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Dust in My House Any Suggestions?

Okay: Here's the deal. I have noticed that I have to dust like every other day in order for the dust not to get caked on my furniture. We had the duct's cleaned this past spring so I dont know whats up. thanks for any info

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Do you use wood? I know when I lived at home it seemed like we were always dusting. I don't know what else to tell you.


Have you tried having the ducts cleaned? Call Steve at Amistee air duct cleaning. They do a great job. ###-###-####. Good luck.

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You might want to look into a whole-house filter for your furnace that filters out the smallest particles (dust mites and mold) and then change it once a month.

I have also heard that dryer sheets under your vents (both warm-air and cold-return) work great to filter dust. Change these once a month as well.

One last suggestion - get a really great duster you love, put on some fun music and dance through your house every day. Look at dusting as a blessing rather than a chore. You have a wonderful house to live in, cherished furniture you want to keep clean, and a family who loves you. What more could you ask for? Ok, maybe no dusting at all! LOL!

I have a great ostrich duster from www.flylady.net, it only cost me $17 and I have used it for three years. It picks up a lot of dust and is re-usable. Just shake outdoors and bless the world.

Good luck with your dust dilemma.


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I have the same problem. It did help though to get a vacuum with a cup instead of a bag. I got a Dyson and it is wonderful, although I know there are others out there with a cup. It seems to help because the dust is really sealed in the cup instead of coming out of a bag that is not air tight. Good Luck...it is annoying isn't it!!

I haven't tried it but I heard can put cheesecloth over your vents. You take the cover off, tack the cloth to cover the hole then put the vent cover back on so you don't see it. The cloth will trap more of the dust but still let the air through. Also if you do collect a lot of the dust on the cloth you will know that it is comging through your vents.

Cheese cloth under the heater vents work great and are not seen! Works great if you have allergies too!


Do you use wood? I know when I lived at home it seemed like we were always dusting. I don't know what else to tell you.


You said you had your furnace cleaned. Does that include your air ducts? If not, that could be the problem. I assume you must have a clean air filter in your furnace, if you just had it cleaned. Be sure to replace it regularly.

Look for other sources of possible hidden dust. For example, drapes can contain a lot of dust that will escape into the air whenever you walk by or open and close them. High traffic areas also naturally get more dusty.

Hi S.,
My quick and inexpensive suggestion is this - get a piece of muslin fabric (purchase at JoAnn's or any other fabric store). Finish the ends of the fabric so that it does not fray. Okay, now you have your clothe; when you need to dust - use the hottest water from the faucet, soak - then wring out the fabric and dust as usual. The fabric picks up all of the fine particles and the hot water, well....that is easily available for all of us. Give it a try and trust that this simple idea will help relive you of the every other day attact at dusting.
Take care, K. T

Have your air ducts cleaned out. It makes a huge difference.

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