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Elegant Holiday Centerpiece Ideas

Hello everyone, I am looking for elegant holiday centerpiece ideas utilizing a round crystal vase. I would like to make something creative yet cost effective.

Thank you in advance for your help and ideas.


Be blessed!

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I want to thank everyone for your responses. I filled the crystal vase 1/2 full with cranberries, added water to fill the vase about 3/4 full and placed a floating candle on top. To add color I am going to wrap garland with clear battery operated christmas lights and wrap the garland around the base of the crystal vase. It's beautiful!!! Thank you!

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If you get one of those small strands of battery operated lights, then go out and collect some clippings from cedar trees, holly bushes and pine cones, then layer it all into the vase, it looks GREAT! You could also do the same kind of thing by putting a large battery operated candle in the middle....have fun!

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A round glass vase? Could be anything. I think:
You could cut some evergreen branches or whatever you can find growing outside that looks christmas-ie. Curve it all around the inside of the vase (lining the inside). Then put a bunched up strand of lights inside. Yes the cord will show a little but it stills looks good. You could always intermix a string of lights in with ornaments also.

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Get some small green apples, whole fresh cranberries and clementines (or small oranges)

Do a 1" layer of cranberries, then a layer of (2 or 3) green apples, fill in the gaps with cranberries, then a layer of oranges, and fill in the gaps with cranberries. Repeat until you are about 3" from the top of your vase. Then, fill the vase with water. It looks really pretty and elegant.

I have also seen that you can use all that stuff to anchor some branches of pine to stick out of the water and nestle in some small pine cones, but I could never make that look great.

Hope this helps.

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If you get one of those small strands of battery operated lights, then go out and collect some clippings from cedar trees, holly bushes and pine cones, then layer it all into the vase, it looks GREAT! You could also do the same kind of thing by putting a large battery operated candle in the middle....have fun!

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I did a Christmas themed elegant ladies birthday party last year and on the tables I had a large center piece (like your round glass vase) and around it I put cuttings from a Christmas tree...all about five inches long, piled around the vase. Then down inside that I put pansies. It was gorgeous. Don't know if I described it well, but it was easy and quick. Oh yeah, I also took silver curly ribbon, really sparkly, and curled it slightly and draped it around/over the greenery.


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I've seen this and it looks beautiful.... fill the vase with something reflective (the one I saw was red bulbs, but you could use reflective marbles,beads,the big balls that pier one makes (depending on size of vase) etc. Then surround the outside with votive candles (place them in small low candle holders for a more elegant look) place in a single circle on the table around the vase - place at a distance that best reflects the items in your vase. When lit, they relfect off the items and gives a really beautiful effect. K.

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Thier is a Website www.saveoncrafts.com they have wonderful things and great ideas, and low prices. I have purchased afew of there products Great buy.

Burbmom.net did a little article recently about this subject. You can find it here: http://burbmom.net/?p=353

I like to fill a glass bowl with cranberries. If you need some additional height then adding some dry sticks to it looks fun too.

Colored glass pebbles and paperwhite narcisses bulbs. They will bloom very fast and are so pretty.
Also, coffee beans with votive candles nestled in makes a pretty set and smells wonderful.
V. B.

I always love seeing centerpieces that involve food or nature. Maybe you could fill up the vase with cranberries or cinnamon and decorate the runner with pine.

I think the ornament idea mentioned below is a great idea as well! Depending on the size of your vase, you can find different sizes of solid round ornaments that can create a great dimensional effect!

You could put nuts, cranberries, or peppermint candies in the vase and then nestle a candle in the middle. It would be for display purposes only. ;)

I love the idea of filling it with ornaments. I have 3 glass vases of different sizes filled with red/white/silver ornaments in my kitchen window sill and just love it!

You could fill it with pinecones and depending on the shape of the vase you could tie a red ribbon around the top for a little color.

You could fill it with some pretty holiday cookies. Some that are very pretty but not crumbly.

Depending on the vase shape, maybe you could put in a string of white lights?

Let me know what you end up doing! I have more vases and I'm always looking for new ideas, too!
Have fun,

We do this every year...for Christmas so if you need it for thanksgiving(I am sorry) :) We just put leftover ornaments in our glass vases...any little thing that's in the holiday aisle that you think is cute could possibly be put in the bowl.

For thanksgiving, you could get a small/medium sized pumpkin, cut off the top, empty the inside, put floral foam that was soaked in water inside of it and stick those beautiful dark red large headed roses in there, or if you can find the dark, burnt orange/brown large heade roses in there. Then add a little greenery as needed, and i always like to put the mossy stuff around the edges to finish it off. It makes a wonderful thanksgiving centerpiece.

I fill a large cut crystal vase with ornaments and surround the vase with greenery with twinkle lights.

I'm assuming the vase is clear. For Christmas, fill it with round ornaments in whatever color you like or a mixture of colors. For Thanksgiving, fill it with small pumpkins.

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