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Dry Cough

Hello ladies!
Our son is almost 6 months. Yesterday, I noticed that he started to cough. He doesn't have temperature or snivels. There is only the dry cough! What can I do?

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Hello Ladies!
Thank you for your advice! I use a humidifier with menthol and eucalypt oils. Today, he is much better, he coughs maybe one or two times. I am almost sure through several days he won't have cough at all.
Thank all of you.

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try a humidifier at night it helps tremendously. This time of year that happens a lot. I hope that helps

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The best thing is let your son ride it out. I know it's tough because my two little ones just recently got over a cold. My pediatrician said I couldn't give them any OTC medicines and that they needed to build up their immune system. It usually lasts for two weeks.

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This could be allergies....me and both of my daughters cough due to allergies, and it is always worse in the fall. Since he is so young, you will have to take him to the doctor to get help for that. If you don't get something to help it, the cough could cause infection.

i'm sure this has been said ... but a humidifier helps a lot. sometimes that's the only thing that seems to make a difference w/my 4-y-o's coughing.

Try to push fluids. I don't recommend juices at his young age - so no popcicles, but you could do those old-school stick in the ice-cube tray frozen treats. I'd just make them water though.

Keep your eye out for signs of allergy (puffy eyes, cranky, etc).

The hot steamy room idea suggested earlier does work wonders! It'll moisten up the throat area, plus when its a chunky cough, it'll break up the mucous and send it out! :)

Have you ruled out it might be him teething? If he is drooling alot and producing more saliva than normal due to teething, he may be swallowing some and in turn coughing.

If it's simply just the dry cough only, it could be that your son has simply figured out that he can do that, and is 'practicing'. My daughter started doing the same thing at about that same age (and still does it sometimes), and we finally figured out that she's just 'faking'. In other words, she's figured out that's a new sound she can make and she wants to keep doing it over and over again. Without actually seeing or hearing your son's cough, it's POSSIBLE that may be all it is.

sorry to say this,but i am not a DR,i cant give you any advise,thats what a dr,is for,I advise you to take him to his pedi,[DR}

Take him in the bathroom, close the door, turn on the shower really hot and sit there for 15 mins. This worked the best for me, and 6 mos is really early to use meds.

Try saline nasal drops, if its a cold it helps to wash it out. Also it could be slight allergies. Also rub his chest with vicks baby rub. The vapors help as well as more liquids. This are the few things my pedi as recommended for me. Good luck mom. BLESSINGS !! D. S.

yeah the dry cough is the first way babies learn to use their vocal chords. so don't worry too much unless she shows other signs of being sick.

try a humidifier at night it helps tremendously. This time of year that happens a lot. I hope that helps

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