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Ear Tubes for an Infant

My 10 month old daughter has been having a really hard time this winter, she has had everything from tonsilitis, croup (which she was in the hospital for this last week), and has had at least 5 ear infections since Thanksgiving and is only 15 pounds at 10 months, so they are sending us to a specialist to talk about getting tubes put in her ears. I have been getting a lot of mixed advice about whether or not to go through with this or not, some people tell me that they really will help, and the are not a hassle, and I have also heard that they are bad for the child, and a big pain, and to keep trying to get through it without them. So I was wondering if anyone had any advice whether or not tubes are a good thing or a bad thing?

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Thank you all for your advice, it sounded to me like ear tubes were going to help my daughter our so we went to the ENT and Paige is scheduled for surgery on Monday, please keep her in your thoughts, I know it is a simple procedure, but she is my only baby and I worry. I am looking forward to no more ear infections, and for her to be rid of pain!! Thanks again!!

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My middle son had tubes in his put in his ears when he was two. Not only was he free of ear infections but he learned to talk after that. We discovered that he was almost completely deaf from the fluid build up behind his ear drums and once the tubes were in he could hear perfectly.

Interestingly, I was reading an article the other day about this very subject. It said that medical research has proven that ear tubes do not make much difference in the majority of the children they did the studies on. They said that the group of children that did not have the ear tubes was very similar to the ones that did have them. So they concluded that ear tubes probably weren't worth the expense or pain. I can't remember where I read it though. If I come across it, I will certainly let you know. I hope my input helps you- and good luck.

my son had tubes when he was 1 year old, in the same week his friend who is 22 days older had them too. it made a world of difference they both started running and talking uncontrollably!! my son hasnt had an ear ifection since he will be 2 in march and hes been on antibiotics only once since. he hasnt even been sick really, but it only took 15 min at childrens hospital and the staff was really nice and accomadating. when I was 5 I had tubes they really make a good difference let me know if you want anymore info---A.---

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You have just described my life with my now 16 year old daughter and 11 year old son. We did tubes with our16 year old and she never had any problems, the biggest issue was keeping water out of her ears while washing her hair. Our son was scheduled for tubes also after months of infections, when one of my friends who is a chiropractor convinced me to let him try an adjustment on our son. Talk about nerves, I wasn't so sure I wanted my baby son "adjusted", but you know he has never had another ear infection and this all happened 10 years ago. Good luck!! If you don't feel comfortable with tubes, then do some research and you will make the best decision for you and your child.

My son is now almost 3 years old, and we have experience with tubes. From age 6 months till 15 months old he was plagued with ear infections and many other sicknesses, kind of like your daughter. After about the 4th one I started to inquire of my pediatrician about them, but he was against them. A little history. My husband was quite sick like my son as a baby/child and had tubes, so to me it was just logical after having so many episodes. He was either in the hospital, or back at the doctors office with ear infections and sickness every 3-5 weeks. It was miserable as a mom.

At the time I had poor insurance and could only see this one doctor, so I dealt with my son basically living on Antibiotics.
After he turned a year I was able to get different insurance and after having 9 ear infections in a row, 1 lasting over 6 weeks (all of these with deadly fevers, and lots of crying and other sicknesses; At 1 year old my son was only 16lbs)

I went to the new doctor and told him how many infections in the length of time and that he was currently on week 6 of the final one. The doctor didn’t even hesitate to immediately say that he needed tubes. Especially after he looked in my sons ears he said tube is the only answer and they should have been done many months before. All those infections caused scaring on his ear drum which was making it hard for him to hear. We scheduled the appointment for 2 weeks later and as soon as he came back to the recovery room we saw a difference.

With the tubes he could hear better because all the fluid was being drained out. It is now 1 year and 8 months later and I am happy to report he has never had an ear infection since. In the first 24 hours we noticed his crying got quieter (they said it was because he could hear better and it became loud to him) within that first week he was completely better. He has had colds and stuff since, but nothing like before.

You see the difference in doctors was that the 1st was from the old school teaching where you don’t do tubes until they are 2 years or older. Old school doctors just rely on Antibiotics. I however follow more natural and newer medicine that believes to many antibiotics can be bad for you. I believe that if you have a doctor leaning toward tubes, then do it. Now I know I was one of the lucky cases where the tubes are still in this far along. They say they could last as little as 2 months or as long as 2 years. At any rate my husband and I decided that it was worth it even if it only lasted a short time, because that meant there was that much time where my son had time to build up his own immune system without antibiotics. If the doctors recommends it then I say go ahead. My experience has been worth it.

To make a long story short. Do it.

I can't say either way. I've known people who have good reviews and bad about tubes.
My question for you is, have you tried chiropratic care? I am a firm believer. My oldest boy went through a really rough period where he had back to back ear infections. I took him to my chiro (who mind you Studied in Pediatric chiro) after only 4 visits and then goin in 1 time before winter, my son hasn't had an ear infection since he was 1 1/2 yrs old.
If this is an option for you to try, be sure to do Your homework. Make sure that the chiro has STUDIED in the field of Pediatric Chiro. DON"T just take her to any chiro. Not all chiro's know ped care!!
It is something to think about. If it works for her, awesome. (it doesn't work for all)But it is less expensive and less painful than having to have surgery. Missa

Hi K.,
My son was 10 months old when he had tubes put in his ears and they have been the best thing for him. His motor skills have improved big time! He to had numerous infections before we did the tubes. The tubes have cut down on alot of infections. But all kids are different. I hope this helps you out. Let me know if you have anymore questions. N. L.

Did you ever get the tubes for your daughter? My oldest son was 12 months old when he got his first set. Before that he had so many ear infections. Also everything he heard sounded like he was underwater for him. He did not pronounce any words right until after he got his tubes. They do not always work the first time, my son is five and on his thrid set. They have helped him so much. The only thing bad about them, is you can not let water get into their ears and he does not like ear plugs, so I have not let him go swimming too much yet. Ear tubes have really helped my son's speach.

I have two nieces and a newphew who have had tubes put in. My sisters-in-law told me that they seemed to help out a lot. Bad childhood ear infections seems to run in my family and it appears that the tubes make a big difference as far as the child's comfort.

K. you go ahead & get tubes for your little one! My daughter was in the same boat at her age! After her tubes she was a totally different little girl. Also , ask her doctors about getting those tonsils & maybe adnoids out at the same time.(we had to go back in to get my daughters done) Oh, I recommend "T" TUBES(they don't fall out as fast) Take care T.

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