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Easter for a 15-Month Old

Just curious if you moms have any innovative ideas about what could be done to make Easter exciting for my toddler. I want him to enjoy the holiday without loading him up with sugar. :) Thanks!

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THANK YOU! THANK YOU! for the great ideas. They were really, so helpful. I never thought of putting cherrios or goldfish in the eggs. I appreciate all the responses. Hopefully I can find everything last minute!

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My son was 11 months at easter and I also did not want a ton a sugar. (gramas do enough of that) For his basket I bought spring shapes grahm crackers ( we got bug ones) and Easter marshmallows. I know this is still some sugar but a better choice than chocolate eggs. Also I would try to buy a spring or Easter board book. Maybe a new snuggly stuffed duck or rabbit. As he gets older new sunglasses, a sun or baseball hat, bubbles, a movie, a baseball glove and ball(they make felt and velcro sets, a character beach towel. I always try to put it in something interesting that is more of a gift than just the basket. I have used a plastic dump truck, wheel barrow, sand pails, and last year actually used a plastic kiddie pool. He is now 4. hope this helps with some ideas.

I had twin girls who were around 15 months at Easter as well. I filled their eggs with Cheerios and those Gerber fruit and veggie puffs. Then I had them find their eggs, just like their big brother. They still made noise when you shook them, but they were filled with things appropriate for them. Good luck and have a wonderful Easter!


You can put a couple of sweets but what I did for my nephews at that age I also put some toys in there bath toys
and maybe some bubblies with supervision.Maybe some new sippy cups


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Hi there, my son is also 15 months old (today actually) and we have his basket set. We got him Crayola Tadoodles crayons that are egg shaped that are easy for him to hold, a bag of colorful goldfish crackers (he likes the purple and green ones), construction paper to color on, one of the Fisher Price Amazing animals, and gerber fruit strips. We are also going to color eggs (mommy will daddy and Luca will watch) and hide a few big plastic eggs for him to 'find'. I know my parents are making him a basket as well with a stuffed bunny and some little people and a book. Last year we got him a 'baby bible' boardbook bible from Walmart. He sits in bed and reads it in the evenings so even though he doesn't know what it means yet he really likes it. Good luck!

This is our baby's first Easter, so we have the Gerber puffs and dried fruit, some chocolate-covered animal crackers, an Easter bib, bunny slippers, etc. Something good for a little boy might be one of those big plastic Tonka trucks or the Little People trucks (I think they go for maybe $8, give or take, at Target or WalMart and are made for toddlers) or an Easter coloring book with those Crayolas made for little hands (they are bulb shaped with just a little tip of crayon peeking out).

All these ideas are great, I usually put sunglasses in their baskets as well.

I agree with not wanting to load the kids up on sugar. I have a 3 1/2 year old and an 18 month old myself. We started the tradition of putting a brand new bathing suit in thier Easter baskets. Right now Bathing Suits are everywhere. You could try little travel toys for the car maybe a magnadoodle or a book. I try to get just a little candy that they can both have. Also this year we are going to fill Easter eggs with the Toddler Fruit Snacks for my 18 month old. My 3 1/2 year old will get regular fruit snacks. If you take them out of the package they will never know it isn't candy. I have not colored eggs with either of my kids. I think they are still too young. Maybe next year.

Good luck.

Easter egg hunts are always fun. You can put small healthy foods, toy cars, etc. in the eggs. I like to put small amounts of money in the eggs and then let them put the money in their piggy banks. Just make sure none of the things are a choking hazard and you and your son will have fun.

I have a 22 month old and last year, The "Easter Bunny" brought him a basket with a movie(Charolettes Web)with astuffed pig, a bath tub toy, and BOOKS. We gave a book on farm animals. This year I think we will do the movie again, and a book of the resurrection of Jesus. Also, we got the plastic Easter eggs and will put cheerios, teddy grahams, and other snacks in. He also loves to get stickers! OF course he will probably get a few M&M's :-)

Hi K.,

My name is T.. I am a 42 year-old mother of 2 ages 10 and 14. I have just about cut out the sweets for Easter. We are a Christian family and I don't really like the "Easter bunny" anyway. I buy my kids small spring time toys; kites, frisbees, floats for the pool, type of things. The grandparents always fill in the candy. I do usually buy each a small chocolate bunny. You have to have a little fun :-).
The kids have fun looking forward to some play time when the weather gets better.

Hope this helps.

My twins are now five. What I have been doing for Easter for the past couple yrs, is to pile up ALL the healthier version goodies into what I think would be a good large serving. Then I divide it up and put it into the plastic eggs, which I hide.

Interestingly, they don't end up eating all the snacks at once, usually.

I put organic dried fruits: mangos, raisins, apples, cranberries, maybe a few organic chocolate chips, pieces of my own homemade Larabars, a couple natural "M&M's" etc. I hide a few little toys in there too, so they get more eggs. Just usually small things I already have laying around the house.


Mary K.

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