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I have been trying to lose weight for the last 5 years or so, and it's always a failed mission. My husband won't let me cook anything healthy. If I do, I have to cook a completely different meal for him. I just don't have the time or energy working full time and raising a 5 month old. He is a salt/sugar-aholic. He likes an obsessive amount of it on EVERYTHING!

For example:
I would like to get fresh veggies from the store and steam them, then put over whole grain rice. Sounds good to me! Well, he only eats veggies if they come out of a can (with all that sodium, then he adds butter and MORE salt!), or only eats noodles if they're cooked in butter. He was raised differently than I was and our eating habits show it. His family eats for taste and mine comprimises a little taste for health. We are also on the go go go all the time. We have 2 other kids that play sports. We tend to eat out a lot, and that is one of my weaknesses. I can plan to eat a salad all I want, but once I get into that fast food joint and smell those hamburgers, it's all downhill from there.

As far as exercising goes, I try to get out and walk/run as much as I can, but my schedule is a little hectic. It's not like I'm a couch potato at all though. I'm constantly getting up and down with the baby, washing dishes and clothes, cleaning the house, etc... My husband is not all that supportive of my exercise efforts. I've asked him numerous times to acompany me on our walks, but each time he refuses. I tend to get bored by myself (and stroller) and end the session quickly.

So to sum it up, I need to gain will power when we eat out and I need to find a way to be able to cook healthy at home, and have my husband eat it too! I also need to figure out how to work out without getting bored! Does anyone have some secret tips to help me?

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First of all, thank you to everyone who responded and gave me advice for handling my delima! I spoke with my husband and told him I'm not happy with our eating habits or how I look. I said I want to start cooking and eating HEALTHY! He said "what's healthy?" He agreed that he wants our kids to have better eating habits than he does, and that he wants me to be happy with myself. However, he did NOT mention he'd like to be healthier, himself. But he agreed to TRY, and that's a HUGE step. He did say that he just can't help what he likes and doesn't like. I think that you have some control and can somewhat train your tasetbuds, it just takes a little effort. We'll see how it hoes, and thanks again for everyones advice!

If anyone has a good/healthy recipes that your families love, please send them to me! :)

P.S. as for exercising, I have made it a daily task to get SOME sort of exercise. I spoke with a friend who has a baby. She and I are going to walk/run twice a week. The other days, I'll either run, work out to a video, or play outside with the kiddos. I'll even take vigorous house cleaning! I just have to stay motivated! I walked 3 miles with my gf on Tuesday and ran/walked 3 miles BY MYSELF yesterday! I feel so much better when I exercise; I have more energy. Hopefully I can keep this up. Keep your fingers crossed for me...

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If all he'll eat is canned veggies, rinse them off really well, that helps a little with the sodium.My husband salts everything without tasting it so I cook without salt. I'll use other spices instead so that everyone elses food isn't bland. When my weight creeps up I just cut back on my protions. I don't deny myself something I like because when I do eat it I'll go overboard. I also cut down on the amount of bread and potatoes I eat. I don't lose fast but I do lose.

My situation with my husband is quite similiar. I started working out and changing my eating habits about 6 years ago. My husband, while not minding what I did, had no desire to change his. I slowly made substitutions, like vegetable to canola oil, salt substitute in a shaker, (he never knew the difference), I switched us over to 2% milk and I cook with fat free skim. He still does not work out, although he says he needs to. I just made a decision every morning that I would take whatever time I had available to walk. Now I use an elliptical machine and lift weights regularly. It has changed my body so much and it is a slow process. I can't tell you the difference it makes in how I feel about myself. Good luck and I hope this helps some.

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You should sit your husband down and explain to him your fitness goals. Also, tell him that you love him and you want his health to impove as well, so that you are both here to see your children grow up and have families of their own. Explain to him the bad habits that you both will pass on to your children if you continue to eat unhealthy meals and eat out all the time. Let him know that is not what you want for your family, and that you no longer have the energy to fix 2 meals. Hopefully, if you approach him with respect and with a genuine concern for his health, he will respond by being more supportive of your efforts to lose weight and agree to eat what you make. If he still refuses to eat what you cook, make him cook for himself and you cook for you and your children. I agree with some of the other women "if it were your child refusing to eat what you cook, would you make a whole other meal for them?"

As far as the exercising goes, if your husband won't join you, make him aware that you expect him to stay with the children while you take the time for yourself to get a good workout in. Join a gym where there are many different types of cardio equipment and weight training equipment as well as group classes to attend. You are less likely to get bored if you attend a class. Also, you're not likely to cut out of a class early. You can't force him to exercise if he doesn't want to, but he needs to respect you and your goals enough so that he doesn't get in the way of them.

GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Weight Watchers. It really works. It teaches you how to eat normal foods, normal portions and make better choices. You can even eat out and do really well. I swear by it. I've even tried different diets since I did WW and it is by far the best. Restrictions make me crazy. Weight Watchers is rewarding!

The best way to succeed at it is to give it your best for two weeks while you learn. Go to your meetings and keep the food journal. You will find that you can still make good food decisions while eating with your family.

Don't let your husband's opinions sabotage you. Find a neighbor to walk with or get a gym buddy. You can do it! It's your body and you have the right to be what ever size you want to be!

Good luck!

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He's an adult. He can cook his own dinner.

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Hi K.,
First off you need to sit down and talk to your husband about the importance of eating healthy for BOTH of you. Excess weight can cause so many health issues later in life. Next find some healthy recipes that you think he would like and start making those.

Personally, in my house, if no one likes what I cook, then they make their own dinner. I cook 1 meal and that is it! If he won't agree to eating healthy then tell him he needs to make his own meals if he doesn't like yours!

I've been doing Weight Watchers online, and it is a great way to learn how to eat healthy. Their web site also has some free features, I think you can find great recipes for free. PLus there are plenty of other web sites for healthy eating with great recipes! Don't give up, I'm sure you can find a compromise, but make sure you don't compromise your own health and well being!

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Hi K.,
Sharing with you some help that goes beyond the planning of healthy meals. Kay is wonderful and EFT is amazing. I use it all the time in my healing and massage practice. You are welcome to call and ask me about it if you are interested. S. ###-###-####
I am enclosing the last flyer I received, other groups have been formed I am sure. I know at times it seems overwhelming to take care of everyone else as they wish and be healthy for yourself too. I know you know if you are not healthy you can't take care of others. Good job on being able to speak up and help your family be healthier.
Women's Weight & Body Image EFT Group

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* My biggest win continues to be the freedom from chocolate cravings. As I told you, I used to have chocolate stashes in the refrigerator, pantry and a secret "emergency" supply. I ate chocolate at least once per day and often 2-4 times per day and lots of it at a time. Losing weight or inches was impossible. If I did without dark chocolate I would substitute chocolate cookies. I knew it was bad for me, but my will power/resolve took a back seat to cravings. This was until EFT. After the first training session in your workshop I went 10 days without eating chocolate. I even went to lunch with girlfriends. We didn't have a chocolate dessert. They shared something and I passed......

........I am thrilled to report that since the end of November (1.5 months) I have lost 1 1/2 inches from my waist......which has been my body's most stubborn fat repository. Legs, thighs and midriff have also lost inches and I have gone down 1-2 dress sizes... I still have a way to go ....but I'm finally going in the right direction. Thank you for bring EFT to my attention. - EFT Group participant, Austin, TX

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Kay Christopher, MA, EFT-ADV
EFT Practitioner

Once you tell yourself that you are going to do something, you just need have great self-control when it comes time to do whatever that "something" may be. When I wanted to start eating healthy, I just had to keep telling myself no, no, no to all those burgers. I would ever talk myself out of going through a drive-thru. It is very hard to do though. With the exercising, using an Ipod or listending to music while you walk or workout is extremely helpful. The music makes the time fly for me.

I'm sorry about you having no support from your husband. I know exactly how that feels. The first time I tried to do any type of "healthy living" my husband was not with me at all. Needless to say the grocery bill was a little more than it should have been, because of having to buy groceries for him and for me. Now I am at the point it he doesn't like it then he doesn't have to eat it. I make one meal for everyone. All my husband has to do is walk ten steps and make himself something else to eat.

I know that all of this is better said than done, but once you get into a routine of eating healthy and working out, it will come naturally and it won't be hard at all. I promise that it does get easier.

I had some serious health problems which required me to try to lose weight. My spouse was somewhat less than supportive only if b/c like yours he likes his meat and potatoes (and ice cream). I decided that I would grocery shop and cook only the healthy things that I was suppose to eat. (I too have a problem with will power of not eating the "goodies" if available). He could either shop and cook his additional high fat, high salt items for himself or he could eat what is put in front of him. I told him in advance what I planned on doing and why. No surprise here, he ended up eating what was put in front of him b/c he had neither the time or the inclination to shop and cook.

I don't mean to be rude, but if your husband doesn't like what you cook, he can make his own meal. I would cook one healthy meal for the whole family. You need to take of yourself, so you can care for your family.

When cooking, I would cook healthy and then let your husband add salt, butter, etc. For example, if your husband insists on canned veggies, rinse them with water before heating. He can always add his extras at the table. You can also now buy individual veggie servings of broccoli, corn etc. in the freezer section of the grocery store. That way it is not a big deal to just heat up something different for yourself without alot of extra cooking.

I know it may be a sacrifice, but you really need to exercise if you want to lose weight. I would get up at least 30-45 minutes earlier than the first person who gets up so that you can exercise. Make is a daily habit. Once you get in the habit, you won't even have to think about it. It is better to do it in the morning so that you won't make excuses for why you can't do it at the end of the day.

I am a consumer (and distributor) of a line of products called Advocare. It has helped me lose 46 pounds in 3 1/2 months. I'm healthier than ever, because the products provide a range of vitamins that will supplement even the worst eating habits. I have an ad in the Mom-owned businesses section. Check it out. While taking Advocare, you can eat any kind of foods. Just eat less of them. It's best if you eat healthy, but if this isn't an option, you can try supplementing your diet.

It would be best if you and your husband got involved. Perhaps, if he started feeling better, he'd be more apt to eat healthier.


Hello K...

Hi thought i would share my story with you...i am 32yrs old and a wife/mommy to 6 children...i do try to cook healthy but my hubby does not care to eat healthy..And i have came to a conclusion after 12yrs of marriage...IS that he is an adult,and he can makes his own decisions about his body..so all i can do is pray for him..:)But he is supportive about me working out and cooking healthy..
Well as far as losing weight i have never joined a gym or anything like that but this past 6months we had our 6th child he is 6months and i have hit my "highest weight" and decided to join CURVES!!!during one of their specials..I do not have any motivation to workout on my own...but this environment is Wonderful!!!THey are all ladies and there is a sense of community,of support!So that is my story that i wanted to share with ya!

Hope things go well!

I tried to diet and exercise for six years and never lost below 150lbs at 5'4" tall. I just lost over 28 lbs on Weight Watchers. I love it because I can eat things that taste good and that aren't healthy, but then I can balance those out with healthy things too. I also stopped the butt busting workouts and just walk 30 minutes three times a week and have kept the weight off for a year now.

Basically unless you are eating three meals a day with your husband, the first two meals are where you have to be careful. What I did was have a slimfast shake before work. That will tide you over till lunch (or have carrots or other veggies as a snack)

All veggies are 0 points and you can eat as much as you want of them. Pack yourself a "healthy" lunch. Make sure you are using whole grains for your bread (flat out wraps from Walmart near the deli counter are great. They are high in fiber and very low in calories and fat. They are better than whole wheat bread and are more filling. Stick to lean meats like turkey or chicken, they are a point an ounce. If you have to have cheese, either use light cream cheese or Skinny Cow triangles spread on the wrap. Stay away from full-fat cheeses. Great Value brand has excellent "honey pretzel twists" that make a great 2 point snack. Walmart carries Weight Watchers brand "giant cookies and cream ice cream bars" which are only two points and are a great treat.

IF you are careful during the day, then you save up all of your "points" for dinner (calories and fat). If you go for fast food, McDonalds has an awesome grilled snackwrap. If you get it with no "sauce" it still comes with lettuce and cheese and is marinated so it has a really good flavor. Get a small fry and a diet soda or water and you have a ten point meal! I wouldn't suggest doing the frozen meals. I have never felt satisfied after eating any brand...they are just bland and kind of gross and I always want to eat something "real" after eating one. Don't deny yourself the foods you want or you will never make it last, just make sure your "reward food" portions are small enough to just satisfy you.

One thing I didn't realize before starting the program is how bad the salad dressings on "healthy" salads are. At chilis for example, the ramakin of ranch that they give you has more "points" than I can have in one day! That is sick! Asian dressings are pretty bad too except for Kraft's Light Asian...very low calories/fat. Their Light Zezty Italian is big on taste and is 0 points (I use it for a flavorful marinade for my chicken.)

Like these gals have said, substitute lighter products in your "unhealthy" cooking. Make a creamy casserole with rice or noodles, and use 98% fat free cream of chicken or cream of mushroom soups. Use fat free sour cream, 2% milk and butter for mashed potatoes.

Start making gourmet pizzas at home. You and the kids can do individual ones on flat-bread and you can put veggies on it and your hubby can use pepperoni and tons of cheese...Get the 2% cheese and Hormel makes a turkey pepperoni-you will not be able to tell the difference and it has 70% less fat!

Depending on your weight, you should usually have 20-25 points per day. You can get a points calculator by joining a local weight watchers or by joining the "online" program where you don't have to "go" to meetings.

The folks at Weight Watchers are a great support tool...everyone has been through what you are going through. They will also have some great tips for dealing with your husband's food issues. I would also recommend Jessica Seinfeld's "Deceptively Delicious" cookbook. Hide it from your hubby and start hiding veggies in his food! Good luck, God bless and if you have questions about WW...please write me!

So, what happens if your husband's daily diet of high sodium, high saturated fat sets him up for a heart attack when he turns 40? What happens when you become a widow with 3 children? How much life insurance is he maintaining? Your husband might be the best darn dad in the whole wide world--but if he is not being responsible about ensuring his long-term health, then he is being irresponsible and selfish. No one is expecting him to start running marathons and eating tofu. But part of parenthood involves long-term planning... making conscientious efforts so that your children aren't orphaned due to bad habits.

Flat and simple: This isn't about you and your goals to lose weight; it's about your kids and him being around for them. And you have every right to get offended at him for setting you up for possible widowhood.

What to do...? Well, if he won't listen, insist that you and he get a physical evaluations (I know, easier said than done to get a husband to a doctor when their not bleeding profusely). However, you both should get heart health screenings, including cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugar tests. Maybe he'll listen to his doctor-? And if you get the chance, watch the documentary 'Super Size Me' (download for free from http://freedocumentaries.org/film.php?id=98). The girlfriend's commentary about the effect on their sex life should get your hubby's attention...

And we won't even go into how his eating behaviors sets examples for the children...

Good luck.

K., you have got to stand up and say I'm not happy with the way we eat and the condition my body is in. Since you do the cooking then you cook what is healthy and let him put all the salt he wants on it. Your kids will have the same bad eating habits as their Dad if you don't change it. Steamed fresh veggies are always more healthy than canned veggies so make fresh and let him soak them in his salt OR make your veggies and open his can and stick a fork in it and hand it to him to eat. If you don't stand up to him for yourself then years will pass and you will still be in the same boat with even more weight. If he doesn't like what you're cooking then tell him to start doing the cooking. So many woman are afraid to stir the pot but I say if you don't stir that pot things will burn and you will have to throw it out.

I am a mother of 4, full time job, volunteer and work on a lot of projects, have 4 dogs, horses, turtle, (almost every animal you can think of at one time or another) etc.... and I use to try and do it ALL and let my husband just enjoy his life....YEAH right, that was when I was younger! One day I was cleaning the house, doing laundry, picking up this and that and I came up our stairs and my husband was sitting in his recliner and as I topped the stairs he asked me if I needed help with the laundry basket. I looked at him and said "Do I need help carrying the laundry basket 10 feet?" Was he crazy? I put the basket down and said that's it! Why am I busting my butt while you sit here and watch me, I'm actually allowing you to be lazy and letting me do all the work. It's kind of my nature to take everything on but a light went off and I told him "Here's how it's going to be, either you start doing your fair share of the responsibilities around here OR you can have me pissed off for 2-3 days. Which one do you want? If you give a man a choice, they typically want to make the right decision. ONLY MEN that pick the wrong one do it because they know you won't back it up. Well my husband knows me very well and always picks the right one.

We have been together for 15 years and every year our marriage is better, if that's possible. I got off topic a little, sorry!

For the exercise part, go walking without him and leave him with the kids. Tell him that is your "alone" time but if he would like to come to put on some shoes and let's go. Bring an iPod and listen to music while you walk. You'll be surprised at how good you will feel when you get home. Don't think about being bored while walking. There is a lot of things to see, smell and hear while walking. I love listen to music so that keeps my mind active. If he won't watch the kids so you can walk (well don't even get me on that topic) do it after they go to bed. You just have to change your thinking on things and how to work what YOU want into your life. I could go on and on. I am a firm believer that their are two people in a marriage and if your not willing to give up some to get some then you need to get on down the road and be with someone that is going to let you dictate and rule their life cause it ain't happening with this lady. If you know me then you know this saying that I have: My husband had to work hard to get me and he has to work that hard to keep me!

If you ask him he will tell you that I keep him on his toes. I only let him slip for short periods (to rest...LOL) then it's right back to making sure we keep each other where we need to be in a relationship. It becomes second nature and he you don't even realize you do it. It's also has to do with a lot of respect for the other person. If you can't get that then there will be problems.

You're still young and your husband is obviously older than you but that doesn't mean he is wiser than you! If you want the change K., then you have to make the change. Don't be the one that says I can't loose weight because my husband won't help me to, just do it and tell him the changes that are going to be made and how it is going to impact him so he can be ready for it. Stand your ground, lose all the weight you want!

S. P.

I'm betting that you & you're husband don't eat all your meals together. I would recommend that you focus on eating a healthy breakfast & lunch & at least 1 healthy snack during the day. For dinner watch your portions, especially when you're eating out. DON'T SKIP ANY MEALS.

For breakfast & lunch, focus on getting in fiber (higher fiber cereals, oatmeal, or high fiber bread), fruits & vegetables. Choose lean sources of protein & healthy fats to keep you from getting too hungry.

For Breakfast: Kashi cereal w/ skim milk OR oatmeal and fresh fruit OR an english muffin w/ peanut butter OR use egg beaters to make mini veggie quiches

snack: 1/8 cup of nuts (walnuts or almonds) OR low fat mozzarella string cheese OR low fat yogurt OR graham crackers or fruit w/ peanut butter

For lunch: Turkey sandwich & a salad or whatever veggies you like OR leftovers from night before w/ added veggies OR if you like them, a Lean Cuisine

As far as the exercise, you just have to decide to do it!

Hope this is helpful!

Hi K....we've been using the Studio Kitchen: wwww.studiokitchen.com since last June. Guess that makes it almost a year. It's a great place where you prepare (or they'll prepare and even deliver!) up to 12 meals of 6 servings each. The price is very reasonable, and WAY cheaper than eating out. You simply cannot beat the taste OR convenience. Over the last 10 months of using them, we've come across only 2 dishes we weren't in love with. You can check the nutritional content on their website. Some of the stuff is a little high in fat, but, still it's better than fast food. We had been eating out 3-5 dinners a week, and now we're down to just 1 as a splurge on Fridays! Having the main entree ready to go into the oven, or onto the stove, in the evening frees up so much time. I bet even your picky hubby will like these dishes.

Good luck!

Hi K.,
I have a wonderful weight loss program that guarantees 3 to 7 lbs. of weight loss per week. How much do you want to lose? I have struggled with all types of diets and this is the only one that works for me. I lost 12lbs in my first month! The program actually "rests" your pancreas so it does not produce insulin which turns into fat! You will not only lose the weight but you will lose cellulite and you will retain your muscle! Its a win win situation. The food is quick to make, usually less than 3 minutes, so you can cook for your husband while you are eating your meal. The cost is reasonable and depending on how much weight you want to lose determines how long you are on the program. But you can be looking great in a couple of months! I would be happy to speak with you further if you would like more information.
K. Turner
The Clear Choice Weight Solution
visit: www.idealprotein.com
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To keep from getting bored on your walks with the stroller you might want to consider listening to audio books (if you have a portable CD or cassette player with headphones) -- or simply listen to the radio or pre-recorded music. The library has tons of audio books and should have something that appeals to you. You might get so into what you are listening that you won't want to stop walking!

also Julie made a good point about Curves -- it is 30 minutes out of your day and the results are wonderful. I tried doing stuff at home (I have tons of workout videos) but just couldn't do it -- once I got home there was either stuff to do or I came up with other excuses not to do it. I have to pass by the facility on my way home so there is no excuse not to stop. it works!

I agree with the rest of the ladies, he can eat what YOU cook or cook for himself. I am betting he will eat what you put in front of him. I think if you take the stand with that, he may be more supportive in other arenas. Men will sit back to see how serious you are. Once you tell him the family is going to start eating better and follow through, he will get the picture. They hate change and will not accept change until it is forced upon them. With a full time job and 3 kids to help raise, I am sure you can outlast him on the stubborn scale. Good luck!

Put your foot down and tell him if he wants to eat that way he needs to cook it himself. If he says he can't cook, get him a cookbook!


My fiance was the same way, I just started introducing him to different foods little by little. Make something extra, and if they don't eat, you can eat it. I am actually vegan and he isn't. So we always eat different. It can be done if you want it. I am now 2 sizes smaller than when I met him, and I tell him I can go back to eating the way I used to and get larger (of course he does not want that). It just takes time and patience. I fix my self a big lunch while he is at work, the way I want it. And eat organic rice or quinoa(grain that is a complete protein) and veggies at dinner. Also, believe it or not, I buy frozen organic vegetables from Whole Foods, and he eats them without butter. Because they don't have all the added chemicals and pesticides, they taste better than non-organic and are more nutritious. They are also very green unlike the ones out of a can. You will be able to see and taste the difference when they are side by side. His favorite are green beans and asparagus, he will also eat the brocolli. He does not even put butter or spices on them, I just steam for 10 minutes and serve. I did not care too much for the edamame and he liked it (go figure). It is always worth a try. Also, the more variety you introduce to your children the better, otherwise they will be eating the same foods your husband does. Hope this helps.

Eating out: the key is portion control and eating more times, at most restaurants they have a healthy menu with salads and things on them. Opt for the salad with chicken and if you just have to have a burger then only eat half then, save the other half for later.

At home do the same the key is to cook someones portion separately or separate his from yours so he can add all the butter and sugar and salt he wants...

Example: dinner is chicken, rice, veggies, so for your chicken you put it in the oven with what you want on it while you fry or cook his and the rice you cook all together and separate your portion out and do to your husbands what he likes or wants, the veggies you would have to cook separately, steam yours and boil his or you can put yours in a steam container and sit that on top of his boiling veggies--cooking them both at the same time...This will save you time and energy...
Hope I helped!!!

One word-Atkins. Get the book at Walmart. It is easy, healthy, and if you go get hungry you can eat something. Once you know what you can eat, you can eat out. For example, mexican food. Eat carne asada (fajita steak)with grilled onions and bell peppers. Ask the restaurant to substitute rice and beans with tomato slices and avocado slices. My husband and I have lost over 50 pounds in 5 months, with little exercise. Hope this helps. It was suggested to us by an internist.
L. B


Just a little over 2 years ago I had gastric bypass surgery, the Ryotux (spelling wrong). I had to learn a new way of eating. Though in the beginning I did not miss nor desire sweets, the sweet longing did come back. Solution to this is Splenda!! It is amazing. You get the taste of sugar without the sugar content. I use it in my recipes just as I did real sugar. I make the same cakes and everything. To have powdered sugar I just blend the Splenda and corn starch together, and it is my powdered sugar. Love fries and fried potatoes. To have fries I bake my potatoes in the oven cut fry style. Put your oven on 425 and bake for about 15 min. they are delicious. To have fried potatoes, peel and cut your potatoes in a fried potato slice, place on plate, cover with plastic wrap, microwave for 10 min and then with just a little olive oil or a tablespoon of real butter "fry" in skillet till it is browned enough for you, delicious. I make fake out fried chicken and all sorts of things. Just take a recipe and revamp it.

I guess I am really lucky, My husband will eat anything that I put in front of him except for fish! (fish sticks ok, but not healthy fish not even tuna) but he says go ahead and have fish just make sure to make plenty of vegtables and rice or whatever and he will just et that w/o the fish! But my question to you is this.. You work full time and am a full time mommy/wife as well! why is it your job to put a meal on the table for your husband if he won't eat what you want to make? does he want his kids to be unhealthy too? I say make what ever healthy dish you want for you and the kids, make enough for your hubby and he can either eat it or make something discustingly unhealthy for himself! It would be different if you were an at home wife and mother, but I think that he is asking too much of you, and all you are doing is trying to be healthier so you can be around for him and the kids! He's being a little selfish and inreasonable! eat healthy for you and your kids and try to get them on board with you. I was a single mom and quit cooking for my son for years because he would complain and not eat most of what I put on the table. After a while he begged me to cook for him and said that he would eat whatever I made, he got really tired of peanut butter and jelly and canned ravioli! now he eats what I make and likes it! Your being too hard on your self.

Your health needs to be your number one priority, you can't get him to change...he sounds like a real pain in the ass.

Get yourself a fun workout video. I got Turbo Jam and lost all my pregnancy weight PLUS 20 extra pounds.

Feed yourself well all day while he's not around, then cook for him when he's home, just eat a tiny portion if you can.

He needs to decide to get healthy for himself.

Hi K., you are in a tough situation... I got to the point about a month ago that I needed to change my eating habits. My husband doesn't sound as picky as yours, but he is a meat eater and that is about it. I have gotten to the point that I make his main dish, my main dish which is now usually baked or grilled salmon with TONS of lemon or lime squeezed on it. If I eat what he eats, then I just eat a much smaller portion. I say, if your husband doesn't like the way you fix your veggies, then he can fix his own. We are at a point now that about 5 times out of the week, I eat one meal, my husband eats another and the kids eat another. It is a pain, but I have just learned to deal with it. As far as eating out, it is hard, but just look at all the people shoving their faces with the extremely unhealthy food and think about all the junk they are consuming and inspire yourself not to be that way. I have also found reading all the healthy type magazines gives me a lot of tips.. I joined weight watchers, I wouldn't say I follow their diet, but it gives me constant awareness knowing that I will be going in to weigh myself and I get good tips at the meetings. I am hoping that eventually my husband will look at me and notice my weight loss and feel kind bad about himself and will want to get on the same page as me. Good luck, it sounds like you are a very busy woman, I would stand up for yourself and tell your husband this is how you are going to eat, if he is not on the same page, then he can stop at McDonalds every night and pick himself up some dinner, :-) good luck... J.

Alot of restaurants will offer a veggie plate, or they will sell you sides of veggies only. Also a nice dinner salad with a grilled chicken breast is great. I think green giant also offers single helpings of a few veggies in individual serving size pkgs. for steaming in microwave. The
Smart Ones meals are Weight Watcher friendly. They have all kinds of great entrees, and not too expensive. I use a small electric grill to do chicken tenders and make my own salad at home. You can also use lemon instead of salad dressing. Try eating on a salad plate. When the plate looks full, you feel full. Allow yourself 1 plate of food, and set your fork down between bites. Has helped me in the past. Good luck

Have you checked out the cookbook Jerry Sienfelds' wife is selling. It has inventive ways to hide health food in cakes & such. It's a totally selfish thing for your husband to expect you to cook 2 meals, or give in to what he wants. That ultimatum is not equal: or fair to you & the baby. You could talk with him about the negative effects on both of your bodies, and try to work out a system thats fair to both of you. As for the exercise work out buddies are excellent motivation. The best place to start is accept your body for everything it is & is not. Good luck!

My family has had great success with The South Beach Diet. You don't have to pay to join because it isn't a club. You just buy a book (I got mine at Half Price Books) and if you want there are several good SBD cookbooks available that have wonderful and easy recipes. What you are looking for is really a lifestyle change, not a diet, which is what I found. I began to realize all of the things we were doing wrong and changed them. They even have a guide book for eating out! I actually lost weight without "killing" myself exercising! I still exercise but I enjoy it now because I do it at my convenience. Also, we broke down and tried the "Breyer's Carb Smart" ice cream and it is delicious! We were really impressed with how creamy and tasty it was.
I do agree that you probably need to talk to your hubby about how important this is to you. Ask him to try it for a while and give it a chance, he might like it. Remember, you have to be direct with most men, they don't respond well to subtlety. That is not a put down, by the way, it just means that they think differently than we do. For instance, he might be thinking that he loves you no matter what your physical appearance so he doesn't understand why you are so concerned about it. Make sure you start the conversation off with a positive, like how much you appreciate him and the fact that you know he will love you unconditionally.
One last thing, I don't know what size you are but I hope you don't think that you have to be a size 2 to be perfect. We are all different sizes and shapes and we need to embrace that & encourage each other with words that build up, not tear down. Let everything we say be good and helpful!
God bless!

Have you ever tried those ziplock zip n steam bags. You can make your husband and kids what they want and for a easy meal for you, just throw some veggies in the bag and they steam in the micro. Then you can steam some chicken breast or fish in them. Yesterday I seasoned some FROZEN fish fillets, threw them in the steam bag and microwaved for 6 minutes. That way you wouldn't have to spend too much time making a second meal

Hi K.,
I don't know where you're located but I have an idea for the exercise portion of your request. In January, I joined Baby Boot Camp. It's an exercise program where you meet and work out with other moms. The best part is that you bring your baby in the stroller! The teacher is a certified personal trainer. The same moms are there every time so you meet other moms and make friends. What really keeps me motivated is that because you have friends going consistently, it holds you accountable for going to class! I actually look forward to going and working out 3 times a week!! I have SO much more energy and I feel better just because I get to socialize with other adults!
The website is www.babybootcamp.com - I go to the one in Denton and I truly can't recommend it enough!!! Please let me know if you have anymore questions.

Jack n the Box has some WONDERFUL salads if you DIP instead of pour the dressing over the salad. Also, you can look at the menu online (Mcds has it on the back of the tray liner) and make food choices from there. Tea is better then soda (water is best!) and grilled chicken is better then fried- you can get grilled chicken strips and bring your own lite dressing to dip them in and have apple dippers (yum!) I used to work at Subway and if you don't have the mayo on your sub and eat veggies on a whole wheat bun that's pretty good for you! Have them put vinaigrette on it.

Ultimately, here's what I would do because I don't have the will to have will power-

1) I would prepare the meals that I want to cook and NOT a second meal for hubby. If he doesn't like it, too bad, this is what you are eating.

2) I would have one meal or desert a week that I knew hubby liked. One meal a week break from the diet is not going to hurt anything. IF he doesn't agree to this, then don't even have the one meal and eventually he'll be happy to have the one special meal or desert a week.

3) find some healthy meals that he would like too, like possibly omlettes with cheese and bell peppers and mushrooms and give him some sausage on the side. You can even make your own sausage, using ground turkey and spices and he'd never know. haha

4) stay away from fast food if you can't order responsibly. I know, you say you don't have a choice but take fruit and healthy snacks with you to the games and eat when you get home. If that's just not possible, cut out the games. People have their kids in too much stuff- we haven't seen my nieces and nephew in over a year because they are always too busy with sports. When they finally get a break the parents have so much to do (mowing, house repairs ect) they didn't have time to do before that they just still have no time to get together. My mother and father in law have to drive all over town to go to the kids games just so they can SEE their grandkids (but not actually spend time with them...)

So, don't let those silly games keep you from being healthy!!!

S., mom to four girls

I think you answered your question all by yourself! When enough is enough you will break down and just do it! That is exactly what I did. I finally said enough! Amazingly my meat and potato husband started coming around a little. NOt on everything, but he tries a little bit harder now! Especially when he started seeing what my new body had to offer...wink wink!

Amazingly, it also cured some of my health issues up. I ended up losing 70 pounds, only to turn around and get pregnant (we had been trying for years). Now I am waiting to deliver any day now, and ready to get back on the wagon and get my body back again!

Go for it! You will love yourself so much more! And your husband WILL come around!

Hi K.,

I hear you on your concerns. If you would like I would love to talk with you and give you some input. I am a Nutritionist and a personal/pilates trainer, and quite ironically my husband (who I love dearly) is like your husband- he won't eat vegetabls except corn and carrots; All he eats is meat and potatoes or pasta or processed foods. So I know where you are coming from personally and I'd love to share some things with you both personally and professionally that has worked in my case.

C. Weller

If you have a day off I would make food for yourself that you can freeze for the week, one weeks worth so that when you come home tired and hungry you can just heat up the portion for you, I would not compromise the eating healthy for unhealthy eating. What I do is I get grilled chicken at a hamburger place with lettuce and tomato. I treat myself once a month to a hamburger. As far as excersise the only way to get excersise is walking with your five month old. You should try for 25 to 30 minutes every day, if you wait for your spouse to accompany you it will never happen. You can take along a small radio and listen to music that will help fill your time. Good luck.

I have been making a life change as far as eating for the last seven weeks. It is very difficult but I have been successful I have dropped 16 pounds. Once you start to lose it will motivate you much more. I am married for 10 months to a wonderful husband with two boys and puppy. Once you make the decision to really want to change it will help you. I still go out to lunch with coworkers and go out to eat with friends and day by day it gets easier to make a healthier decision on what I eat no matter what is around me. One more thing I know it can be hard to make time to cook a healthy meal so maybe planning your meals for the week on the weekend. Sooner or later your husband will get on board with you. I am still waiting on mine who has diabetes. I wish you the best!!!

You may want to check into Curves. This is an exercise program that is only for woman. The class is inexpersive ($30 per month). they will limit you to only three times a week and the classes last for 30 minutes only. It works all the muscle groups in the body and you will see a diffrence. You may also try to portion control your meals when eating at home. My son has these plates that are divided. I eat my meals for these plates and it really controls the portions. I am diabetic and portion control is working to help control the amount of food for me.
Hope this gives you some ideas and best of luck!

My husband isn't as stubborn as your's sounds, but i feel ya.
I'm no health freak, but here's a few things i do...use mrs.dash, frozen veggies, don't over eat (big thing!). And as for exercising... It's sooo hard to find the will power so... I just do a few things keep it real simple.. 10-15 crunches then 10 leg lifts (per leg) repeat 5 times.. Then use a 6lb dumb bell for my arms.. Takes about 15 mins in all. I do it about 4-5 a week.
I have a 10 mo. Son and i've been doing this for 6wks now
and lost 6-7lbs.
P.s. I have a home daycare and i count out loud, my kids count with me... And i walk while i do the dumb bell and they walk with me too.

Oh, one more thing steam or bake, just stop frying, good luck on whatever you do!

The best thing I've ever done to lose weight besides better choices, is portion control. We eat out a lot too with our three 10 and under kiddos. I started eating only half of everything and taking the rest home. I get two meals for the price of one and I lost 40 pounds in one year. Having lost the weight, I now have to eat a little more to maintain and NOT lose MORE. I had gotten so used to smaller portions that I have had to make a conscious effort to eat a little more because I was starting to get that too skinny narrow face look. Try it!

Hi K.,

First let me say that you have to stop thinking that losing weight is about will power. It is about changing your thinking. Stop worrying about the number on the scale - begin living your life in a healthy manner first. You have a problem with an unsupportive husband and it would be beneficial to have him "on board" with your efforts to get healthy. Truthfully though, you don't have to have his support in order to do this. Sit with him, explain that you are going to work at making a healthy life for you and your children - he's either with you or against you - there is really no black and white with this subject. I have lived this scenario - and once he sees you loving yourself - he'll wake up. Tell him that you will cook one meal - the healthy way - if he chooses to add his own seasonings and condiments - that is OK with you - but you'll eat the healthy food. You have ONE life and ONE shot at being healthy - you children will follow your example. How do you think your husband picked up such horrible eating habits - he learned them from his family! It is your responsibility as a parent to show your children that you can enjoy a healthy life - of course, you can have a burger or ice cream or pizza every once in a while - EVERYTHING IN MODERATION!! You must must must (did I say that enough) include some form of exercise into your life on most days of the week - preferrably at least 5 days to lose some body fat. Walk, dance, clean house, fitness classes. Find a gym near you that you can afford that has a free child care center. Make friends with the ladies there - you will start to look forward to seeing them and working out with them. YOU CAN DO THIS!! with or without your husbands support. It is about health - not weight - about loving who you are - despite any flaws that you may have. Good Luck - keep me updated. KB

The only thing that has ever worked for me is to eat two Lean Cuisines (or similar product) per day. I usually throw in a 12 oz soda and one or two snacks (at about 100 calories each...there are snack packs in the cracker isle) This way everything is pre portioned and low cal. It keeps your calorie intake to about 1000/day which is very low and you will lose weight. I continue making regular meals for my family and toss a frozen dinner in the microwave for me. When we go out to eat ( 2-3 times a week) I eat what ever I want. Simple.

One of my favorite dishes is to stir fry vegies (whatever I have in the fridge)in olive oil and fresh basil and then add in cooked pasta at the last minute. So - if you are cooking pasta for hubby - just stir fry your veggies on the side. I also have found that Del Monte makes a canned tomato seasoned with garlic and basil - which is great to heat up out of the can and pour over pasta. I do this in lieu of eating spaghtetti sauce.

Other tips
1. If eating out at fast food - order a burger with mustard - no mayo. Skip the fries. Order water or a diet drink. Drink your entire glass of water before eating the burger to fill yourself up.
2. Steer the family towards Subway if possible, in lieu of the typical burger joints.

Hang in there - this is the story that many of us share...:-)

Just a quick suggestion - instead of getting the full meal of Burger, fries & Drink, go for the CHICKEN salad (or the fajita tacos) so you get your meat as well as the salad. Try to cut out the soda and opt for water. Also, encourage your kids to get the apple dippers or other healthy food choice, especially if you're eating out alot.
You'll be surprised - if you can make it 3 weeks without eating a burger, it starts to look very unappetizing when you pull up to the drive-thru (this from my husband!!!).

Good luck!

K., you are still very young so don't let the coming years shape you the wrong way. And I mean that in every sense of the word. My best suggestion would be to try to learn how to cook different variety of dishes by watching the Food Network. If you don't have basic cable, then you can go to FoodTV.com. But start with Rachel Ray's 30 min meals and also Robin Miller's Quick Fix Meals. Their dishes are quick and simple. Robin even shows you how to plan your week and changing one key ingredients and having it used in various meals through out the week. Don't use the excuse of having an active life to allow you to eat at fast food places. If you plan ahead and on the weekends, you can safe a bunch of time as well as money. If you eat out at 4 meals a week for a family of 4.5, you are spending at least $20-$25 per meal, that's $100 per week and $400 per month. That is if you only go 4 times per week. And I have a feeling it might be more than that. And you already know that those fast food meals don't do you or your family any good. It gives you a quick satisfaction, but then once the fat settles into your body you quickly come off of the quick high.
Try watching the shows with your hb, he might see an interesting dish, that may be your way of introducing a new dish into the table. We have kids in sports, one practices 3 times a week with about 2 games per week. But our dinner out budget is only 1 maybe 2 meals per month. It can totally be done, you just have to plan it.
And eating healthy does not mean you have to sacrify flavors. You just have to learn where you can get those flavors from. Most young mothers, like myself, did not know how to cook. But cooking can be more than just opening boxes and cans and defrosting frozen meals. I learned to cook by watching the Food Network and I love it. It has saved my family so much in fast food money, and we are healthier and it does lead to happiness.
Like I said, try watching the 2 shows that I recommended. They make the cooking process very easy and not intimidating. Don't go out and buy the cookbooks. Look at the shows then you can go online and down load the recipes. And if your hb likes to eat, he might like watching the shows with you and that will be an extra benefit bc he may want to try those "healthy" dishes. Most of them are really good and bc you are starting from scatch, very healty. Don't watch Paula Dean or Semi Homemade, it will get him to the dark side of cooking; fatty dishes.


Let me know if you need help.

Given that your husband is a salt/sugar-aholic, when he gives you grief about cooking healthy, tell him that when he goes in to get a full physical (including bloodwork for his cholesteral/diabetes, etc.), then you'll discuss slathering things with butter and salt again. ;-)

I'd also recommend checking in your neighborhood to see if there are other moms that are interested in pushing their stroller with you. We have several in my community, and many are able to go with my on those frequent spur-of-the-moment walks.

Good luck!

First of all, K., I have walked in your shoes, so everything that I am about to write comes from personal experience. You are looking to your husband for support as far as eating & exercise, & using him as a crutch. There are several reasons why hubby might not want to participate, but regardless he's already told & shown you that YOUR best interest is not HIS best interest.
1] Cook healthy for yourself & your kids. There are LOTS of easy ways to cook healthy & make it taste good. I have recipes if you need them. 2] Nobody can GIVE you willpower. I believe that you can resist temptation, now you need to believe that you can resist temptation. 3]Quit eating nothing but salads. They will NOT help you lose weight & will keep making you give in to temptation. 4] The secret to losing weight [I went from 210 lbs to 105 lbs in less than 12mos, then had two kids & lost the baby weight, etc..& I was never a thin kid] is knowing what & when to eat. At a minimum eat NO STARCHY CARBS after 4pm & eat NOTHING after 8pm. Your last meal of the day should be a lean protein [baked chicken, steamed vegetables & if you have to ... brown rice]. but I like to get broccoli florets, steam them or nuke them & then put the Fat Free Kraft cheese over it with a spritz of Ican'tbelieveit's not butter...
Secrets to working out without boredom...get dumbbells & do some strength-training outside while kids are playing. the more muscle mass you have, the higher your metabolism. The biggest secret is to find someone that is your situation that WILL walk/work-out with you. Good luck, my dear.

Hi K.,
Listening to books on tape from the library helps me to walk a full hour with no problem. 30 min or more 3 times a week or more is desirabel to be effective.
Why diets fail: 1. dieters often want a quick fix, drastically change thier eating choices, but then return to previous bad habits. A better solution is a permanent lifestyle change.
2.Fad diets are unbalanced and disregard the need for other important nutrients. A better solution is optimal nutrition,including the right types of carbohydrates proteins, fiber and fats; plus a vitamin that supports optimal levels of nutrients.
3.Eating high-glycemic foods cna sabotage the best diet plans by spikeing and subsequent drop in blood sugar leading to a rapid return of feeling hungry. A better solution is to focus on a low glycemic carbohydrate meal plan which helps to moderate blood glucose levels and leaves you feeling full and satisfied longer. Hope this helps.
If you are interested in a free consult and weight loss program that is healthy and works, call me at ###-###-####

There IS a short workout that actually WORKS. You can find out more about it at T-Tapp dot com. Or Google Teresa Tapp for more information. Her focus is on fitness and health - not the scale - and in her DVD's she has a girl as young as 9 years and a woman that started at 73 and is now a fit 75 years. Men also... No special equipment needed and the workout can be done in 15 minutes and it DOES work! Watch the inches melt away and your metabolism revv up high... Your energy level will even increase!

I started a group of my friends (15 so far) on a 60 day challenge doing the T-Tapp workouts and they're feeling the difference after less than a week. I felt it on my back after 1 day and I've been working out at the gym for 8 months. It's perfect for a busy mom. I recommend it highly!

Good luck!

S. - homeschooling mom of 3 manifestations of my mother's curse to have "one just like me"

Hi K.,

It sounds as though your hubby really is not too supportive of you wanting to be happy with yourself. It's totally a tough situation when he makes it harder on you. What he fails to realize is that sooner than later, if he continues with his venture to eat the way he does and not exercise, is that he will end up having major medical problems.
Maybe you could try cooking fresh veggies and just letting him think they are from the can or purchase canned veggies without salt. they will be from the can after all:) If he tries healthy foods and realize that they can be just as tasty, but without all the fats and grease, then he can potentially work up to liking it. Maybe even consider one healthy meal per week.
As far as you goes, you can't allow him to stop you from being happy. I too struggle with keeping my weight down, but no matter how hard it is to get out there, the hardest part is just getting there. Once we get there we feel better and know that we are working towards becoming healthy and happy for our families. Tell your hubby that since he does not want to cooperate, you will be joining a gym that has daycare. Or while your kids are at their practice, take some tennis shoes and start motivating all the other moms to walk with you. It's amazing how much that will work. It beats sitting out in the sun and just gossiping:)You can do that while you walk.

Good luck!!!

There's an awesome cookbook out called Deceptively Delicious by Jessica Seinfeld (yes Seinfeld's wife). Check it out at your local bookstore and if the recipes might help buy it and hide it from your husband.

Hang in there. I know it's frustrating not getting the support you want from your husband. How about cooking for yourself and let him eat out of the can. Somewhat kidding. Anyway one method to loosing weight quick and easy is to eat small amounts every 3 hours. Basically the way it works is you eat 400 cal of anything you want for breakfast, 3 hours later a 200 calorie snack, three hours later a 400 calorie meal, anything you want to eat, then 3 hours later eat another 200 calorie snack and you got it, 3 hours later 400 calorie dinner. It's best not to eat after 7pm if you can help it. But it is ok to have a 200 calorie snack right before bed. So it comes down to not what you are eating but the caloric intake and when you eat it. The key is 400, 200 every 3 hours. Maybe this way you can still cook and eat the same food with your husband only take note as to how many calories of it you are taking in. It is best to get a calorie counter book so you exactly what you are taking in. Try and enjoy your walks, even if they are short. Maybe think of it as a little time for you. If your hubby doesn't want to go with you, maybe he can stay home with the baby while you walk and get a little breathing time for mommy. I hope this helps and best of luck.

If all he'll eat is canned veggies, rinse them off really well, that helps a little with the sodium.My husband salts everything without tasting it so I cook without salt. I'll use other spices instead so that everyone elses food isn't bland. When my weight creeps up I just cut back on my protions. I don't deny myself something I like because when I do eat it I'll go overboard. I also cut down on the amount of bread and potatoes I eat. I don't lose fast but I do lose.

Hi K.,
Your husband should support you in anything you want to do. I would change your diet since you are eating out often and you have little ones who are going to grow into those bad habits if you don't change. Your kids should motivate you to change your life style. They will grow into those habits. I would tell my husband if he didn't like the food I was cooking, he could make his own.


I was in this same boat for a while too. I could count the foods my husband liked on one hand. After a couple of years (and a few pounds) I stopped making only what he wanted. It was hard, but I told him that I wasn't going to sacrifice my health for him. If he wanted something else for dinner that was fine with me, but he would have to make it. My husband can cook exactly 4 things so that helped. Now, that being said he wasn't about to say, "no, I think you should get fat so I don't have to change my tastebuds." - really. I think what the others said about a child is right. Would you put up with that from your son or daughter? No. And this is a grown man. I do try to make things he likes on occaision, and I try to include one side that he will eat. But I say "try" on purpose, sometimes it doesn't work. He eats much better now. Please do not let it get to the point where the Dr. has to tell him he needs to eat better. While that will give you backing it tends to be much more expensive in the long run. You are responsible for you. That's it. If your health is the issue, then I think you are justified in planning what you are cooking. Otherwise hand him the oven-mit.

Hi K.,

I agree with Cheryl. I am learning too cook and eat healthier-the whole family included. If they don't like what I prepare, there is take out at their expense.

My husband is a diabetic and his eating better is a must!!! I eat the same meals that I prepare for him and I found myself losing weight and stabilizing my blood sugar without medication.

As for support in working out, I'm afraid you will have to seek a workout buddy. Try another mom and see if that works for you. There are online support groups as well.

Maybe if enough of us band together, we can form our own. I no longer wait for my hubby to join me. I have my 21 year old daughter and my 9 year old grandson who keeps me moving. I'm 48 and have lost 25 pounds in 3 months. My daughter keeps me busy with Hip Hop classes (I know-don't roll your eyes), pilates and cycling and my grandson keeps me going with bike riding a couple of days after school and on the weekends. There may be some kind of physical activity you can do with your two stepchildren-bike riding, kicking a soccer ball back and forth, etc. You can always put your 5 month old in the stroller and walk after dinner and it will allow you to spend some quality time with your little one and keep you motivated to keep moving.

There are no secret tips, just a will to succeed. Keep me posted on how you do.

I'm in your corner. If your hubby doens't like what you prepare, let him cook his own meals. I've told my husband the same thing. Naturally, he eats what I prepare.


This is what I do since the hubby and I like to eat different things. I make dinner, sometimes I eat it but most times I don't. Since I am not going to cook two meals, I buy lean cuisine for myself, I really only like their pizza though. I buy salad in a bag, then I just cut up a tomato and throw a lil' cheese on there and done. I try to keep chicken in the fridge, hard boiled eggs too. You can also stock your freezer with healthy food, cooked grilled chicken, steam in a bag veggies, fruits that are already cut up. A lil' planning goes a long way. And stay away from whites, they are worst than sugar. (white bread, pasta, rice, potatoes)

You need to do what's best for you. Cook what you need to eat and give him a microwave dinner if that what he wants and let him microwave it. Feed you and your children healthy things. When they want to go out for fast food either don't go or order the salad. I know its hard with all the smells but if you end up ordering a burger order the small one and only eat half and NO FRIES. My husband and I live in north Austin and have an excellent trainer come by twice a week and we've been doing very well and he's reasonable and flexible. Eating right is 60% of getting healthy and losing weight. We also have a big pond in our neighborhood and paths that make it a pleasure to walk and we change it around with the Biggest Loser workout tape so we get a variety. Try to get a friend to walk with you. You're husband can watch the children while you do things you need to do to reach your goal. Who knows, maybe if you start losing weight, he'll want to join in.
Let me know if there is anything I can do to help. I would happily be your support and my husband and I make whole wheat pasta and sell it at shows so let me know. Good luck.

I completly understand. My hubby loves salt and French food with lots of sauces and things. Would you make two meals if it was your children refusing? Probably not so why can't a grown adult man either eat what is put in front of him or make his own meal?
My advice is don't look for support within the home, search out either other mothers who can walk with you or join a group like weight watchers. They will give the support and motivation you need. Keep a snack such a an apple or something in your bag so when you go out to eat, you can have a small healthy snack first, then maybe those hamburgers won't smell as great since you won't be hungry.
I also find motivation from watching BBCAmerica's "you are what you eat." Seeing all that food layed out there on a table makes it seem disgusting.

My situation with my husband is quite similiar. I started working out and changing my eating habits about 6 years ago. My husband, while not minding what I did, had no desire to change his. I slowly made substitutions, like vegetable to canola oil, salt substitute in a shaker, (he never knew the difference), I switched us over to 2% milk and I cook with fat free skim. He still does not work out, although he says he needs to. I just made a decision every morning that I would take whatever time I had available to walk. Now I use an elliptical machine and lift weights regularly. It has changed my body so much and it is a slow process. I can't tell you the difference it makes in how I feel about myself. Good luck and I hope this helps some.

I feel ya...if it were up to my husband we would have mac n' cheese every day!

You can buy the canned veggies with no salt, unless he watches you cook he will never know, and he can add salt and butter to his own...you don't have to have it. Olive oil is great on pasta and much better for you. Take your portion out before you add the butter.

You could also try frozen dinners for yourself. Fix him dinner as he wants it and pop a Lean Cuisine or Smart Ones in the microwave for you.

Chicken is always good too. Just marinate it in low fat Italian salad dressing and pop it in the oven. Big taste, quick and easy, and good for you!

Good luck!

tell your husband what i told mine...if he doesnt like what i cook for dinner he can make his own dinner

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