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Easter Basket Ideas for a 13 Month Old

I am curious about what you are giving as the "Easter Bunny" to bring to your infant on Easter. I bought him a easter basket but I don't really want to give him candy. He is my first child and I have never done this before. Any advice would be greatly appreciatied. Thank you!

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I wanted to thank everyone for your great ideas. I have decided that the Easter bunny will bring him a stuffed bunny holding a football, a book, a little toy, with easter eggs filled with puffs and the Gerber wheels(he loves those). You have some wonderful idea and they were very much appreciated. Ya'll are great! Thanks again.

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Just another idea. I have a friend who filled plastic easter eggs with cheerios and Gerber puffs. I thought that was a good idea since most one year olds love them both.

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You already have a lot of good suggestions but as I have a 15 month old, I thought I'd give you my two cents as well. I am putting bubbles, a board book and a small stuffed animal in her Easter basket. We also hide eggs filled with stuff (I have two older kids as well) so for her, her eggs will hold a few mini m&ms, animal crackers, goldfish, and single cut stickers. Their first Easter is so fun and at your son's age, he will love hunting for eggs, even if there's nothing in them! Have fun.

Hi D.,

(Cool name!) BUBBLES! Spring is in the air and all little ones love bubbles. If you're looking for something bigger, a kiddie pool to get ready for the summer would be fun, or a small ride on toy that he can sit on and push around with his feet. Good luck and have a wonderful Easter!


Target has a toy easter basket (Mr. Potato head with bunny ears, bunny feet and basket and family). I was looking for something with out candy in it as well. i bought a stuffed bunny to go in it as well as colored balls and easter book.

For her egg hunt they had large easter eggs filled with toys. i got the my little pony one and the disney keychain one and took off the keychain part. Some were too small so replaced the toys with some i bought at the Dollar store.

When my 1st one's Easter arrived he was 11 months old and we didn't do anything. He was just too young to understand, to get candy, etc. To be honest, he won't know the difference, if you do anything it's for you and your husband. Maybe try an egg hunt? When my it was my daughter's first Easter, she too was 11 months, and we had a swing set in the backyard by then, so we did give her a baby swing. We filled it with the plastic straw or hay and a box of animal crackers and stuff - but to be honest, it was for my son's benefit, not hers. Kept the whole Easter Bunny thing alive for him.

eggs filled with goldfish, gerber snacks, a sucker, rubber braclets. i bought my daughter a dora the explorer dvd called easter egg hunt i found at sams club. i also got some bar soup in the shapes of ducks, eggs, ect. have fun!

We did animal crackers and goldfish, they're both small enough to fit in the plastic eggs. You could also use the gerber fruit chews for toddlers, the disolve very quickly so no choking risk.

Stuffed animal, DVD, board book, sidewalk chalk, bubbles, balls.... Oriental Trading Co has these cool sort of squishy shaped eggs, they're great for the younger crowd to 'hunt' or play with - my son still loves his from last year. I also got Easter-themed small rubber ducks from there. They ship fast so you would still have time to get them.

Just another idea. I have a friend who filled plastic easter eggs with cheerios and Gerber puffs. I thought that was a good idea since most one year olds love them both.

Maybe some pop up books, small set of crayons, coloring book, Baby Einstein books or DVD. Check the 99 cents store and the dollar aisle at Target. They always have great stuff and especially if he likes a certain character or cartoon~ I use the same baskets every year and the kids put them in their doorway before they go to bed.. I do things like new spin brush toothbrushes, character toothpaste, etc. I may do new baskets this year. It's time the Easter Bunny get some new ones..

Have a good one!

Hi D., When my twins were infants I gave them books and music in their Easter Baskets. The books were themed on the true story of Easter as well as picture books about spring-related items (i.e. flowers, chicks, etc.) Two years later they are still some of our favorite books! I also gave the age appropriate instruments and a classical CD. They really have a great appreciation for music and I believe their early introduction to music helped.

I got a box of assorted animal crackers from Walmart with the little individual packages and fruit snacks. I also put in sidewalk chalk, bubbles, books and one little chocolate Easter bunny because it is really funny to watch them eat it and smear it all over themselves. They are not sure whether to play with it or eat it and then when they decide to eat it, they have know idea where to start.

I am a grandma with 3 little ones 6, 3 and 6 months and they are such fun. I have 2 kids and have been married for 28 years. For fun I climb mountains and run triathlons (sprint) and am hoping to do the Half Rock in Dallas next December (half marathon). But my biggest challenge as of yet is that I teach third grade!!

When mine was that little (now 4), I put things like playdough(name brand, because I know it is non-toxic)it is great for developing fine muscle skills in the hands(supervised), puzzles with big pieces (i found spring wooden ones in the dollar bins at Target), board books, einstein videos, animal crackers, goldfish, hair bows, cute easter socks. You could even put some gerber snacks in there too. We stayed away from candy until she was almost 3 yrs old. Even now we only have it as a treat (holidays and birthdays).

I have a 14 month old, so I know what you mean! But she is my third, so I've been through this before. I got her spring PJs and a new toy for the bathtub (cost under $10). Maybe also a small, soft stuffed animal? Don't go crazy, because at that age they neither know nor care that it is Easter! My daughter also loves opening the plastic Easter eggs . . . we play a game all the time where we put small items in them, and it enterains her for quite some time! Obviously, because of the small items this can only be done w/supervision. But we intend to "hide" plastic eggs (the larger ones, since they fit slightly larger items) in very obvious places for her, and I found a couple of smallish items (not candy) to put in them.

My little boy was 2 weeks old on his first easter. His sisters would not understand if he didn't get a basket from the Easter Bunny. We couldn't really give him candy so I bought a cute basketball goal trash can that had a back board for shooting your trash in.(we needed one for the nursery)
I filled it with books, first bible, pacifiers, a football,
a stuffed bunny and other baby appropriate stuff.

You could do the baby snacks he loves, a spring book,a bible,an easter bib or anykind, a ball, anything he likes.
Little cars, blocks. You could do bath toys, sand toys, pool toys that you will need this summer. Brainy Baby movies are good. My kids loved them and learned the ABC's from them.

Good Luck and don't sweat it to much. He won't even remember.

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