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Ear And/or Forehead Thermometers

Are they worth investing in? Any reliable brands more than others? I am due with 2nd (surprise) child in March, and people have asked what we don't already have; I want to know if this item is worth listing. Thanks!

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Congrats on your surprise!

I have the Vicks Ear Thermometer and I love it. My son has had a ton of ear infections and tends to run very high fevers (105) so it's important that I get an accurate reading. I have found this thermometer to be very accurate. Also, I've often taken his temp while he's sleeping and it's never woken him. The ear method is much easier and I can do it in the dark (it beeps when done and the reading lights up). I say it's worth it, even if you don't use it as often as I do. Oh, it also has a memory of 10 temps (if I remember correctly) so I can see how his temp has gone down after medication (which is important with temps of 105). That's very helpful.

My oldest threw the biggest fit every time we had to check his temp. We had an under the arm one then and couldn't afford an ear one. With our second, we received an ear one (it's a two or three second reading) and it's AWESOME! This little guy doesn't throw as many fits anyway, but it's easy. I wish I had it a long time ago!! It's been worth it for us.

We have a forehead thermometer (Exergen Temporal Scanner 2000C) and I don't really recommend getting one. First of all, you have to do it just right and it usually gives you slightly different readings each time. It doesn't bother me when she doesn't have a fever, but it can make a big difference when she is sick. Also, it makes a beeping sound as you are moving it along their forehead, so she moves her head to look at it. It can take sometime to get an actual reading. I have never used the ear thermometer, so I don't have any feedback. Best wishes!

I have both ear and forehead thermometers. I wouldn't suggest the forehead. It's never reliable enough to get an accurate reading. The ear is worth getting.

I'm a mother of 3 boys and I have a forehead (Braun)thermometer, and one I got free from the hospital that can go in their mouths or underarm. The forehead (scanner) one is very inaccurate and I find that the simple one from the hospital has given me accurate readings. I don't use my $50 scanner because it has given me different answer of 2-3 degrees difference when I take their temp three times consecutively..

I am a little different I suppose from the many other moms. I personally believe that the digital rectal thermometer is the most accurate. My pediatrician agrees. Like many moms have said...it is a matter of personal preference. Maybe ask your MD too? Best wishes whatever you decide.

I love my braun ear thermometer it has worked for me the last 9 years but like i tell my friends it is a matter of preference

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