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Eczema - Milford, CT

My 3 years old son has Eczema, I have been puting a lot of different lotions and non of them seem to work, does anybody has any suggestions? (I used AVENO, Dove, Eucerin)

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My son also has eczema and we use California Baby sensitive skin body wash, it's fragrance/dye free. Immediately after I pat him dry I apply Emily's Skin soother.. it works really well.

I used over-the-counter hydrocortizone cream when my two kids go to bed, and it quickly removes most of the dry skin layer. I then rub "Eucerin/baby oil in the morning to keep the area moist. Hopefully it would help you.

You have recieved a lot of great advice from a lot of differnet people. I read most of it but did not see anyone mention and don't know if you've tried Aveeno Soothing Bath Treatment (a oatmeal skin protectant to put in the bath), Cetaphil wash (a wash that can be used without water... you can just wipe it off), or my husband uses elidel (it's a prescription but he loves it). We have used all of these products and they work great. I hope this helps or that you find something.

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try using "crisco", i know it sounds wierd, but my dr. recommended it & it actually works! (a little messy though)

My 8 year old daughter has had ecezma since she was born. I find the weather triggers her reactions. I took her to a doctor that prescribed WESTCORT CREAM. It is the only thing that works for us. Aquaphor is good too, but if you have a flare up you need to treat it first then coat it to lock in moisture. Get him right after a warm bath, while her skin is still moist and you'll notice a BIG difference. Hope this helps.

I have successfully used Lanolin Breastfeeding cream for my two son's rashes and eczema. (it is pure and thicker than Vaseline) so a little goes a long way. It is great for itchy, scaly skin. I bath my boys in oatmeal, then put the lanolin on! Good luck!

Luke warm bath with baking soda try to do it 2 times a day. In 3 days you will see sucha difference. Both of my girls have eczema.

My 18 month old son was just recently diagnosed with Eczema also, on his face unfortunatly. His pedicatrian recommeded we use Hydrocortizone cream. She also gave us a precription for a hydrocortizone cream w/steriod in it that helped termendously! We used that for 5 days 2 times a day, and in the mean time use the regular cream. I have learned from experience with him that nothing else you try will help long term. It will help for a day or two, but it will come right back. Good luck and I highly recommed talking to his pediatrician to see if he needs the extra steroid if it gets too bad.


Hi S.!

Oh my gosh, I have tried a product that is second to none and it is a must for your little one. It has been tested in a double blind study against Eucerine and it beat it out by a huge margin.
The product is called Renew and the company that I work for makes it. I would love to share the information on the product and give you some other ideas about ways you can help that eczema.
I have a website that gears toward the business side of it but you absolutely can be simply a customer and get great prices by being a preferred customer. I am anxious to share the info with you.
Go to my website and I'll personally call you and talk with you about different things our company has to help out with that awful skin irritation.
go to "get more info"
I'm really anxious to help as I know many, many people who have been healed from that!
God bless!!

Recently I found out that my 13 month old daughter has a touch of Eczema under her eye and well Aquaphor helped get rid of it right away. I would say that maybe you can try this and hopefully it will work for you the way it has for me. Good luck

HI S.,

Hi S.,

I use a combination of things. Neem soap to wash. This is an Indian soap - antibacterial and conditioning. It really helped, but I am now combining it with Aveeno body wash and moisturizer and things are better but in some spots I have had to use a prescribed cream with cortizone. It all helps but still not 100% better. I do highly recommend the Indian soap this is what got us out of a crisis. I'll keep my eyes out for more and let you know.


I use Cetaphil lotion and hydrocortisone on the really rough spots. I bathe my son in lukewarm water, and apply the lotion while his skin is still a moist( a couple of minutes after I get him out of the bath). I also apply lotion at least twice a day. You can also ask your son's doctor for other options.

My daughter has bad eczema and the doctor prescribed her flutican ( i think that's how u say it) and when i put it on her rashes it helps a lot.

I used to care for a 3 year little girl who's parents had tried everything to sooth her very painful Eczema to no avail. Upon the suggestion of my own mother I tried a lotion that had Melaleuca in it. It worked like a charm. Within 2 days her Eczema seemed to compleatly disappear. The only down fall is that you can't buy the stuff in normal stores. The good news is that you can get it on-line.


There are lotions, soaps, first-aid cream .... and everything else you can think of to have around the house right down to toothpaste and dish soap. You can even buy a bottle of the oil and just add it to your own favorite lotion.

Whenever I hear of someone suffering from Eczema I tell them to try this stuff. They always come back and tell me how greatful they are that I told them about it.

Hope it helps as well in your son's case.
Good Luck!

Hey, I am new to the website. I would like to suggest aquaphor this vasaline like ointment works for just that type of problem. I have 4 children and all of them have eczema and I delt with the 2 am crying because they are itching. t also works for diaper rash, burns,schratches,scars,scrapes,any type of skin rash ect..... I even use it on myself for my eczema and believe me it works. If that does not work try tha sarna itch lotion the only side efects is that the kids might not be able to deal with the menthol in the lotion though.

Good luck and I hope one of the two work.

Hi S.
My son has mild eczema as well and what has helped him is Gental Naturals baby eczema cream, made by baby orajel. It is in a green box in most grocery stores and target. When his eczema really gets bad I put a little cortizone on first and then slather on this lotion. Hope this helps!


i have used a prescription cream from he pediatrician called desonide. works really well...

Most people don't realize that the creams you describe contain harmful chemical additives ex: parabens, dea's sodium laurel/ laureth sulfate that actually worsen already sensitive skin.
( google it)
I have a 7 yr old with exzema caused by food allergies, and I went thorugh every cream out there. I finally found and fell in love with california baby products, They are all natural. We use the Super Sensitive lotion daily, and the Calendula Cream for oozy break outs. Babies r us sells it, and so does Trader Joes. But I buy online at californiababy.com
Good luck! Beware of cortizone creams. Steroid should never be put on a baby's face. It can cause darkeing of the skin, and scarring over time. The skin is our biggest organ and you shouldnt put on it what you wouldnt put in your mouth.
Mom of 4



Aveeno makes an oatmeal bath product that you in the bathwater that my Mom had a lot of success with on my youngest brother. Have you spoken with his ped? They make a lot of prescription meds for eczema that work well.

Good luck!


Well I have a 5 year old daughter who has had exema since the day she was born. It is a very difficult thing to deal with. I found that dove soap for the baths, only giving her a shower every two days and when she gets out not drying her off just patting her down and latering on aveno lotion works great. Also there are alot of foods that will triggers outbreaks like i know one is eggplant, eggs, there are many many more. There is also allergic exema, exema that breaks out due to an allergic reaction. Has your son ever seen an allergist??? Also children who have exema usualy will also have allergys and asthma. Hope i helped in some way. Also use free and clear laundry soaps, dryer sheets and fabric softners,all the dyes and perfumes will make exema worse.

My 1 year old just got diagnosed with eczema and the doctor wanted me to give him perscription drugs. When I got to the pharmacy the pharmacist told me to use 1% hydrocortizone cream.
I use Corizone 10 maximum strength. The first skin rash listed is eczema. Let me tell you it works. Put it on him before bedtime. My son's cleared up overnight. Also try using a non perfume body wash. Huggies makes one. Use the cream and the body wash, and your son's eczema should calm down.

A friend of mine swears by Neutrogena Hand Cream in the tube. Her son gets Eczema pretty badly and that is what she uses. My son broke out with lots on his legs last night and although I've used Aveno with some success, I am off to buy the Neutrogena tonight. Good luck!


I work with a company that has products that has cured eczema where prescription medicine couldn't even clear it up. Let me know if you want more information I can email it to you.

Jenn Smith

I found this miracle product at Babies R Us a few years back. Sometimes they have it, and sometimes they are sold out. I've never seen it anywhere else in stores, but they have a website...
The Baby Ezcema lotion is out of stock until Mar 2007. But, it has worked wonders on my son and on my friends daughter. If you can get your hands on some, you wont be disappointed.
I see you are in Milford. The only Babies R Us store I saw this product in was West Hartford.

Hi! I sell Jojoba Oil - you can get it at almost any health store or online. It is an oil that is the easiest out of all oils to absorb in teh skin, it moisturizes deep and also as antibacterial properties. I ahve sold a few bottles to people with eczema and people with babies with eczema, and they have said that it has really helped keep the area moisturized and have seen an improvement in the skin. it is worth a try - esp since it is all natural and not harmful at all for even infants. if you dont find it, feel free to drop me a note and I can order a bottle for you -

Good luck!

also, as a mary kay consultant (and an adult with eczema) I have found that mixing two of out products, the emolient night cream and the acne treatment gel helps quite a bit with the breakouts, because it attacks the human made oil, while hydrating the skin. I hope this helps,

The top 2 causes of eczema are:
1- food allergies
2- lack of zinc

If you have recently introduced new foods it's probably number 1 - avoid all new foods are see if it satrts clearing up. Meanwhile try to find a liquid zinc supplement for him and start using a zinc oxide cream on particularly red/raw spots.

my 2 kids also have eczema. with my first child we took her to the dermatologist many times and they said the best thing to do is add baby oil to their bath water every time they take a bath. it works great with my kids.

I have eczema badly on my fingers and the only OTC cream that I've found that helps is Udderly Smooth. They sell it at CVS and Rite Aid in little tubs (they have a cow spot pattern on them). It doesn't sting either (unless I've wound up splitting the skin badly). Hope you find something that works!

Hi...I don't know if this will help but I'm gonna give it a try! My daughter will be 3 in March & has had the same problem since she was born. We were using Aveeno but her Dr. told us to switch to Cetaphil lotion & that seems to be doing a good job. Vaseline also helps (after Cetaphil has soaked in) the really bad spots (creases, hands). When she gets a really bad spot we use 1% hydracortizone cream twice a day then cover with a little bit of vaseline. I also only use Aveeno bath soap because her Dr. said the normal soap can irritate it.
I hope this is some help too...Good luck!

I know this iis going to sound crazy but my daughters pedi told me to do this while she had Eczema she didn't have real real bad but she had it bad enough after you give him a bath rub some crico (the one you would grease a baking pan with) on him like right away don't even dry him off and then put his pj's on him my daughter had it real bad on her legs scabes that would bleed a little and when i would do this she looked alot better in the morning

My son and all of my four nephews suffer from eczema. Unfortunately, none of the over the counter things never worked for any of them. Currently they are all on prescription meds. If you would like the name, please feel free to email me....
Good luck

Hi S.,

You need to take your son to a dermatologist so they can determine the severity of the eczema.. they are many prescription meds that can help and only a few over the counter meds.
Most meds now are non-steroid which is what you want. You may also have to cut out certain foods such as dairy and chocolate... I know, it sounds horrible, but it may help.

Some names of meds are: Elidel, hydrocortisone (otc or prescribed) etc. I hope some of this was helpful!!


Hi S., I've heard a lot of testimonies of people I work with who've had much success treating eczema with a lotion called Renew. It's a therapeutic lotion for severe skin irritations, and it's manufactured by the company that my team is partnered with. It's naturally derived and it's safer to use than most other lotions that contain harmful chemicals. Please check out my website for more information or email me at ____@____.com://www.stayinhomeandlovinit.com/cgi-bin/team.cgi?id=Ar268490...

i use aquaphore on both of my sons. it is just like vaseline. give the baby a bath in the evening before bed and straight after the bath put the aquaphore on. Hope this works for you. Good luck

My son also has eczema and we use California Baby sensitive skin body wash, it's fragrance/dye free. Immediately after I pat him dry I apply Emily's Skin soother.. it works really well.

Hi S.! I have lived with it for all 32 yrs of my life. The key things are to use fragrance free everything! Detergrent, fabric softener, soap, etc. Also, the Aveno bath treatments work wonders! I know they are usually used for chicken pox, etc, but if you use them a few times a week, it is a miracle. And when the eczema has subsided continue at least once a week. As he gets older you will notice it can be stress induced also. But good luck and if you try these solutions let me know how it turns out!



I always use Aquaphor BABY on my son. I started using it when he was teething and his chin and cheeks were chapped from all the drool. It works great on the entire body, I even use it on dry lips. My son's doctor told me to use it. I swear by it and it's reasonably priced and available in any supermarket or pharmacy.

I used over-the-counter hydrocortizone cream when my two kids go to bed, and it quickly removes most of the dry skin layer. I then rub "Eucerin/baby oil in the morning to keep the area moist. Hopefully it would help you.

I have the perfect solution for you! I work with a comapany that sell ALL natural products that help situations like this.
It's all about "changing stores" and getting a healthy home.
My son has Eczema as well, since usuing these products it has not bothered him since. I have changed the laundry detergent and the lotion I put on him. Unfortunately these products can not be found in stores. The COmpany that selld these products is called MELALEUCA. I am a customer and a partner wit the business. If you would like to try these products, which ar cheaper than Tide and Eucerin, call me at ###-###-####.
Looking forward to hearing from you.

You have recieved a lot of great advice from a lot of differnet people. I read most of it but did not see anyone mention and don't know if you've tried Aveeno Soothing Bath Treatment (a oatmeal skin protectant to put in the bath), Cetaphil wash (a wash that can be used without water... you can just wipe it off), or my husband uses elidel (it's a prescription but he loves it). We have used all of these products and they work great. I hope this helps or that you find something.

What works best for my kids is aquafor.

Hello S., I have a homebased company here and we have a Intense Dry therapy lotion that works wonderful for Psoriasis, Eczema and dry skin. Its has Natural ingredients that can heal these conditions...I am posting a little about what the Ad has on this Renew Lotion..... Pls feel free to Contact me @ http://D..truetransformations.com or via ____@____@____.com for any information on how to get this Renew lotion..... I promise you that it will work wonderfully for your child.

Whether it´s winter, spring, summer, or fall, your environment is one big sponge soaking up your skin´s moisture. Renew Intensive Skin Therapy uses natural ingredients to moisturize and nourish dry skin and dry skin associated with chronic skin conditions. Unlike some grocery store lotions that use animal tallow-based glycerin, Renew uses glycerin made from Malaysian palm and palm kernel oil.

To combat the dryness of the desert, Egyptians started using palm oil over 5,000 years ago. Melaleuca´s palm and palm kernel oil are naturally processed without the use of chemicals. When these oils are made into Malaysian glycerin, they help your skin attract and hold moisture. And, Malaysian glycerin also helps Renew spread easier so the lotion absorbs faster.

For trouble spots that require a little more care, Renew includes allantoin. Created from the natural herb comfrey, allantoin soothes irritated skin. Renews mix of ingredients creates a transparent barrier for your skin that locks in moisture and protects it from the harsh winter environment. And, Renew goes on easy without that annoying greasy feeling. This long-lasting protection rejuvenates your skin as it protects. Take the time to defend your skin with the invisible armor of Renew Intensive Skin Therapy.

My daughter had it so bad. Someone told me about a web cite called purebaby. They have a cream and body wash. I used it and it was gone within 4 weeks. The stuff is excellent. Good luck!

I'm sure you've received a bunch of responses to your question of what works best but I've actually just read about one of the products from Mary Kay being wonderful to clear eczema it's the Extra Emollient Night Cream & used for super dry skin it contains petrolatum, beeswax and mineral oil to help protect, condition and seal in moisture. I personally use it to prevent stretch marks (I'm 32wks pregnant) on my belly, hips & thighs & on my hands at night because they are so dry they usually crack in the winter! I can mail you a free sample if you'd like!


Hope this helps!

I feel your pain. I have a severe case of Eczema and my son gets it frequently on his face (he is 18 mos.). I have found that cetaphil works wonders on both of us for a daily treatment however if you have a flare up, try Triple Paste! Yup that's right. Triple paste. It can be found behind the pharmacy counter and if they don't have it they can order it for you. I have seen a dermatologist for his rash and this is what they recommended. It knocked it out and fast! A ton of daycares use it for all sorts of remedies. It is not that expensive considering you have probably spent more trying other products. Good Luck.

My son is 4 moths old and has eczema. HEARTBREAKING! his hands are horrible and his skinfold area gets beet red. I am using FREEDERM and its great. TRY IT! http://www.freederm.com

AVON Representative

Hi S.-
My son has eczema due to food allergies - we use Eucerin ointment (so it doesn't soak in as fast) and an rx called Fluticasone Propionate - they work pretty good.... if you don't want to get the perscription just try the Eucerin ointment - you can get it in Wal-Mart, Target, grocery stores etc.... it's kind of expensive but it works great... your peditrician might have free samples too. Good luck,
S. B.

Aquaphor works really well for my son. I hope this helps!!!

If I don't use the right soaps and cleaners I have eczema all the time also. I am 35 and the doctor told me to try different soaps and cleaners until I found the right combination of shampoo, soap, laundry detergents, etc. I found that Dial Antibacterial is the best for hand washing and then any of the antibacterial dish washing liquids, I also use White Rain or Suave on my hair.

I hope this helps a little.

S. c

there is a product that mary kay makes called extra emollient night cream. it's almost like a vasaline but completely not! i heard there is a hospital in manhattan that treats burn victims that orders this emollient by the cases. i know plently of people that use it for dry skin.


Hello S.,

My son has eczema. His pediatrician prescribed elidel and it works. Rarely does he get dry skin. Try to keep him moisturized right after bathing him especially around neck and the back of his elbows.


I found that any lotion/moisturizer/butter that did not list water as the first ingredient works for my daughter. The is a very cheap, pretoleum based product, Redd Foxx Tub O Butter that works very well. I also stopped giving her a bath twice a day and on weekend, we just wipe down/off. It get harder in the winter, but with continued moisturizing, she does well.


If the Eucerin isn't working I would take him to the pediatrician, usually if it gets too bad I have to take my daughter in to get a prescription. One thing I can suggest to help reduce the itching is to give him an "Oatmeal" bath, they sell the oatmeal in the same aisle as the lotions and skin products at Walgreens, CVS etc. I think they might even have it at Walmart. This helps the itching a lot, I had bought it per the suggestion of my daughter's pediatrician a few years ago, and had some in house when I broke out with an allergic reaction and it did wonders for me too.

I have really bad psoriasis and I tried all those creams/ lotions and even got something from my doctor, but, I found this body lotion from Avon. It is called Avon Moisture Therapy Oatmeal Avoine and it works wonders. I still use the cream from the doctor when I get a bad flare up but this lotion goes a long way in helping me be less itchy and more comfortable in my own skin. Also, my friends daughter has the eczema and she buys tea tree oil lotions/products from the Mellaluca Company. She swears by the stuff she gets from there. The Mellaluca products are all natural and won't harm you even if you ingest it.

Hi S.,
Try BAG BALM. You can get it at walmart,,It is in a green tin, if you get the big tin, it will last FOREVER. it is in the health and beauty section. It works for everything dry and cracked,
It heals and softens overnight!
you can use is on lips, skin, diaper rash, hands, feet... It is wonderful. and it acts as a barrer aginst wet, and wind burn, cold ect...
Farmers use it on Cows tits when they get dry and cracked,
It sounds funny but it works.
I use it on my kids.

I am an independent consultant for Arbonne International. My website is www.annamariagrieco.myarbonne.com. Arbonne carries an baby line called ABC Baby. It has the hair & body wash, lotion, & oil that are excellent for eczema. My nephew had areally bad case of eczema al over his body. My sister in law started using the wash and lotion, and within a few days it started clearing up. She only uses th is product on him now. It is an all natural botanically based product. For the month of February, I am donating 50% of my commission to St Jude's Children's Hospital.

Have you tried Aquaphor? It works with my kids eczema.

My friend and her son both have eczema and they use cetaphil. I have used this for a few yrs now, its great!

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