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Ear Infections

I have a 2yr old son who gets frequent ear infections. We were just at the doc's today and he has a double ear infection and pneumonia. The doctor keeps giving him antibiotics, his ear infections go away but always come back in month or two. The doctor really doesn't tell me anything but, young kids get ear infections and it's normal. How often can it really be normal, and is there anything I can do to relieve the pain besides tylenol? I'm affraid that he is going to become immune to amoxicillin, so anyone who has ideas for natural cures I'm all about them.

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Thanks for all the advice! I am going to try the garlic mullen oil. My son does have a slight allergy to dairy. I was told that I could still give him yogurt because the bacteria would help him digest it, but I will also cut that out and see if it helps. I do however have to keep him on the antibiotics this time because of the pnuemonia, so if anyone has a suggestion on how to get him more probiotics let me know. I would also like any recomendations for a naturopath if anyone knows a good one in the Lewiston, Clarkston or Moscow area. Thanks again!

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Hi S..

How frustrating and awful to have your little one in constant pain! Repeated antibiotics are exactly the wrong direction to head, because it only makes the situation worse. Each round of antibiotics (literally "anti-life") kills off MOST of the bacteria that are causing the problem, but you can never completely kill ALL of the bacteria. The ones that make it are the strongest, which quickly breed more bacteria--all of it stronger and more resistant to the antibiotics. Follow this course a few more times and you have just witnessed evolution! A homeopath who works with asthma once spoke to my midwifery class and told us that these stronger bacteria eventually work their way into other regions of the body, and are strongly implicated in developing asthma. In fact, he said when he homeopathically treated asthma, as the asthma symptoms cleared at first there was often an ear infection. He kept treating with homeopathy and that would clear as well.
I would get to a naturopath or homeopath right away. Someone suggested chiropractic treatment as well.

Meanwhile, for some home based relief, here are a few things we have used with lots of success:
- Grapefruit seed extract. The brand is called Nutribiotic and you can get it at any store that sells natural health products. Blend about a teaspoon with an equal amount of pure olive oil and warm gently. You can add a mashed clove of fresh, organic garlic as well. Lay your little one's head on a warm towel on your lap, with one ear up. Use a medicine dropper to put the warm oil slowly in that ear, gently rubbing around his ear to help it go in. Let it sit for a few minutes--just keep talking soothingly to your boy. Then trade sides--knowing that most of the oil will drip out of the first side, but enough will stay that it has long term effects.

Both the grapefruit seed oil and the garlic have antibiotic effects, and it is all very soothing and pain relieving as well--even though it stinks a bit!

- This is an old pain relief trick from my Jewish partner's Romanian grandmother, Baba...cut an onion in half and steam both halves with the cut side down. Once the halves are somewhat soft, wrap in a clean dish towel, leaving the cut side open and facing up. Tilt your son's head over the upfaced onion so the steam can enter his ear. It relieves pain very quickly--and also has mild antibiotic properties.

-This is something you can get from a health food store. Beeswax or paraffin "ear candles". They are basically long tubes of wrapped, thin wax, kind of like a conical straw. You lay your son's head on a pillow with one ear up and make sure he is relaxed and still. Very gently insert just the tiniest bit of the tip of the ear candle into the outer part of his ear--don't push, but don't be afraid, you won't cause any damage. Then for the dramatic part...you light the other end of the candle (it's usually several inches long, so it won't burn anything, but you do have to have him hold still). The warmth draws up through the "straw" of the candle, and creates a vacuum that literally pulls all the gunk out of his ear, including the bacteria. I've done it myself, and it feels very soothing and warm--very relaxing. And, it worked! The swelling and pain, and the worst of the infection, cleared up immediately. I did this with my daughter when she was 4 and it worked beautifully.

Good luck!

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Hey S. my name is D. Hunter I have 4 children and have had my fair share of ear infections. my youngest children have never been immunized and I always talk to thier peditrician about natural remedies What I used for my children is called garlic mullen drops its a clear liquid that you put directly into their ears it worked for my children You can get it at any natural pathic health store.amoxicillan is not good for children of young ages my childrens doctor never once considered it it has always been the garlic mullen drops.good luck.D.

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Hi, S.! My name is S.. I have three children ages 9, 4, and 2. May I ask what you use to clean your house with? I know it sounds strange but when my 9 year old was a baby until he was 2 or three, he had constant ear infections either double or just one but eventually had to have tubes put in his ears. He also had respiratory problems quite often. they also told us this was "normal". I used bleach water to clean my floors and any surfaces he would crawl on as well as 409 and Lysol to clean the rest of the house. When my 4 year old was 6 months old, I switched to only non chemical products and neither him nor my two year old have EVER had an ear infection or any other ailments for that matter. I believe it had a lot to do with the products I had in my home when my oldest was little. I thought I was doing good by him to "sanitize" everything but their little systems can't take all those chemicals. I hope this helps. As for the pain, the doctor gave us some drops to put in his ears and that worked great. Don't know if you have those or not.

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I know it is hard to believe but a chiropractor can really help with this. My daughter is allergic to a lot of things including amoxicillin. I took her to a chiropractor at around 1 year old for her ear infections and took her for occasional "tune ups" so they wouldn't come back. I was skeptical, but it worked. You need a really good chiropractor though, someone experienced specifically with babies.

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Dear S.:

You are correct in sensing that the over use of amoxicillin will create a diminishing return; becoming less effective.
1) Garlic Oil will assist with infection.
2) A natural amoxicillin product by Standard Process called ALBAPLEX.
3) Better yet your son needs immune support. THYMEX will give him this. Also by Standard Process.
4) Do your best to cut out all Yeast loving foods ie; SUGAR in all and any of his foods.
I can order these for you. Also I would be glad to share with you how to create yourown Garlic Ear oil and how to use it.

R. Dunkle M.S.,L.M.P., R.C.
Blessings to you

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Do you smoke around him? If you do, STOP! You are causing the ear infections! If not, then good for you.
I don't know about antibiotics (I'm allergic to most) but for the pain, hold a warm rag on his ear for as long as he will let you. I don't know why this works, but it does. If there is any way to heat up his pillow of have something warm on which he can lay his head at night, that will help with the pain and the drainage. It's gross, but it works!
I e-mailed a friend of mine who lives and is a nurse in Clarkston to ask her about naturopathy in the area. I will let you know when I find out.

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Ask your doctor about putting tubes in your child's ears. If he says he doesn't need them ask him what his criteria is? If you aren't going to an ENT doctor you might consider finding one.
I am a nurse and someone who grew up with chronic ear infections. Good Luck. By the way try a warm heating pad under the affected ear, warm not hot.

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Check the reason he is getting sick. My firstborn was on antibiotics almost all of his first year. We finally discovered he has dust/mold allergies. As soon as we moved, he wasn't sick anymore.

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