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Eating Healthy

I have been trying to lose weight for the last 5 years or so, and it's always a failed mission. My husband won't let me cook anything healthy. If I do, I have to cook a completely different meal for him. I just don't have the time or energy working full time and raising a 5 month old. He is a salt/sugar-aholic. He likes an obsessive amount of it on EVERYTHING!

For example:
I would like to get fresh veggies from the store and steam them, then put over whole grain rice. Sounds good to me! Well, he only eats veggies if they come out of a can (with all that sodium, then he adds butter and MORE salt!), or only eats noodles if they're cooked in butter. He was raised differently than I was and our eating habits show it. His family eats for taste and mine comprimises a little taste for health. We are also on the go go go all the time. We have 2 other kids that play sports. We tend to eat out a lot, and that is one of my weaknesses. I can plan to eat a salad all I want, but once I get into that fast food joint and smell those hamburgers, it's all downhill from there.

As far as exercising goes, I try to get out and walk/run as much as I can, but my schedule is a little hectic. It's not like I'm a couch potato at all though. I'm constantly getting up and down with the baby, washing dishes and clothes, cleaning the house, etc... My husband is not all that supportive of my exercise efforts. I've asked him numerous times to acompany me on our walks, but each time he refuses. I tend to get bored by myself (and stroller) and end the session quickly.

So to sum it up, I need to gain will power when we eat out and I need to find a way to be able to cook healthy at home, and have my husband eat it too! I also need to figure out how to work out without getting bored! Does anyone have some secret tips to help me?

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First of all, thank you to everyone who responded and gave me advice for handling my delima! I spoke with my husband and told him I'm not happy with our eating habits or how I look. I said I want to start cooking and eating HEALTHY! He said "what's healthy?" He agreed that he wants our kids to have better eating habits than he does, and that he wants me to be happy with myself. However, he did NOT mention he'd like to be healthier, himself. But he agreed to TRY, and that's a HUGE step. He did say that he just can't help what he likes and doesn't like. I think that you have some control and can somewhat train your tasetbuds, it just takes a little effort. We'll see how it hoes, and thanks again for everyones advice!

If anyone has a good/healthy recipes that your families love, please send them to me! :)

P.S. as for exercising, I have made it a daily task to get SOME sort of exercise. I spoke with a friend who has a baby. She and I are going to walk/run twice a week. The other days, I'll either run, work out to a video, or play outside with the kiddos. I'll even take vigorous house cleaning! I just have to stay motivated! I walked 3 miles with my gf on Tuesday and ran/walked 3 miles BY MYSELF yesterday! I feel so much better when I exercise; I have more energy. Hopefully I can keep this up. Keep your fingers crossed for me...

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If all he'll eat is canned veggies, rinse them off really well, that helps a little with the sodium.My husband salts everything without tasting it so I cook without salt. I'll use other spices instead so that everyone elses food isn't bland. When my weight creeps up I just cut back on my protions. I don't deny myself something I like because when I do eat it I'll go overboard. I also cut down on the amount of bread and potatoes I eat. I don't lose fast but I do lose.

My situation with my husband is quite similiar. I started working out and changing my eating habits about 6 years ago. My husband, while not minding what I did, had no desire to change his. I slowly made substitutions, like vegetable to canola oil, salt substitute in a shaker, (he never knew the difference), I switched us over to 2% milk and I cook with fat free skim. He still does not work out, although he says he needs to. I just made a decision every morning that I would take whatever time I had available to walk. Now I use an elliptical machine and lift weights regularly. It has changed my body so much and it is a slow process. I can't tell you the difference it makes in how I feel about myself. Good luck and I hope this helps some.

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You should sit your husband down and explain to him your fitness goals. Also, tell him that you love him and you want his health to impove as well, so that you are both here to see your children grow up and have families of their own. Explain to him the bad habits that you both will pass on to your children if you continue to eat unhealthy meals and eat out all the time. Let him know that is not what you want for your family, and that you no longer have the energy to fix 2 meals. Hopefully, if you approach him with respect and with a genuine concern for his health, he will respond by being more supportive of your efforts to lose weight and agree to eat what you make. If he still refuses to eat what you cook, make him cook for himself and you cook for you and your children. I agree with some of the other women "if it were your child refusing to eat what you cook, would you make a whole other meal for them?"

As far as the exercising goes, if your husband won't join you, make him aware that you expect him to stay with the children while you take the time for yourself to get a good workout in. Join a gym where there are many different types of cardio equipment and weight training equipment as well as group classes to attend. You are less likely to get bored if you attend a class. Also, you're not likely to cut out of a class early. You can't force him to exercise if he doesn't want to, but he needs to respect you and your goals enough so that he doesn't get in the way of them.

GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Weight Watchers. It really works. It teaches you how to eat normal foods, normal portions and make better choices. You can even eat out and do really well. I swear by it. I've even tried different diets since I did WW and it is by far the best. Restrictions make me crazy. Weight Watchers is rewarding!

The best way to succeed at it is to give it your best for two weeks while you learn. Go to your meetings and keep the food journal. You will find that you can still make good food decisions while eating with your family.

Don't let your husband's opinions sabotage you. Find a neighbor to walk with or get a gym buddy. You can do it! It's your body and you have the right to be what ever size you want to be!

Good luck!

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He's an adult. He can cook his own dinner.

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Hi K.,
First off you need to sit down and talk to your husband about the importance of eating healthy for BOTH of you. Excess weight can cause so many health issues later in life. Next find some healthy recipes that you think he would like and start making those.

Personally, in my house, if no one likes what I cook, then they make their own dinner. I cook 1 meal and that is it! If he won't agree to eating healthy then tell him he needs to make his own meals if he doesn't like yours!

I've been doing Weight Watchers online, and it is a great way to learn how to eat healthy. Their web site also has some free features, I think you can find great recipes for free. PLus there are plenty of other web sites for healthy eating with great recipes! Don't give up, I'm sure you can find a compromise, but make sure you don't compromise your own health and well being!

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Hi K.,
Sharing with you some help that goes beyond the planning of healthy meals. Kay is wonderful and EFT is amazing. I use it all the time in my healing and massage practice. You are welcome to call and ask me about it if you are interested. S. ###-###-####
I am enclosing the last flyer I received, other groups have been formed I am sure. I know at times it seems overwhelming to take care of everyone else as they wish and be healthy for yourself too. I know you know if you are not healthy you can't take care of others. Good job on being able to speak up and help your family be healthier.
Women's Weight & Body Image EFT Group

Mondays 7-9 PM * 5 Weeks, Mar 24 - April 21, 2008 * $225
Office Near Mopac & 2222 in Austin

* Learn to use Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) to address issues around food and eating
* Use EFT to shift your negative emotions, improve your self-esteem and change unwanted behaviors
* Connect with like-minded women who use EFT for personal development & spiritual transformation

In this Group EFT is used to release the blocks in your energy system that cause emotions and undesirable physical conditions related to body image and weight issues. Because the group is all women participants are able to talk freely about the social pressure women are under to look a
certain way. We use EFT to release compulsive feelings towards certain foods, inner conflicts related to eating, and to bring about balance. Results have been impressive including weight loss, loss of inches, increase in exercise, and improvements in diet without having to "try" (the changes feel natural and without inner conflict). Everyone is encouraged to use EFT on a daily basis.

* "I have been able to eliminate my sugar craving, reduce the size of the portions I eat, become more physically active, and go down a dress size. The changes in my behavior have been a natural outcome of using EFT. I have not had to struggle or "try". EFT is a powerful tool and I recommend it, and Kay Christopher, to anyone who wants to improve their weight and/or body image." - Cindy, Austin TX

* My biggest win continues to be the freedom from chocolate cravings. As I told you, I used to have chocolate stashes in the refrigerator, pantry and a secret "emergency" supply. I ate chocolate at least once per day and often 2-4 times per day and lots of it at a time. Losing weight or inches was impossible. If I did without dark chocolate I would substitute chocolate cookies. I knew it was bad for me, but my will power/resolve took a back seat to cravings. This was until EFT. After the first training session in your workshop I went 10 days without eating chocolate. I even went to lunch with girlfriends. We didn't have a chocolate dessert. They shared something and I passed......

........I am thrilled to report that since the end of November (1.5 months) I have lost 1 1/2 inches from my waist......which has been my body's most stubborn fat repository. Legs, thighs and midriff have also lost inches and I have gone down 1-2 dress sizes... I still have a way to go ....but I'm finally going in the right direction. Thank you for bring EFT to my attention. - EFT Group participant, Austin, TX

* I hated cooking, hating being in the kitchen and had difficulty just reading one recipe. After tapping in one class with others and also tapping on my own, I'm now comfortable in the kitchen cooking every day. - EFT Group participant, Austin, TX

* I have specific food addictions. I brought the food to the EFT Body Image and Weight Group and tapped on my compulsions and my attachments to those foods diminished significantly. - EFT Group participant, Austin, TX

For more information see attached flyer

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Kay Christopher, MA, EFT-ADV
EFT Practitioner

Once you tell yourself that you are going to do something, you just need have great self-control when it comes time to do whatever that "something" may be. When I wanted to start eating healthy, I just had to keep telling myself no, no, no to all those burgers. I would ever talk myself out of going through a drive-thru. It is very hard to do though. With the exercising, using an Ipod or listending to music while you walk or workout is extremely helpful. The music makes the time fly for me.

I'm sorry about you having no support from your husband. I know exactly how that feels. The first time I tried to do any type of "healthy living" my husband was not with me at all. Needless to say the grocery bill was a little more than it should have been, because of having to buy groceries for him and for me. Now I am at the point it he doesn't like it then he doesn't have to eat it. I make one meal for everyone. All my husband has to do is walk ten steps and make himself something else to eat.

I know that all of this is better said than done, but once you get into a routine of eating healthy and working out, it will come naturally and it won't be hard at all. I promise that it does get easier.

I had some serious health problems which required me to try to lose weight. My spouse was somewhat less than supportive only if b/c like yours he likes his meat and potatoes (and ice cream). I decided that I would grocery shop and cook only the healthy things that I was suppose to eat. (I too have a problem with will power of not eating the "goodies" if available). He could either shop and cook his additional high fat, high salt items for himself or he could eat what is put in front of him. I told him in advance what I planned on doing and why. No surprise here, he ended up eating what was put in front of him b/c he had neither the time or the inclination to shop and cook.

I don't mean to be rude, but if your husband doesn't like what you cook, he can make his own meal. I would cook one healthy meal for the whole family. You need to take of yourself, so you can care for your family.

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