check it out: www.derweightlossmall.com.

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