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Ear Tubes Falling Out

My son is 2 and 4 months and had ear tubes put in when he was 10 months old after 10 months of non-stop ear infections, ER visits and sleepless nights. This morning, I noticed that he had a lot of wax in his ears and started to gently pick it out. Then, I saw the opening if his tube! I looked in the other ear and saw that one too. The are both coated in tons of ear wax. I know that they are supposed to fall out eventually, but what's next? Do we have to start all over and wait the prerequisite 6 ear infections before they will replace them?

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I called the ENT and they weren't concerned at all. He has an appointment next week. In the meantime, they said that it could fall out, if it's that visible in the canal and not to worry. Thanks for the great advice, everyone!! It freaked me out a little to see that thing floating around in his ear!

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My son had the same problem. Because he was still so young, we had to have new ones put in. After they fell out the second time, his problem was better.

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My son had the same problem. Because he was still so young, we had to have new ones put in. After they fell out the second time, his problem was better.

I have had ear problems all my life - starting out just like your son! However, I am an exception - most kids outgrow their ear problems. So, if the tubes have fallen out - you may want to check with the doctor to confirm that the holes have actually closed up (after the eardrum ejected the tubes) before you stop using earplugs in the water. But, after having the tubes in for over a year and a half - he might have already outgrown his problems. The doctor will probably want to assess how he does without the tubes. Keep in mind - it takes a fair amount of time for the tubes to make it out of the year, via the wax wave....so, if your son hasn't been sick for the past month or so - that's a good sign. Let's hope he continues to stay well! Good luck.

yes they do fall out, and he should (operative word there) not have any problems - the tubes are put in to enlarge the opening...they fall out after they have done thier job (meaning the ear opening cought up and is now bigger then the tube)My two of the three boys had/have tubes. My eldest (now 14) had it done when he was 4 and since then he has had ONE ear infection (about 3 yrs ago). My other child now 5 had them done over this summer for other reasons (hearing problem and fluid not leaving leaving him impared) Just to be sure, always call your dr. I am sure they will say it is normal.....

I have a 2yr old daughter who had tubes put in at 11months. she has recently lost one of the tubes and almost immediately got an ear infection in that ear! My now 14yr old and my 9yr old also had tubes at a young age and when theres fell out they were fine... I guess it just depends on the child! If u think there is a problem always ask your pediatrician. My now 14yr old had to have her ear wax professionally removed a couple of times when she was younger, it is a little uncomfortable for the child, but it helps with their hearing,we thought she was almost deaf for the longest time and it turned out to be tons of ear wax build up. the dr will take a large metal syringe looking thing(kinda resembles a rolling pin) and fill it with warm water, then squirt it in the ear it removes the wax almost instantly! good luck!


I would contact your Doctor and ask right away.


My daughter is 4 and has had 2 sets of tubes. contact your ear specialist and tell them what has happened. Yes, they will probably wait until the infections start again. I know what you are going through and I know you don't want to have to wait through 6 infections. After the third infection in 3 months, they replaced my daughters tubes. It is hard because she cannot go under water in the pool like her friends and I have not even being able to show her how (which scares me since she loves the water) to hold her breath under water etc. Contrary to what the doctors tell you, I had a much older gentleman tell me that water in the ear with tubes hurts, badly. Good luck to you and to your son! Ear infections are no fun for anyone!

L. they may not have to put tubes back in your sons ears. my son had tubes put in around 10 months old and they fell out between 2 and 3 yrs old and have never had to have them put back in and only had a few ear infections none like he did before the tubes. He is doing excellent. talk with your ENT doctor and see what to do..Good Luck

Hi L.! I have three girls....two of which have had a few sets of ear tubes put in as well. Both have had them come out, which, as you know, is normal. They see the audiologist in their ENT office every four months. At these appointments, their hearing is tested. If she feels that something isn't right with the test result, she recommends we make an appointment to see the doctor. He then decides if it's in our best interest to have another set of ear tubes put in. In my eldest daughter's case, she has had three sets, all of which have come out with the return of her ear ifections. So, we have put a different kind of ear tube put directly into her ear drum. These are going to be coming out for another eight years or so. But, my youngest has her second set of tubes in still(last surgery was in August) and hasn't had any ear ifections since. If you're feeling confused about anything, I suggest you make a call to your son's ENT office and ask what their recommendation may be. You can never be too safe when it comes to your child's health!!! I hope I've been of some help to you and your situation. I hope you and your family have a great holiday!

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