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Early Pregnancy Tests

How accurate are the early pregnancy tests? They say on the packaging that they can test 5 days prior to missing period. I used one today s I have four days left to my period. The result was negative, but I was not convinced as I believe that there is a good chance that I may be. Which brands provide better results? What are your experiences? Thank you.

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Thank you everybody for your very considerate responses. It turned out that I am not pregnant. I got my period. So the early test response actually was accurate and my feeling was wrong. But we will keep trying to get a sibling for my son. Thx.

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I have found that EPT has been the best for early testing but sometimes the only thing that works (as hard as it seems) is a little patience.

Good Luck!

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I was nursing my 10 mth old and was sure I was pregnant so I used one of the early tests and it came back negative. I waited a week and no period so I took another one and still negative. On the box it said that it depends on when you ovulate so to wait a week and take another one. I did this for 2 weeks and after 3 negative tests I finally got a positive one and sure enough I had my second daughter this December. No test is completely accurate except the blood test for pregnancy. I even had a friend that took test after test and finally found out in the 2nd month that she was pregnant with both of her kids, she never got a positive pregnancy test. It all depends on when you ovulate. I ovulate later in my cycle then most women which is why the test takes longer to read the hormones and it why all of my due dates were pushed back 2 weeks from the calculated one.

I used EPT. And found out when I was 4 weeks pregnant. I hope this helps.

You could just not have enough hormones to for it to register. If all the home test come back negative and you miss your period then go to the doctor.
Just remember that stress plays a part of late periods too.
Good luck and I hope it's positive for ya!

With both of my pregnancies I tested with an EPT test just before my period was due...I start getting sick almost immediately! And I tested 3 times before i finally got a positive result. With my first one I went to the doctor and they told me I wasn't pregnant as well. I told them they better check again because if I wasn't preg I was dying!! LOL The nurse went back and check and voila! I was preg. Try it again in a few days. Sometimes your hormone levels just aren't high enough for the tests to pick it up.

I used the clear blue easy tests that have the digital readout of "pregnant" or "not pregnant". I took this the day I missed my period and it told me I was pregnant (and I was). I took it one other time the first day of my missed period and it told me that I wasn't pregnant (and I wasn't). Just be patient and go to a doctor if you do miss! I think they are all about the same and very accurate.

Oops. I started typing a message before I saw the date. :)

I have never had one work better than another one. When I thought I was pg I took a test about 5 days before I was expecting my period, it came back positive right away. It may also just depend on how high your HCG levels are.. mine were through the roof b/c I was pg with twins I found that out 2 wks later. :)

the pregnancy tests are all basically the same...itd women who are all different. if you keep reading that insert with the pregnancy test it will tell you the percentages of women who receive positive results so early on.
save your money...wait til your period is actually late before testing i know the waiting can be hard....but the disappointment day after day can be too

I have found that EPT has been the best for early testing but sometimes the only thing that works (as hard as it seems) is a little patience.

Good Luck!

I always used early-pregnancy-tests.com They are hospital grade and SUPER cheap!! Good luck!!

with all 4 i found out within the first 2 weeks and i used fact plus.

The first pregnancy test I took said negative. Honestly, I don't think one is better then the other, I think they are pretty much all the same. I thought for sure I was pregnant and it said negative and then a week later I took another test (the same brand) and it said I was prego. I took 2 more with a positive result and I was pregnant. I would just wait a few days or a week and take it again or go to your doctor.

They use these pregnancy test in the Dr.'s office also. You can have a false negative reading, but highly unlikely to have a false postive reading. So if the test is saying yes go to the Dr. and let them do a blood test to confirm. Hope this makes a little more since to you.

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