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Dry Skin Behind 5 Month Olds Ears?

at 3 weeks old, i notice some thick crusty skin behind my daughters ears. to be honest, i thought it was just left mucous from birth since it was only her 2nd bath. i rubbed it away and thought it was fine. well a few weeks after, it was there again. i rubbed it away again in the bath and started checking daily. well it comes back in about 3-4 days. its thick, yellowy, rough skin in the fold behind each ear. the skin below seems very red. she did cry one time when my husband rubbed at it without being wet(what was he thinking!) and occasionally it seems like she MIGHT be itching it on my arm while nursing. it looks like it would hurt. i asked the pediatrician and she thought it was from not rinsing the shampoo from behind her ears. i know thats not the case as she always had it, only gets baths like every 3 days buts its always there, and i now rinse like crazy and it makes no difference.

any idea what it is and why its happening? do you think its good to rub it away in the bath? i use aquaphor now(pediatrician suggested also) but is there anything else to try? she said to stay away from creams and instead use gels like aquaphor but im not seeing a change. thansk so much

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thanks so much everyone for all the advice. i had no idea it was so common, and its good to know there is a good chance it will go away.
i had only ever seen eczema one time on my friends daughter but it was just red and blotchy, and then when i asked the pediatrician, she didnt believe it was anything other than me not rinsing the shampoo off(and i use an organic, all natural wash thats very mild).
im going to look into some things mentioned here, and if there is no improvment, ill go see a dermatologist since my doctor doesnt seem too familiar. my daughter did have cradle cap pretty bad!
thanks again for everyones advice! im glad im not alone!

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You know, my daughter had the same thing, maybe a milder case, and I used to just wash it and put a little A&D on. I also read in my baby book that it's seborrheic dermatitis and sometimes a little hydrocortisone cream can help. Hang in there!

Hi A.,
If you will contact me I will gladly send you a sample of Renew, an excellent lotion that really works.

I heard that it is just some mild secretion from glands that we all have behind there. It eventually goes away. Just keeping cleaning it mildly... I also heard thats where the saying "Don't forget to clean behind the ears" comes from... since most of us have some sort of secretion behind there when we are babies... Just what I have heard about it.

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Not to worry...It is natural for that to happen. I always used just baby lotion (lavender) on a q-tip behind the ear and it dried up on it's own...

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Have u tried going to www.webmd.com.... i usually go there when i cant find an answer. U should also try taking your child to the dermatologist. Pediatricians dont know anything about skin. Belive me, my daughter has been getting these bumps all over her face, and to this day her doctor does not know what the hell she has. I've tried everything and they are still there. Hope u find an answer to your troubles. Good Luck.

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This is eczema! Be very careful and gentle with the area, apply neosporin if broken, once healed keep the are moisturized with a thick hydrating cream. Cortaid can be used to clear it up, but since your baby is so young mix with lotion then apply, but on unbroken skin otherwise it will sting.

Also find a new pediatrition lol! This is elementary to identify!! Sorry.

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My husband and son both had this. It came and went for a the first couple of years of their lives. It was like an eczema. Neosporin does the trick! Give it a try...

When my son was about 1 year old. I started working part time, which meant I had to take him to a sitter. One day during the 2nd week of work I too saw the dry skin, crusty and red. I thought he had been cut ( silly me, he was my first). I found out from my pediatrician that when children sweat in their creases the skin becomes chaffed and sometimes cracks and is raw. I was so embarrased. I was told to use some aveeno and to keep the area dry. It work o.k. but in later years I used a product called,Renew Intensive Skin Therapy by Melaleuca. It is a green product that has melaleuca oil(better known as teatree oil) in it. Very soothing, Now 25, he has learned to manage it himself but we still use the Renew Skin theapy. I hope it helps.
To see the whole line of products check out www.melaleuca.com. If you need more info on the company email me at ____@____.com

Hi. I really think I could help with this. I order things from a wellness wholesale company at great prices. The items that they sell have helped many people with skin conditions, like eczema, psoriasis, etc. If you are interested in more info. contact me at ____@____.com

Regardless of what skin condition is truly is, I know of a product line that may help. It is called Renew (the lotion is better than Eucerin and there is also oil and body wash). If you need to go the route of ointments, their is Dermacort. All of which have a money back quarantee if you aren't satisfied. Let me know if you are interested or go to www.LiveTotalWellness.com/madden

Good luck!

My 6 year old had this. With her it turned out to just be dry skin build up. Babies are so new that their skin cells grow at amazing rates.

It is much like cradle cap. A little baby oil rubbed on or dabbed on will help it loosen, then fall off. Don't worry about scrubbing it away, just in case it is a skin reaction to something.

If it is just cradle cap (which sometimes even reaches the eybrows!), don't worry, it will go away on its' own eventually. If it is a skin condition, you will notice that it gets worse and spreads to other areas of the body. I think you're doing great by keeping up with it and taking the advice of your ped.

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