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Dry Erase Marker on My Wall

My son got a hold of a Dry Erase Marker and got some on the wall. Any advice on how to get it off without damaging the paint. I've tried the Magic Eraser and it only made it lighter. should i just go out and buy some paint to cover it up?

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I don't actually have any advice to give, just wanted to let you know that you have a little competition over Nathan Fillion. :)
My husband already knows I'd leave him for Captain Mal.

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I also use Sol-U-Mel and it really does work great. It is all natural and contains no caustic chemicals and is also biodegradable. It works so well because it penetrates deep into the stain and dissolves it from the inside. It can be used for a number of things, not just removing stains. You can use it as an air purification/freshener, for allergic reactions, asthma, baby wipes, dust mites, fingernail polish remover and you can even use it as a bug spray (it kills ants and spiders instantly). It is concentrated so a little bit goes a long way. If you want, you can email me directly and I can give you the information you need to purchase it.

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I don't actually have any advice to give, just wanted to let you know that you have a little competition over Nathan Fillion. :)
My husband already knows I'd leave him for Captain Mal.

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Try vinegar and water. I keep a bottle of it under my sink and use it for everything. I love it. Good luck!

Hi, T., Sol-U-Mel, from Melaleuca, removes ANY stain!!! Great to have on hand! Good luck! N. B.

put rubbing alcohol on the magic eraser and SCRUB!!!! should work!

Do you live close to Midlothian, VA? I have SolUMel and I know from experience that it will take off just about anything from a wall or anything else. You are welcomed to use some of mine to test it. It only takes a cotton ball dunked into the SolUMel for me to take Sharpie Marker off my walls, floors and fridge (so far). And...it's NON-TOXIC too! So it won't hurt you, kids or pets. YEA!!!!

Let me know, okay?

Take Care,
N. =) SAHM homeschooling 3 boys 12, 7 & 2 yrs old and married to Mr. Wonderful for almost 15yrs.

I have used Scour off by Shaklee to remove permanent and Dry Erase Marker. It's all natural and doesn't lighten paint colors

J. Z.

It smells AWFUL, but "GOOF OFF" on a soft cloth rubbed lightly will get rid of it (and permanent marker as well). If you use too much pressure, the paint WILL come off, but this is the only thing I've ever found that works and my 2 boys have done a lot of mischevious things! Good luck.

Hi T.,

Have you ever tried Concentrated Sol-U-Mel is can be used to remove permanent marker stains, crayon, chocolate stains, gum, pet stains & odors, carpet spots. This is an all natural product that is safe for family and pets. It goes a long way and is very affordable. It really works because my 2 year old grandson used my walls to do his drawing on instead of paper. If you would like more information on this let me know.


Try Mr.Clean magic eraser! They're super!

No advice, just wanted to give a shout-out to another Joss/Nathan fan!

I read somewhere a while back that you can use regular (not gel) toothpaste to clean painted or varnished surfaces, like walls or wood tables. I have not tried it myself but heard from other mom's that it worked for them.

Hey - I use Sol U Mel on marker - it works great - takes it off of everything.

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