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Effective Diet Pills That Do Not Contain Caffeine.

Most of the diet pills sold at the stores contain caffeine and I'm very sensitive to caffeine, it makes me very jittery and gives me an upset stomach. Does anyone know of an effective diet pill with no caffeine?

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I have been using stimulant X. It is all natural and doesn't contain caffeine. I've lost 30lbs. Several of my girlfriends have used it with good results. I take less than the recommended dosage. Just make sure you eat with it or you will get jittery. It can be found at www.cheapvitimans.com.

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Hi C.,

I can't handle the caffeine pills either.. I either want to run up the wall, or hurt someone when I am on them. GNC carries a brand of Hoodia.. I can't remember the name, but it is in a green box. They also have a box in red by the same brand but it has the caffeine in it. I remember a gold seal on the front of the box. It is $40. They usually have it on sale for $35. When I took it I actually would forget to eat meals.. which is NOT normal for me.. I never miss a meal. I am one of the people who has to lose the same 10 lbs.. I was able to lose most of it, but it seems like after 2 months the Hoodia starts to get used to being in your system and doesn't work as well. If you need to lose a small amount of weight 5-15 lbs I highly recommend it, but if it is a lot more, I would go with something else.

Good Luck!!

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I have recently talked to 3 people who have tried a drug called phentermine. They all have experienced significant weight loss. It does not make you jittery because it merely suppresses your appetite. It is not sold otc. Your md can prescribe it but insurance will not cover it unless you are severly obese. I tried my first pill today. So we will see. Good luck to you!

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Hi C.,
Have you heard of Arbonne's Figure 8 Going, Going, Gone Supplement? It does not have any caffeine or ephedra. The active ingredients in it are Green Tea (no caffeine) and an herbal blend that boosts your metabolism and suppresses your appetite. You only take it 30 minutes before each meal. IT WORKS! I lost 10 pounds in six weeks a couple of years ago. Now I'm back on since my baby boy was born. You know that extra 20 lbs. that all your friends say will just "fall off"...it just isn't true for me. Another friend of mine lost 65 lbs. in 6 months! I sell Arbonne because the products are so stinkin GOOD - and they work! Feel free to contact me if you would like more info - I can send you a complete ingredient list to check out.


HIGHLY recommend the Isagenix health and Wellness cleansing program, it's all healthy and natural. I had many issues as you do. No energy, tired, headaches, hard time sleeping at night and of course the extra pounds. I have never felt better than I do now. It has helped many people.
www.kristinestell.isagenix.com or you can email or even call and I can tell you more about it.
It also has a 30 day money back guarantee, that's what encouraged me to do it. And also there are no harmful products in Isagenix.
K. Estell ###-###-####

You can mix up your own products, but it takes so much more work and I want to know that I have the best, not whatever the Health food store has. Also I don't always know what all the ingred. really are that are on the label, and I want only what's good for me.

I am just like you, I can't take anything with caffeine, guarana or effedrea. I am a consultant with Arbonne International and they have a product I love called going going gone. It is the only thing I can take that doesn't leave me feeling jittery or even weird. All Arbonne's products are botanically based and are pure, safe and beneficial. They even have a 45 day money back guarantee! I'd love to talk with you about it if your interested. You can call me at ###-###-#### or email me.



I'm afraid you might be "outta luck" on this hunt, C.. I can't think of any brands of diet pills that don't have caffeine in them. The reason is that caffeine is a stimulant which helps to kick the metabolism into gear. Have you talked with your dr about a weight loss plan? He should be able to put you in contact with a nutritionist and the 2 of you can work out a plan to help you lose the weight.

Sorry for the bad news! :(
I hope you're able to find an answer. :)

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