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Electric Window Candles - How to Stabilize?

How do you keep the electric window candles from falling off your window sills? Mine keep falling and the bulbs are breaking. Thanks!

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I tie a piece of string around the bottom part of the candle. Then I open the window, put the string in and close/lock it. The string keeps it balanced in the center of the window on the sill.

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Hi -- we used to use these plastic holders that held the candles in a loose pincer-like grasp and had suction cups on the ends to stick to the windows -- those were fairly good, as long as the kids left them alone. I probably got them at Walmart ages ago; don't know if they still sell them anywhere.

I've also in the past taped the bases down to the windowsills with heavy-duty tape; while not very pretty, usually works.

Maybe finding a way to weight the base would be another alternative -- either some kind of weight glued inside underneath or maybe a decorative skirt to go around the base with something heavy inside or attached (glass beads or marbles or something?). Just an idea!

I use a little blob of the gummy stuff used to hang posters.

Velcro. You can buy it in any hardware store or Target also carries. Comes in a roll so just cut off what you need, remove tape from one side and adhere to window sill; then remove tape from the other side and adhere to candle base. Put the two together and that's it.

My husband secures the wires with the little white clips that secure cable to the wall. They have a tiny nail in them and only leave a tiny mark.

Try some poster putty under them, i know Micheals carries it.

All great responses already. I have seen suction cups that slip over the candle and attach to the window. No marks on the wood work. My woodwork has never been painted and has old varnish with a nice patina - I wouldn't want to use tape or nails. If your sills are painted not such an issue.
My solution is a little expensive - but I swear by the 3M hooks that leave no marks - really - NO marks, not even grease stains like the putty used for posters. You can buy just the tape (for posters) - but for heavier objects, I will buy a larger hook - which usually comes with tape for more than one application. I'll use the extra tape to secure items - like the candle - and reserve one tape to use the hook later. Often you can get them on sale after Christmas - look for wreath or light hooks. I'm not big on recommending products - but this is one I do.

If you are lucky, you can find commercial plastic candle holders that have a circle that fits over the candle and is pushed down to the base, and has an attached plastic strip that goes under the window itself. If not, you can use large (long) twist ties, plastic wrapping ties or even ribbon that you knot every half to one inch to prevent slippage. One end is secured to the candle, the long end put into the window sill between the inside window and storm window. Close and lock the inside window, holding the candle securely in place.

poster putty or sticky tack, available at Staples & Office Max. It doesn't leave a mark.

You could also try Command adhesive - they sell it with hooks, but you can buy just the adhesive refills. They come in different sizes. Make sure the bottom of the candle is flat - if it's concave, I don't think the Command will work. If you use it, a small portion will have to stick out so you can remove it, but once you do so it never leaves a mark.

I use a rubber band. I open the window enough to slip 1/2 the rubber band under the sash, centered where I want the candle. Then I close and lock the window, while holding one side of the rubber band. Finally, I slip the base of the candle through the loop that's still sticking out.

Hi L.,

I tried something new this year. I bought a roll of velcro sticky back (general purpose fastener)and cut a small piece to place on my window sill and the other on the underside of the candlestick. Worked like a charm.

You can buy the velcro sticky back fastener in smaller packages.


I tie a piece of string around the bottom part of the candle. Then I open the window, put the string in and close/lock it. The string keeps it balanced in the center of the window on the sill.

Velcro! We were having the same problem.

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