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Earrings for a 2 Year Old

hey there!!!
ok here's the situation.....
earlier this year, both of our daughters had their ears pierced. Sylvia lost 1 earring about 2 months afterwards, and we put in earrings that have screw-on backs. Now our younger daughter pulled out her earrinigs at lwice before we put in the same kind with the screw-on backs. I dont know how she did it, or if maybe Sylvia helped her, but she was able to remove 1 of the new earrings, and lost the backing.
So I'm wondering if anyone has any advice on what we can put in her ears thar are a little more difficult to remove.
Thanks in advance!!!

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leave them out its tacky and she dosent like them obviously

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You can always talk to someone who pierces ears to find out what your option is. But, honestly, if they keep taking the earrings out, I'm not sure if there's anything you can put in the holes that they will allow to stay. As cute as little girls may look in earrings, I'd wait until they're a bit older and have them re-pierced- you'll have less of a chance of them constantly trying to take them out. The earring my be bothering them, or they simply see them as a new puzzle to figure out.

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My daughter (now 2 1/2) went thru the same thing. She had her ears pierced @ 8 mo old and kept playing w/them. I tightened the backings (sqeezed them together w/needlenose plyers) and that solved the problem! It's actually difficult for me to remove them when I change her earrings, but they stay in. Good luck.

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There are a kind of hoop rings that you can get that look like this http://capricornslair.stores.yahoo.net/14gcapbeadri.html

You should get 18G or 20G ones and you can get them with little gems on the ball. There is a place in Eastgate Mall where you can get them (one of the carts in the middle of the isle, not an actual shop). Also my daughter has problems with regular earrings getting infected. Not sure why as we keep them clean but with these rings she doesn't have a problem.
Hope this helps,

When My daughter was little and still we put belly button rings with the little balls that screw in toghter .

The same thing happened with my daughter. She's had her ears pierced since she was one (she's 2 1/2 now) and every pair of stud earrings we put in her ears, screw-back or not, she found a way to remove. So, I got her these little hoop earrings. It's not fun to get them in but in order to get them out, she has to really pull, which she won't do because she would hurt herself. She's honestly never really played with them at all. I've occasionally had to watch for them snagging on things - shirts, her brush when I'm brushing her hair, etc. but the hoop earrings are small enough that it's really not been too much of a problem - no more so than you would have to think about with any earring. I was much more worried about her losing earrings (especially if they were special) or swallowing them if they were just the studs.

I hope that helps!

Hi I know what you are going through. I went to Sally's, it is a hair supply store if you don't know what it is. They have the actual studs that go into the gun. You can buy them and they have them in all different styles. That is what my 2 daughter's wear until they can stop pulling them out. They work just fine. Just know that I have trouble putting them in so I know my daughter's can't pull them out. Good luck

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