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Earache/ear Infection and OTC

Has anyone ever used OTC (over the counter) eardrops on their child (younger than 1yr old) to treat ear infections and/or ear ache. How was it, which one is more effective and does it cause side effects.

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While I do totally support homeopathic remedies - I will share that when I was a teenager - my mom used a home remedy to treat my ear ache - and my ear drum perforated and I have some permenant complications from this 25 years later... get a diagnosis first - don't risk it.

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No, but I use garlic in my ears and my kids ears if they have an ear ache or ear infection. I put a clove of garlic in mine before going to bed and when I wake up in the morning it's gone. With the kids I take a clove of garlic, mash it and place it in olive oil to infuse into the oil over night. Then I take a dropper and put it in the kids ears. Garlic is a natural anti biotic and this really works! Much better than antibiotics and other OTC drops. If you watch Dr Oz you can go to his website www.doctoroz.com and see me explaining my home remedy for this to him. He agrees with me! :) Good luck and hope your child is feeling much better very soon!!!

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Breast milk, if you have any or access to any is the best cure!

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In my opinion ears are not something to risk lifelong damage to..... Meaning that although an OTC product may be all you need, but the diagnosis and reccomended treatment should come from a professional- either a pediatrician or other alternative health care professional (chiro, holistic etc). There are TONS of alternative treatments other than traditional meds, and these could be great once a diagnosis is made.

Another thing an alternative medicine prof could do (especially someone in nutrition) is to make recommendations for changes to diet, both during the healing time and long term to aid in recovery and to prevent recurrance. Lots of diet choices can affect things like this unknowingly!

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I certainly support holistic treatments but please have your child evaluated by the doctor before you start treatment. My daughter showed no signs of an ear infection (no pulling on her ears, no fever) she was just fussy and I thought it was due to her slight cold but she had actually perforated her eardrum because of an ear infection! She had a slight amount of discharge that could have easily been mistaken for wax. Make sure it's a simple earache/infection before trying something on your own especially given that your little one is so young.

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garlic oil in the ears is an all natural homeopathic remedy that works perfect.

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is your child consuming cow milk? If so, get him/her off it, you will notice no more ear aches/infections. Humans aren't meant to consume the breast milk of a cow as we're not cows.

If you grate some fresh ginger and cook it in water till the water is yellow then let it cool down and put a few drops in his/her ear it will help with the infection to clear, naturally. Please check that it's ok for the age of your child before doing so. Certainly healthier than artificial stuff bought in the store though.

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I would definitely call the doctor and let your child be seen before starting any home remedies. If the ear drum is perforated you can do some damage with home treatments. It could be something as simple as build up of ear wax and then your doctor can show you a safe way to help eliminate the excess wax. It coud be an ear infection and then nothing but some antibiotic ear drops are going to touch it. Let your doctor do his/her job.

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Good Morning,

For treating an earache, I do like the tea tree oil, and chiropractic care, for prevention, chiropractic, and xylitol nasal spray every day. Xylitol prevents ear infections and tooth decay, ear infections are prevented with 2 doses a day, decay with 6doses a day. Doses may include mints, chewing gum, granulated on cereal or fruit. Ask your MD for something to sooth the ear pain to help through the healing process.

Good Luck,


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