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Ear Wax Removal for Kids

What do you all use to clean wax from inside your childs ear? My daughter is four and a few years back her pedi just said use a few drops of mineral oil in each ear. Not sure if this has ever really worked or not. What do you use? I have seen differents products in the Health and Beauty area in Wal-Mart but have never tried anything other than the mineral oil.

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My ped recommended Debrox for my 18 mo. You can get it at any pharmacy like CVS. It's over the counter.

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My ped recommended Debrox for my 18 mo. You can get it at any pharmacy like CVS. It's over the counter.

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my pediatrician and ENT said to NEVER put oil in anybodies ear!! My older daughter gets bad ear wax build and the ENT said to put hydrogen peroxide in the ear. All you need to do is have her lie down flat, put a couple drops in her ear and let her lay there for 5 - 10 minutes, or however long she will sit still for ;-) then when she sits up put a tissue to her ear, then do the other ear.

My doctor told me to use Murine For Ear, Wax Removal System on my then 11 month old, now 15 months. Just follow directions on the back. It did well with my son. It's supposed to be for all ages. Good luck.

Really, you dont. Any doctor would tell you the same, unless there was a severe issue. Q-tips tend to just push the wax that you cant see further in the ear canal. You should be able to use a warm washcloth and clean her ears out, if you notice ear wax in her ears, but really, the 3 different ENT's we have seen all say not to do it. ~A.~

I am assuming that your daughter is having a build up of ear wax that is a hard ball and painful. If that is the case, you have to remove it.
We use Walgreens brand of ear wax removal. It's an oil that you drop into their ears. I usually drop about 10 drops into the ear and then I have my daughter lay down and watch tv for about 20 minutes with her ear up so that the oil soaks into the hard wax and doesn't run out.
I then take her to the bathroom sink and flush her ear out with warm water until the ball of wax floats to the top. Then we turn around and do the same thing with the other ear.

My doctor told me to drop baby oil in my children's ears before bath time so it losens up the wax and then it will come out. Good luck!

Mineral oil works great. I always warm it first by sitting the bottle in a cup of hot water...don't let it get too hot.

I break the rules- I opt for q tips! I don't go that far in though...

I heard removing too much ear wax is dangerous. It prevents ear infections and other bacteria from entering ear. I would just use a safe cutip and clean around the outer ear. If you really think more needs to be removed, an ENT can do it safely.

I use peroxide - for me and my kids.

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