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Dry Skin

Hi Everyone. My 19 mo. old daughter and I are having a problem with really dry skin. We have hard water and are planning to get a water softener but would like to know if any of you have tried any lotions etc. I could use on the two of us until then (my husband's skin is as soft as can be- go figure!). We both drink plenty of water and I have tried a ton of different lotions but nothing seems to do the trick. Thanks in advance for any help you can give us.

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I did not read all the responses but my recommendation is JOJOBA Oil. its an amazing product, you can buy it at health food stores or at www.mysensaria.com/tessbenson. it penetrates the skin and helps so much. it really helped my daughters cradle cap as well. with letting it sit on the head foe about 10 minutes then washing her head as normal while combing through the cradle cap.

I hope this helps you

Hi B.:

Arbonne makes many great skin products for all ages and all skin types. They make a wonderful body lotion just for babies. If you are interested, please email me and I'll send you a link to the catalog. I would be more than happy to place an order for you.


Hi you may think this is crazy, but the antioxidants and omega 3's (fish oil) in raw unprocessed dark chocolate have amazing results in skin care and the body's immune system.


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Well B. I have found a lotion that has worked wonders on me and my kids. I use Renew lotion from Melaleuca. I have also noticed that using products that do not contain chemicals in them are also a factor in preventing dry skin. Check out the website. www.saferforyourhome.com
And then www.livetotalwellness.com/tlr
Good Luck with the dry skin.

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Hi B., Natural does not mean anything anymore. As a cancer survivor, but who lost my Mom to cancer, I found out about the chemicals in personal care products we have been using on our bodies that contain harmful ingredients that we should avoid. Your skin and your daughters are probably been using soaps with sodium lauryl sulfate, propylene glycol, and other chemicals that you do not have to use, these can dry out and irritate sensitive skin. I have been using a line of products from Neways Int. a 20 year old manufacturer of safe products for consumers. They have a complete baby line called Generations, safe, natural and effective. Lotions, body wash, etc.Please read the labels on products you use and avoid these chemicals. Please do not use vaseline, as that is from gasoline, which is a known carcinogen. Also avoid TEA (triethanolamine) which is also a known carcinogen and still in the Arbonne and Melaleuca and all the J and J lines and Proctor and Gambel. You also want to avoid parabens, which are still in many of the products people have mentioned. Aveeno is manfufactured by Johnson and Johnson, contains petrolatum and parabens (which is gasoline) and carcinogenic.To Learn more you can read the facts on my website at www.healthy-communications.com, and you can also read more at www.1000moms1000dollars.com/positivehealthyliving or you can email me directly at ###-###-####

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Hello B.,

My name is C. and I am a licensed esthetician.
Try this mask I am about to give you before buying new products.
Avocado, banana, honey and milk. Blend, chill and apply all over your face, let it sit for 20 minuts and you'll see the results.
I give this mask to all my clients and they all love it.
Hope you'll try it.
If you have any questions, feel free to call me.
I have a Spa/Salon called C.'s Beauty Spa.
Located at 14110 Olde Hwy 80
ste D
El Cajon, Ca 92021
Have a great day.

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Hi B.,
My name is C. P , I am a Mary Kay consultant & have the same problem with my skin.. I too tried many lotions & found that our Hydrating lotion works wonders on dry skin.. you can visit my ____@____.com/cpage33. Extra emolient nite is also great as well especially hands ands feet.

hi B.,
my daughter has eczema(very dry skin) and my pediatrician recommended Eucerin cream. it comes in a tub and you can buy it at any drugstore or grocery store. it's about $13-$14 dollars, but it lasts a long time. best time to use it is right after a bath or shower.

Ever try Eucerin lotion? My doctor prescribed it for my psoriasis. It goes on very thick (almost like glue) and stays a bit greasy on the skin, but works very well. When I run out of Eucerin I use vasoline or a few drops of baby oil when stepping out of the shower while still wet then pat the skin dry. Hope this helps!

Try Gold Bond Ultra Healing. It worked wonders for our family! :)

I did not read all the responses but my recommendation is JOJOBA Oil. its an amazing product, you can buy it at health food stores or at www.mysensaria.com/tessbenson. it penetrates the skin and helps so much. it really helped my daughters cradle cap as well. with letting it sit on the head foe about 10 minutes then washing her head as normal while combing through the cradle cap.

I hope this helps you

My kids have the same dry problem. My daughter has a little bit of eczema. My doctor gave me samples of cetaphil. It seems like a pretty good moisturizer. He said to put the lotion and frequently as possible. i use it twice a day. So far it's seems to be working. both my children stay soft skinned.

it's not water that is missing from your diet, it's oil (good oil). creams work better than lotions. we also suffer from very dry skin. I use Burt's Bee's on both of us.

i just recently started using aveeno baby "soothing relief moisture cream" on my 16 month old's dry skin and it has worked wonders!! his skin is sooo soft. i also use the aveeno baby wash as well. not the cheepest of products, but i think well worth it. good luck!!! oh yeah, the lotion will be great for your skin as well.

L. :)

The best stuff I know is cetaphill cream. It is expensive - but works.


My 4 month old had really dry skin at one point. The doctors said it was exzema. I use Eucerin lotion and her skin is soft as a baby's bottom. I say try that as soon as she gets out of the tub and it will keep her skin moist all day.

Hello B.,
Melaleuca, Melaleuca, Melaleuca!! They have the best lotion for dry skin. It has been clinically proven to be better than Eucerin (the one that is doctor recommended). It is called Renew Intensive Skin Therapy and it is made with natural oils and ingredients that help heal the skin. The best part is that it is NOT greasy at all. It penetrates and does what it is supposed to do. If you are interested in trying some please contact me and I can help you get some - it's only found online. ____@____.com or ###-###-####. I hope this is helpful and I wish you lots of luck.

If you are using an antibacterial soap in the shower, I think that dries out your skin a lot more. I have dry skin, I use Dove soap, that helps and I love Aveeno lotions.

Hi there,
I highly recommend cream not lotion. My daughter has horribly dry, itchy, irritated skin, most of the time. We use Cetaphil cream (comes in a big jug) and cetaphil soap on her and it works great. Also when she was your daughters age I used a product called California Baby that I got from online at californiababy.com
It smells great and works really, really well. It is their cream. Lotion has to much water in it to really combat dry skin the cream is richer and soaks right in. It does however take a few days to start to help. The water softner is not going to help that much. We already have one and it really does do that much for her. The cream is great. Remember it has to be cream not lotion.
Hope that helps. L.

I see someone already mentioned Shikai Borage Dry skin Therapy for kids. I like this and Mom can use it too (I do). I ordered some online and paid shipping. Then I found it at Henry's. I buy it there now to avoid paying the shipping charge.
I also like Eucerin Cream (also previously mentioned). It's Dr Recommended and leaves skin hydrated. I lather up my son every morning and night.
Good Luck.

I'm not sure if you had ever tried Mary Kay products. It seriously helps the dry skin. I'm not sure exactly what you are looking for but I can recommend a few products.

For the face I would use either of these products; Extra Emollient Night Cream or Advance Moisture Renewal Cream or Intense Moisture Cream. (with a free facial I can find out exactly what you need).

For the body I would use Hydrating Lotion.

One thing with Mary Kay is you get personalized service with me! You just don't buy and if it's not working you toss out. I cater to what you need.

You can contact me anytime. I would love to get together and find that perfect product for the both of you!

R. ###-###-#### or ____@____.com, www.marykay.com/rarnone

I hope this will help you! Take care and be well!

try cetaphil lotion worked very well i also had very dry skin good luck.

Vitamin E and Omega 3 oils.

There is a new purified water coming out next week that is a super hydrater you might try.

You may have a mild skin condition (since it seems passed on to your daughter) and may want to get a culture done to be sure.

I have used the same brand of products for 13 years, skin care, laundry and nutritional supplements. Find something that works for you and stick with it. There are so many new things out all the time and we (the collective we) think new will fix us. Keep it simple, and if you are interested in what I use go to www.we-us.mychoices.biz. A herd of wild horses couldn't drag me away from these products.

I have a skin disorder where I need my skin to be super moisturized, and I used Cetaphil. I use the cream version as it keeps my skin moisturized better than the lotion. I even use it on my girls, and we also used the Cetaphil soap bar for the bath/shower. It's non-comagenic, so no perfumes, etc. Works great!

Hello B.. i understand your concern. My niece as well as myself suffer from severe dry skin, and what we were both recommended was to use the lotion called aquaphor. I ususally buy the one for me at the Hospital's farmacy, and they have different prices, based on the container. Until today, sort of speak, i'm using that cream, and so far so good on my face, it's not oily, nor sticky ( at least not to me). Try it, or perhaps ask your Ped. if alright to use on the baby's skin.


I have found that Arbonne Baby Lotion and Oil would be great for your 19 month old and for you, B., I would recommend the Arbonne Re9 Body Serum and Lotion. Check out my website on www.joannmalony.myarbonne.com or arbonne.com and look at the before and after pics. Amazing!
Good Luck,

I know it sounds weird...VASELINE! My daughter has eczema pretty bad during severe weather and this helps tremendously!


Try using Vasaline. You had to rub it in very well but it really works!!


Possibly you and her eat similar things and are either deficient in or unable to absorb the relevant vitamins - which include C and the B's as well as A E and various minerals, especially Zinc.
Are you eating lots of fruits, fresh foods, (unprocessed) raw or lightly steamed vegetables?

Also take short showers daily - not too hot - and add oil based creams immediately to seal in that hydration. Don't let her play in bath water if that makes it worse for her, just in and out and the cream / oil.

I put Neutogena body oil in my lotion for myself & my youngest son. It works wonders.

Hi! My son has exzema and his dr. recommended Cetaphil for him. Actually, two dermatologists and a pediatrician recommended it. I also am using Mustella's eczema line.

I've experienced the same with all three of mine and Cetaphil cream has proven to be the best of the rest. I've also limited their time in the bath tub and most times just opt for showers. Another thing you might look into with your childs pediatrician or health professional is a fish oil supplement. Along with the Cetaphil cream, I've seen the most improvement in my daughter that has eczema. Hope to be helpful.

I am a Regional Vice President with Arbonne and I am not telling you this to try to sell you something, but really our baby line is AMAZING! It has no fragrance, no dye, no chemicals, no mineral oil and it is vegan certified, so it is very healthy for you baby. It is also super moistuzing. My twins had very dry patches and when I put the baby line on them their skin was better in just a few days. Everything is gaurenteed for 45 days. I promise you will love the products and your baby's skin will love them to.

Please check out my web site at: liveabetterlife.myarbonne.com or e-mail me back at ____@____.com. I can also give you the products at wholesale which is 35% off the reatil price you see on the web site.

I actually like Curél® Life Stages™ nurturing comfort™ Moisture Cream for Pregnancy and Motherhood. The product claims to "relieve dry, tight skin, making it soft and comfortable, including postpartum skin. It's even safe to use on your baby." I've been using it for a few months now and I have to agree that it really does moisturize the skin really well, especially after a shower or bath. Also, you're on the right track by keeping hydrated with plenty of water. Good luck! :)

I slather my 19mo old in organic olive oil at night, then put her pjs on. It will really help her dry skin, give it a try(doesn't have to be organic, just regular extra virgin olive oil works).

I really like arbonne stuff. There is a salt scrub that I use after every shower with oily stuff in it. I am sorry, I am sure someone who sells it can tell you better about it. I just know it works! Don't use any lotions with frangrance either because those have alcohol that dry your skin. If you want information on the Arbonne stuff let me know. I can get you my friends information who sells it to me.

We're also plagued with very dry skin. We use some of the arbonne products. But, what I will do on occasion is use Vaseline Petroleum Jelly or Aquaphor. It can be really greasy, but it's good at night or while in the shower. Then, rinse briefly without soap and dry leaving the moisturizing film on your skin. I don't use it everyday, but once in a while to heal my skin, then I don't need it for a while.


We use the baby excema cream. you can find it at walgreens. the lotion is thick and in 2 nights it is gone. my daughter had red sores from her legs being so dry.

I haven't tried this yet, but I just read a recommendation from a dermatologist to use safflower oil (yes, from the grocery store). She said that it takes a little time to soak in, but that it is a great moisturizer, and as a bonus, very inexpensive. She said that you can also use olive oil, but that it might make you smell like a salad.

Arbonne skin care - they a set for babies that is amazing for dry skin or sensitive skin babies. Check it out at www.Arbonne.com

are you getting enough omega 3's in your diet
shea butter, coconut oil, etc

The healthiest & most effective thing I can think of is using pure coconut oil. You can get it in the health food store (Sprout's, Henry's, Jimbo's). It is solid white in the jar, but melts quickly with your body heat. I use it in place of lotion as well as on my face to moisturize at night. The many people I have recommended it to swear by it's effectiveness. If you are not aware of coconut oil's many benefits, just google it.
Remember, anything you rub into your skin is being absorbed into your blood, so choose something non-toxic & good for your body.

very best thing i have found is a japnese made cream Yu.Be at yu-be.com

expensive but worth every penny has a slight camphor odor that vanishes in a few seconds. i find it at planet blue in malibu ca. but you can order on line. good luck.

Hi B.:

Arbonne makes many great skin products for all ages and all skin types. They make a wonderful body lotion just for babies. If you are interested, please email me and I'll send you a link to the catalog. I would be more than happy to place an order for you.


I do not know if you have ever heard of Melaleuca but they have an AMAZING cream for Dry Skin and Eczema called Renew! I rep the company but I am not saying this just because I do. It really blows everything else out of the water! I have a number of friends who would not live without it now. You are free to call me at ###-###-#### to ask more questions or just go the the website yourself www.melaleuca.com

Good Luck!

Hi you may think this is crazy, but the antioxidants and omega 3's (fish oil) in raw unprocessed dark chocolate have amazing results in skin care and the body's immune system.


Renew from Melaleuca!!!! It's been proven better than Eucerin

Here is the link. http://www.melaleuca.com/ps/index.cfm?f=ps.productDetail&...

I can send you a sample if you'd like!


we wash our kids with water every day but only use dove sensitive skin every other day and use eucerin cream in the tub not lotion dispenser and after about 2 day if it's not that bad or a week if it is they are soft and smooth and non itchy. Try switching laundry soap too it can dry out their skin too we use a die free perfum free tide for front load machines but there are a lot of them out there

Try Aveeno Baby Lotion. It works for us!

We find taking a shower/bath every day actually helps hydrate the skin as long as there's no sitting in soapy water and you slather on a good lotion or cream immediately afterwards to seal all the moisture in. (Don't rub dry with a towel, just pat.) We use Eucerin, easy to apply, non-irritating and absorbs quickly.

We use a cool-mist humidifier in my daughter's room to keep the air moist.

We take fish oil supplements daily. These take a while to work. I get my kids' tablets at Sprouts. They're from Nordic Naturals and are chewable (tasty) and toxin-free. The oil also comes in a bottle so it can be mixed into her food since the tiny tablets might be a choking hazard. (Although they are super tiny.) I'd say regular, consistent use is important though.

Aveeno - I like their line of dry skin products. They have really gentle washes for children and adults - because what you are using to shower with is just as important as what lotion you put on afterwards.

And I swear by Banana Boat's After Sun Aloe Lotion - I have eczema and dry skin and living in the IE does not help - but it is all I use on my face and body and it works great - because its designed for dry, red skin after you've had sun exposure. For my hands I use the Aveeno hand lotion in addition.

Good luck to you and your daughter :-)

I would suggest taking Omega 3 fish oils. My daughter had such dry skin that it hurt her and felt like burns. We started using a baby lotion by Arbonne and that helped a lot and then I pumped up her fish oils and that did the trick completely. Now with the great lotion for babies by Arbonne and the fish oils, she has not had a problem in about a year and a half. For my kids I use Carlson for Kids Chewable DHA bursting orange flavor, they love them and call them their gummy vitamins. For my husband and I, because fish olis are not just for skin, it is such great heart support, brain support, etc. I use Living Fuel fish oils that can be purchased by going to www.livingfuel.com and they are the best on the market and do not make you burp up fishy taste at all!!

If you need an Arbonne distributor, my friend sells it and I can get you the info if you would like!

Also, if you want a great water company to purify and soften your water check out www.lifesource.com

Best of luck to you and God bless you and your family!!
W. :)

Hi B., I would be happy to send you some samples of the Arbonne baby line and a sample of the NutriMinC Body lotion and serum for you and your husband to try as well. I am so there with you on the dry skin. My skin use to be so dry that I would itch so bad. I started using Arbonne and it works amazingly on my family. The key to helping you hydrate your skin is to use products that don't have MINERAL OIL in them. Mineral oil is crude oil/petroleum doctored up with tons of other ingredients and fragrances to hide the bad smells. Any product containing this ingredient will not penetrate the skin. Mineral oil acts as an occlusive barrier. If you want to take it a step further, take some Johnson & Johnson baby oil (#1 ingredient on bottle MINERAL OIL) or any baby oil and pour it into a bowl. Then put a ritz cracker in there let it sit for a bit do another bowl with water at the same and put a cracker in there. You will see what I mean. The cracker is still in tact and crunchy and the cracker in water has absorbed. This is the point I am trying to make, the mineral oil didn't penetrate the cracker. Eucerin, Aveeno, Cetaphill, Neutrogena and so on do not work. Arbonne's products are water based and absorbed into your skin.

Please email me and I will send you some samples if you like to give it a try. No sense in spending a ton of money until you find something that actually works.

____@____.com or www.trishdewell.myarbonne.com

Our son has eczema and I have dry skin and what seems to work best is Melaleuca Bath Oil in the tub. He was always a difficult kid to cover with lotion but I have been told that Eucerine lotion works well if you can use it a couple times a day. Now that he's 4 he will apply lotion on his own when I remind him that itchy skin needs lotion (we use Melaleuca Renew lotion) which is awesome. Unfortunately with Melaleuca you need to be a representative or know someone who is a representative that will sell it to you. My ex had dry and cracked feet and used Cornhuskers lotion and it did wonders for him.

Hi B., I too have terribly dry skin and have tried many
lotions over the years with little or no help. I have found
that Renew Lotion works wonderfully for my skin as well as grandkids with exzema. This time of year with summer coming on it's really important to use a good sun screen as well not only to protect against the suns rays but also help with the moisture loss.

Try Aquaphor they have one for kids also.It's worked on my daughter checks and my sons lips and my hands.You can get it at any drug store.

When you say plenty of water... how much are you referring to? Many people think they are drinking enough, but they don't really. Shoot for 1/2 your body weight in ounces per day at a minimum. If you work out add in another 8-16 ounces. No alcohol or caffeine because those both dry out the skin. The other thing is that you might be deficient in vitamin E. You need at least 400 IU's daily.

My doctor recommended Eucerin cream. It has worked very well. He also suggested putting on immediately after bath or shower. Another cream that has worked wonders is Rescue Cream by Bach. It is in a yellow tube found at Jimbo's or other homeopathic carriers.

what i use is eucerine, aveeno, and renew (you can see this product on melaleuca.com) or vasiline intensive care. these all work great and you can use them on the baby too! my nephews have eczema and i found that these lotions and creams worked the best! good luck!

KERI LOTION, deep conditioning kind for DRY SKIN(there are many different choices). I swear by it---I've been using it since I was a teen. Next, after a shower I put on Nutrigena body oil, sesame scented, wonderful. But only put the oil on knees, shins, elbows, writs, neck. Oil cloggs pores if too much but is wonderful for those places. Especially in the hot weather you dont want to oil your entire body.
Anyway, try those 2 things and without a doubt you'll have soft, smooth skin in no time.


Arbonne products are great. All natural, you can use them on you and baby. In fact, they have a baby line that I exclusively use on my daughter. Her skin was horrible until about a year ago. She still flares up though. The salt scrub and skin conditioning oil is fantastic! www.skincarebasics.myarbonne.com

HI B.,
After I had my daughter 2 months ago, my skin is acting super wacky-dry-almost burned looking. The only thing that doesn't irritate my skin-be it face or feet-is olive oil. Straight out of the pantry. Love it.

Hi B.,
I have very dry skin and use Bazil Essentials' body butter. I also use it on my kids because it does not irritate their skin. They also have a lotion and all of their products are 100% organic. Their website is www.bazilessentials.com They are a local Santa Barbara company! (I think you get free shipping if you live in SB).

ShiKai Borage Dry Skin Therapy - Children's Lotion. You can find it at ShiKai.com. They have an adult version too. I swear by this lotion ever since it cured my sons eczema. Good Luck.

The Body Shop's body butters are really great for dry skin and I believe that they are all natural so they probably should be safe for your daughter as well. They smell great also.

start by changing soaps. try something without fragrance. arbonne makes a very gentle frangrance-free baby wash. you can also get baby oil and baby lotion through arbonne. it's only sold by an arbonne rep (like mary kay). you can go to www.arbonne.com and find someone in your area. you can get free samples from the rep to see if you like the products before you buy them...they're much more expensive that store brands. if you can't find someone near you, i can send you samples in the mail. i don't really sell it anymore but i have a ton of baby samples.

You might want to take either fish oil gel tablets or Vitamin E. You don't have to spend a lot of money to get relief. Check out your soap that you are wsshing your body with and go to a milder soap. I know we Americans are shower crazy, but take a bath or shower only every 3rd day. Twice a week is enough. Put a small "wash-up" in the sink. My Grandma called it Hitting the hot spots.Your Armpits and private area.Really other than that your don't get that dirty. Be sure to keep washing your hands often. So buy some nice washcloths and take advantage of them. I found some really nice fully ones at Marshals.For your daughter, also check the detergent you are washing her clothes in. Mild Dreft is good. Sometimes babies re-act to that.
A good lotion is for you and baby is Johnson & Johnson 24 hour lotion. Check out the baby isle for their line of lotions, they are gentle and effective.
I don't understand why men are not plauged with this problem. My husband has never put lotion on his body.. nor does he have the wrinkle I do..I think he cused them ha ha

Sometimes allergies can cause dry skin. This is what my doctor told me. The causes can be external/environmental/or internal medical conditions. Not to scare you but just an interesting FYI on it. The water softener should be great.

Here is a link about dry skin:

Take care and good luck,

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