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Dry Hacking Cough and Runny Nose!

My 4 1/2 yr. old has a dry, hacking cough and a runny nose...we are uninsured at this time, so if this is not an emergency, I am not inclined to take him in yet. What I am wondering, is has anyone dealt with this before with a remedy that helps? I have done the Triaminic Flu cough and fever..cause he was lethargic and running a fever for a day...now for two days he is having the dry hacking cough...we have done the cough and chest congestion DM..Another cough med. Cough drops...which he won't do..doesn't like them. Warm water with honey! Chest rub...
Now my five yr. old was the same way..he had a fever and was lethargic, the day before my 4 yr old. He has the more productive cough.
Ohhhh!Its only been 4 or 5 days of all this snotty nose, fever,coughing yuck, but I am about to pull my hair out!! Lol!!
Please, any ideas are more than welcome!!

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He is still coughing some, but nothing like he was!!! We have done the shower steaming and going outside...its seems to have turned into a mixture of productive and dry coughing...we are working on the runny noses too, but overall...he is getting better!! I will keep updating! I have posted other places and never, never got even half the responses I have gotten here!!! Thank you all so much!!

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It sounds like it needs to be moistened. Try running a humidifier in his room, it should help, a lot. If you don't have one, take him into the bathroom with a very hot shower running and sit in there for about 20 minutes and let him breathe in the steam. It might take a couple times, but it will work! My older two boys have suffered from croup multiple times and the bathroom was the only thing that saved us!

Good luck.

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I am an MA, and no, there should be no need for the doctor. As a mom, I would STOP giving him cough medicine and start treating the NOSE. The nose is what is directly causing the cough it sounds like. Try a warm mist humidifier, try a warm shower, or take the kid outside!! The cold is EXCELLENT for colds and allergies, it kills the yuckies, you can also try a small amount of OTC cold medicine that will dry up the nose, or even an allergy med. If his coughing and runny nose continue for over 7 days, get worse or have color like greeinsh or yellowish to them, you need to take him in. Good luck (BTW, when he blows his nose, make it a light blow, hard blows can put the yuckie stuff back into the body.)

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Sometimes they get the cough from the post nasal drip. Maybe try some allergy medicine, that has worked for me.

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In reference to insurance have you looked into Healthy Families? It covers your children but not you.

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I totally agree with Jaci D. Also, one of my children had those symptoms and it turned out to be asthmatic related. Just keep an eye on them. Good luck!

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does the cough sound like a barking noise? or is it just dry? if its barking, it could be croup which really has no treament, just keep the fever down, tylenol and motrin work great and keep him hydrated with pedialyte.

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Hi K., my daughter had the same symtoms.cough,runny nose but no fever.and it went on for like 2 weeks we kept thinking it was a cold.or allergies and we kept treating it like those conditions. finally i took her in and found that she was dehydrated,they had to give her an Iv and it turned out to be phenomia then that turned into bronchitis .she had the barking sound which i thought was croup. the runny nose was caused by the drip. the poor thing was hooked up for 2hrs then she was on an antibiotic for 10 days. now she has to do treatments when ever it gets cold or the first signs of a barking sound or a lot of coughing. so i would do whatever you have to do to get that child in.that is something i would not be trying to just band- aid. ther could be numerios things going on the lethargic part is really scary.sweety get that child in no matter the cost. i to have no insurance.I wish you all the luck.

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If you take your kids to St. Francis Hospital in Federal Way they have a program that will pay for all your medical needs except the doctor fee! Personaly I would take them about a year ago my two year old had the same problem, like you we tried everything but nothing seemed to work. We finally took her in when she became lethargic and ended staying in the hospital for a week and was diagnost with asthma!

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Try Children's Sudaphed. You will have to go to the pharmacy, because they keep it behind the counter because it has Pseudaphed in it. It will help clear up the runny nose. Make sure that they wash their hands frequently and don't rub their eyes, otherwise you may end up with pink eye too. Humidifier is a good thing to run too. We are going through this right now and were at the doctor yesterday, so these are some of the things we were told, but also got antibiotics. Good luck.

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