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Easier Way to Remove Bandaids?

Hi Moms,

I know someone will have a great trick for this: painlessly removing band-aids. We've had trauma every time I've tried to remove her band-aids from her immunizations--slow and steady, whip it off fast, or soak it in the bath first...nothing has worked. We always end up with an angry red mark and a very upset girl. Well, my now 16-mo girl is very active and enthusiastic, and has always accumulated her share of bumps and scrapes. As she gets bigger, so do the scrapes, and she's needing band-aids more and more. Recently she had a bleeder on her forehead, and my mom put a big band-aid above her eye across half of her forehead! It's time, but I dread removing it. Does anyone have any tricks?


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Thanks so much to all who responded! I tried using baby oil on a cotton swab to loosen the band-aid, and it worked like a charm. She didn't even notice I was removing the band-aid, and there was no red mark afterwards. A great trick for future reference!

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I use baby oil while my boys are in the bathtub or vaseline. I usually take it off when they are bathing and just rub the oil on the bandaid and take it off. Plus this way they are too busy playing in the tub then watching what you are doing. They don't even notice it was off.

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Hi, You could try using mineral oil. Soak it over the bandaid are. Anything that is oily like that works great!!!

You can buy latex-free paper tape - it's the one with the green "cutter". I've been using that and a portion of a cotton square on my kids because of my latex allergy. The best thing about it is that you can put their favorite sticker on top of the homemade bandaid. We don't use Neosporin but if you do it will keep the cotton from sticking to an open wound.

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I use baby oil while my boys are in the bathtub or vaseline. I usually take it off when they are bathing and just rub the oil on the bandaid and take it off. Plus this way they are too busy playing in the tub then watching what you are doing. They don't even notice it was off.

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When i worked at a vet office we would use a special spray to remove tape from fur...It is basically baby oil. Try rubbing some on the adhesive after you pull a small corner. You kind of rub it on the underside as you remove. You'll have to tell her to be patient as mommy tries an ouch-free method. I've never tried it with my daughter but it works with animals and they will bite if it hurts :). use it sparingly as you know a little baby oil goes a long way and you don't want to get it all over clothes.

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Hi J.,
Well, here's my take on this. Faster is better. I have always just made it a policy in my house that we don't fuss around with how we're going to get bandaids or tape off easily. I just say 1-2-3 and pull fast, and then it's over. Kids are hurt worse from the original injury than from taking off the bandaid used to cover it. This may sound silly, but I think it sets your kids up for unrealistic expectations regarding injuries and medical issues. Just pull it off and get it over with. Kids are as tough as you let them be. And by the way, just because there's a red mark where the tape was doesn't mean your child has an allergy to the bandaid or tape. It's a natural skin reaction. A true allergy would cause hives and excessive itching and even blistering when the bandaid or tape is applied. If none of that happens, the redness just goes away and it's over, then ta-da, no allergy. Very few people truly have an allergy to bandaids or tape. But back to your original question, I don't want to sound like a mean mom, but really, just pull it off and be done with it. It stops the drama, it's no nonsense. It's part of life. I have found the more I teach my kids to just deal with the inevitable, the better they are at dealing with everything else that comes their way.

Many People mentioned the glue and a reaction. I have been using Latex free band-aids and it has been easier to remove them and there is not a red rash after.

Hi J.,

I am allergic to adhesive...and get red/angry and lose the first layer of skin everytime...I have to be very careful when doing lab work as they are tape happy...the stick to itself stretch wrap seems OK...and can hold on a non-stick gause pad...

Good Luck with your growing girl!

I believe you can ask for the least sticky band-aids they have. They have a huge variety - or buy your own "cheapies" (let your child pick them - and take them with you.

:0) Blessings

Hi, as a nurse, I always have to take tape off of people. I find the best thing is to use your non-dominant hand to help hold down the skin area you are peeling off with the other hand. Usually when we are pulling off tape (bandaid), it causes the skin to pull up, which is generally what is causing the pain. Sometimes, we also use a little alcohol pad (or nail polish remover will work) to wipe the perimeter of the taped area, as this sometimes loosens up the tape. Lastly, you mentioned that your daughter gets an angry red spot where you took off the bandaid. It could be a possibility that she is allergic to the tape or the bandaid.

She may be like me and allergic to the glue in the bandaids themselves - that would explain the angry red mark afterwards.

What helps me remove them is in the bath or shower, not just soaking it, but making sure to soap the bandaid up. I work my finger under the not stuck part and gently slide my finger and soap between the bandaid and my skin. Always works great for me.

Good luck!

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