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Early Miscarriage and After Symptoms

I would like to know if anyone can share their Miscarriage experience with me. Over last weekend I found out I was expecting (we didn't know) and then lost the baby within a few days. It was very hard. My question really surrounds the after symptoms. I am still having pain and exhaustion. I can't keep my eyes open and my body feels like it has been through trauma. Because it was such an early lose I didn't expect to feel like this. Has anyone experienced this? I have had lots of blood work to verify the pregnancy and I have to have more next week to make sure the hormone levels return to normal. Otherwise, I may be looking at a D&C. Any feedback would be appreciated.

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Well, I received back my blood work confirming that the pregnancy is definitely over. It was really hard to hear because part of me was still hoping.... I will not have to have the D & C which I am very glad for. I don't think I could take that on top of everything else. Finally starting to feel better and only a little sore. At least I can sit down again.
Thank you to everyone who contributed their stories. I finally feel free to grieve and deal with the deep loss that I have. Reading everyone elses experiences really helped me to understand that I am right to grieve and it is supportive to me in so many ways. I especially appreciate all of the prayers!

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A miscarriage can takee it out of you mentally, physically, and emotionally. I had a misscarriage at 6 or 7 weeks and it was a downer for me for about a month. I had to focus on my crafts, reading a good book, or something else I really enjoyed. Once things were strightened out with my physical being, I had to make up my mind to straighten out my mental and emotional state. I eventually had my daughter. She was beautiful and very much loved. I felt that the time wasn't right for a child when I had my miscarriage. I was fine and rarely even thought about the miscarriage only if someone said something about it.

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K., As a person who experienced a miscarriage myself I understand what you are going through and I am so sorry for your loss. We live in a society that still doesn't share the pain a family experiences at this time. Your job expects you back to work as normal, friends,and even family don't talk to you about what has happened, or worse yet will say things only to make you feel worse. "Something must have been wrong", "you'll have another", even "everything in God's time". Even though the time you had knowing of your pregency was short your body and mind will take some time. Take time to morn, to share your loss with your husband, and if people say things that are dumb remember they may be uncorforable with the subject.You may be experiencing a degree of depression which can explain feeling tired. But remember this is normal.You are allowed this, and it's ok. You're body needs rest and your mind needs to go through the grief process. Don't expect to jump up and go,go, go. Go to the things that give you pleasure, or do something special for your loss. Church, plant a garden in memory, or just a quiet afternoon with your family. We live in a fast lane society and this is a time when you need to slow it down, take it easy, and you will move on. I'm not a doctor so if you feel call him/her or go in and talk about the things you feel. I hope I helped a little. Your sister in God. C.

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I have never lost anyone but my grandma has lost twins right after they were born. I am sorry that you lost them. I would say the best thing to do in your situation is to pray.

Jesus I pray Lord for K. that you would give her comfort. I pray that your love will shine upon her. I resist that sickness in the name of Jesus. I command her body to line up with the word of God. Be healed in the name of Jesus. By Jesus stripes you are healed. I command her sleeping to return to normal. I pray Lord that you would open up that womb so that she may have a baby. In Jesus name I pray amen.

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I'm sorry for your loss, K.. I've been there, twice. It's not easy and if you feel like crying, go ahead and do it, because you'll feel a little better afterwards. I, too, had bleeding after the miscarriages. The bloodwork it to check to see if hormone levels are dropping. If they are, then no D and C needed. I remember being slightly depressed afterwards, and also, because you've lost blood, you might be anemic. Your doctor will tell you if there is concern for that, so don't hesitate to ask about all of your sypmtoms. Don't worry, you guys will have more babies when it's time. I ended up having a hormonal problem, called a Luteal Phase Defect, treatable with Progesterone supossitories for 12 weeks during the 1st trimester. I have 2 healthy kids now, thanks to a thorough doctor who didn't give up on me. Hang in there, kid.

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I am the mother of 4...3 boys ages 15, 10, &2 and 1 girl almost 4 yo. I experienced 2 early miscarriages after my first two children. One was at 6 weeks and the second was at 8 weeks. The first one miscarried completely and needed no additional care....of course I cried a lot and was emotionally drained (depressed to an extent), bled a little longer than a normal period but no real cramping/contrations. The second one was very traumatic for me as the baby seemed to be forming normally....heard the heartbeat and had an early ultrasound showing normal development. Any how, when I miscarried I continued to have contractions and had to go in for a D&C. I was physically and emotionally drained and it took me a week before I could do activities without pain. Have you had excessive bleeding? Are you experiencing contractions or severe cramping? Do you have a fever? Being tired is normal....your body has been through a lot!....however you should be able to function after a couple days, maybe not 100% or even 90%. I would definitely call your doctor if you think something is wrong or just don't feel right. Do you know that it wasn't a tubal pregnancy? Have you had an ultrasound? Everybody responds differently physically and emotionally to miscarriage. I would recommend a support group....we went to one at our hospital and it really helped. I will pray for your body to heal itself without any medical assistance. Please do call your doctor about the pain....some is normal and some is not and your doctor can help decide what to do. You do have a choice if they suggest a D&C....you can choose to have it done or try to let your body handle it naturally.....assuming you are not losing too much blood....I was a basket case when mine happened and was in the hospital within 12 hours and having a D&C and was off work for a week. Listen to your body and rest when it tells you to. God Bless!

Hi K.,
I am so sorry for your loss.
I have 2 children (ages 3 and 1) and I had a miscarriage before each of them. It takes a HUGE toll on your body. My miscarriages were also very early on. I remember being sore, tired, not to mention MENTALLY exhausted. I had to have a D&C with one and the other ended naturally. It sounds like your husband is very busy, but I hope that you have SOMEONE to help give you a chance to relax. You said it best yourself, you feel like your body has been through a trauma - it has!!!! Your hormones probably still think you are pregnant - your body and your hormones will take some time to catch up with each other. Again, I am sorry to hear about your loss. I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. Try to find comfort in the children you do have and I hope you are feeling better soon. Feel free to send me a PM anytime.

As far as I know, any time a miscarriage occurs, you have to have a D&C to get yourself "cleaned out" I would get ahold of your doctor right away and ask them. It could be why you are tired and lethargic. I would not wait, it could be toxic to your system if you dont get it taken care of. I wouldnt take any chances if I were you.

I found out last Friday I was pregnant and then started bleeding Monday. It was just at 5 1/2 weeks, but I never expected to feel so tired. I couldn't lift my head off the pillow. Emotionally I was doing okay, but physically drained of all energy. I had a little more bleeding than usual and some cramps, but nothing extraordinary. I didn't have any pain other than that and the drs told me to just make sure I wasn't soaking through a pad an hour. I'd call your doctor and ask them. They've done this often and should be able to help you.

I lost my baby at 5 months gestation. The biggest thing I remember at it was the feeling of emptiness. I had to have a d&c because I bled very heavily and was in a lot of pain. I do remember being tired when I got out of the hospital but mostly I just felt numb. I know this probably doesn't help answer your question really well but it is about all I can offer. I wouldn't worry to much about being tired and such. No matter how far along you were, your body still had to undergo a lot of changes trying to support this child. Please talk to your doc if you are worried that things aren't as they should be. I wish you the best, Shannon G.

Hi K., I recently miscarried in Feb. similiar situation, I found out on a wednesday and miscarried on a friday. I was in pain and bleeding a lot (loss of that much blood would surely make you exhausted) my doctor wanted to me have a D&C immediatley and I did and I felt great afterward (physically). I would ask your doctor for the D&C.

i have had 4 miscarriages the last one with twins. i had to have a D&C with 3 of them, they give you meds to make you feel very graugy & it feels like the worst period cramps afterwards for a few days(they give you meds for pain afterwards too). it took a couple weeks for my body to return to it's pre-pregnancy state. for me i just felt empty, like someting was stolen from me & i couldn't get it back. i talked to a counselor for a few weeks after & that helped me out very much. no one except my grandmother had been through that & she wouldn't talk to me about it, it hurt her too much to remember. they did the gene testing & said i had the same problem my grandmother did & my body rejected something with the babies(they were all boys) & told me i would never be able to have a boy. not long after that i found out i was pregnant again & was having ALOT of problems from the start & about 14 weeks along i found out it was a boy too, i don't think i ever prayed as hard as i did then to God to let him live. he was born over a month early & spent 5 days in ICU before he got to come home, he's been kinda sickly since then & has had quite a few surgeries, but to spite it all he is now a very energetic 5 almost 6 year old boy. i'm sorry if it seems i'm rambling, sometimes i just feel compelled to tell his story. just find someone who is easy to talk to & is a good listener & trust your bodys' signs..you know yourself better than anyone else. God bless & take care.

I am so sorry for your loss. I had a miscarriage about 6 months ago. After I didn't want to do anything. I felt so tired and depressed. It took about a month to get my hormones back where they should be. I found a group that has helped me out alot it is for parents who have lost chilren at any age (even before they are born) They have helped me with support and alot of good information. The one piece of advice I will give you is don't let anyone tell you that you can only greive this loss for a set time frame. It is not true you take as long as you need. Once again I am sorry for your loss and if you want any information on the group let me know.

I had 3 miscarriages before I had my 1st child (carried her for 10 months, thought I was going for elephant status!). The first one was early on, in the second month. I was exhausted, my body had (as has your's) gone through a trauma, I can't honestly say I remember much about the pain (I was 26 and am 56 now).
The second one I lost at 4 months, and the doctor did a DNC within a week. Same exhaustion, trauma feeling etc.
The third I lost at 5 1/2 months after spending 3 weeks on bed rest. They did a DNC immediately at the hospital. I was still exhausted, and had the trauma symptoms.
Do you take vitamins? You might start if you don't, they will help some.
I will be praying for you.
P. R

You will have some bleeding and you will not feel good. You will experience pain and may pass more blood clots. They may also do a pelvic exam to see if everything passed ok along with the blood work. If not everything has passed then your hormone levels will still be high and they will do the d&c. You will be put under for the d&c and they will clean out any tissue etc. that has not passed on its own. Typically as early as your miscarriage happened all the tissue etc. has passed and a d&c is not neccessary. I had 3 miscarriages the first at 3 months. I had to have a d&c, the second one was at 5 months with twins had to have d&c and the last one I was 2 months and had to have a d&c. You will have scar tissue because of this but hopefully it will not affect your chances of getting pregnant again. I think you should be fine but give it at least 6 months before you think about another baby so your body can have time to heal. I am sorry about your loss and hope that the next time your pregnancy will be fine.

I am 31 and have been married almost 12 yrs. My husband and I have 3 boys (after all those miscarriages) ages 10,7 and 4.

Hi K.,

I am so sorry for your loss.

I hear a lot of people continue with pregnancy symptoms until their HCG levels drop back to normal....
I never really had symptoms since I had the miscarriages very early on, 6 to 8 weeks and have never needed a D&C.

Your body will normalize soon, I would say it is probably emotional or you may need a D&C to make sure there's nothing left in there that can cause symptoms and complications.

Depends on how far along you were.

Again, I am sorry about your loss...

Hi K., I have never had a m/c, but lost our daughter at 75 days to SIDS, found the most wonderful group, sidsfamilies.com, who also help those w/ m/c. we will always try to help, or at least give support. I am so sorry for your loss. My heart goes out to you. A.

Grace and peace to you. Having a miscarraige can take a major toll on all areas of your life (mentally, physically, and spiritually). I miscarried at 4 1/2 months and it was one of the hardest things I have ever been through. Physically your symptoms are normal. You still have all the hormones of pregnancy so you are tired etc... and your body HAS been through some trauma so that does add to the exhaustion. The bleeding is normal too. I do believe you will have some clotting but should watch for really large clots as they can be a sign of hemmorage. Obviously I am not a doctor so check to make sure exactly what you should watch for. I ended up having a dnc too. It wasn't too bad for me but you can still expect to feel like you do. Tired, bleeding, etc. The most important thing you can do now is take care of yourself. If you need to rest do it. If you don't be careful you could make it worse. Some women experience extreme emotional and/or spirtual difficulty with a miscarraige and some don't. Whatever you are feeling, trust that IT IS OK. YOU ARE "NORMAL" (whatever that is). Allow yourself to work through it however you need. If you are emotionally upset there are often support groups at hospitals for this type of occurence. If you would like you can e-mail me and we can talk some more. I am willing to support you however you need. God bless.

I am so very sorry for your loss. My prayers will be with you. A D&C is not always necessary the human body is equiped to handle this Most of the time. I had 1 miscarriage my sister had multiple. D&C's are done to rid the uterus of any left over material, you body naturally does it however in some cases it is necessary for your OB to perform one. It will probably take your body about 6 weeks if I recall correctly to get back to normal. Your body is experiencing some big changes rapidly and you can expect to be worn out. Make sure and consult your Doc about blood loss and other symptoms.

Now before anyone does to you what I had done to me, This was a pregnancy and you have every right to feel what ever you feel. I felt great loss and pain with mine and can to this day tell you what my due date was. I had many people try to tell me it was for the best and that I should simply get over it. I tried until those feeling all surfaced and created a mess. There are support groups for your loss and don't hesitate to mourn it if that is the way you feel.

Hi K.!

I am so sorry to hear that you had to experience what you did!

I also had a miscarriage over the winter and my experiemce was quite different and extreme from most, but it sounds to me that maybe you could be anemic. With such drastic blood loss from a miscarriage, a lot of people experience this. In addition, your body has just been through a trauma, physically and emotionally.. .it can make you feel very tired!

Ask your doctor about it when you go for your next lab work. He may need to do more blood work.

I wish you the best!

Hi K.. So sorry you are having to go through this too. I miscarried a few weeks ago - should've been 11w, found out the baby passed around 6w at my 8w ultrasound and decided to miscarry naturally. It is still physically and emotionally draining. I ended up having to go to the ER for an emergency D&C anyway because of excessive bleeding. You feel this way because your body HAS been through trauma. I never thought that it would be that rough (physically) on my body to m/c that early either, but it is. I have found that Babycenter.com has been a great place to turn - they have an infant/pregnancy loss bulletin board, which is a great place for questions and support from women who have, or are going through exactly what you are. Hope you feel better soon, I know exactly how difficult everything is and will be right now.

Hello, So sorry to hear about your loss. I lost a pregnancy at about 9 weeks. It was ectopic and required surgery and a D&C. I remember having pregnancy symptoms for weeks after. My doctor also made me have blood work to make sure my hormone levels returned to normal. I had to have blood work done every week for 6 weeks! The doctor said the level had to be I believe under 30 and it took 6 weeks to return to normal. I know I still had symptoms for awhile until hormone levels were stable. I am sure alot has to do with the emotional stress that also comes along with miscarriage! Take care,get rest and accept lots of help. I wish your family the best. God Bless!!!

I am also sorry for your loss.

Your body has indeed been through trauma and it will take time for it to normalize. Your emotions have also been traumatized and it will also take time for you to grieve your loss and be able to come to terms with it.

I've had an early miscarriage and a late one. I had a D&C with the late miscarriage and ended up with post-traumatic stress because of the horror of the miscarriage. Any loss affects you more deeply than you may expect. Plus, don't expect your husband to feel your loss as deeply as you do, because his body is not the one going through the hormonal changes. That was a tough lesson for me to learn in the aftermath of my first miscarriage.

I would like to urge you to continue to love and appreciate the existence of your living children. Continue to pay as much attention to them as you are able. I pray that your husband will be able to help you out as much as possible and that the Lord will give you the strength and support you need to make it through this loss. God bless.

A miscarriage can takee it out of you mentally, physically, and emotionally. I had a misscarriage at 6 or 7 weeks and it was a downer for me for about a month. I had to focus on my crafts, reading a good book, or something else I really enjoyed. Once things were strightened out with my physical being, I had to make up my mind to straighten out my mental and emotional state. I eventually had my daughter. She was beautiful and very much loved. I felt that the time wasn't right for a child when I had my miscarriage. I was fine and rarely even thought about the miscarriage only if someone said something about it.

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