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Dry Areola

I am in my 36th week, and have developed very dry nipples/areolas. I had read in a book that you should not use lotion on your nipples or areolas because it can block the ducts. Does anyone know of a lotion that is safe to use? Could I use the cream that is used for nursing moms? Is that like lotion or more of a gel? Does it absorb or stay sticky under your bra? Thank you.

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Thank you to everyone for all the wonderful advice. You are all so helpful! I picked up some of that Lanolin, it definitely helped!

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Lanolin. You can even use it once the baby is born. The baby can ingest it and it's perfectly safe.

Lansinoh worked for me. I also used gel pads that could be refrigerated, but they were more for soreness than dryness.

I use jojoba oil on my skin, which seems to help, and it is not really greasy. I never used it on my nipples, but I don't see why it would be a problem.

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Use the Lanolin cream that nursing mothers use....it is sticky but will work. After applying, let it air dry a bit before putting your bra on. Good luck!
-J. D.

Congratulations! You'll need Lansinoh, which is wonderful. It's very sticky and is the only ointment endorsed by the La Leche League for nursing mothers.

Good luck,

You might want to talk to your doctor about what lotions to use, but in the mean time, you may want to try a gentler soap in the shower... your changing hormones might be reacting to something in your soap, even if you've used it forever!

I had the same problem. I used nursing cream (Lansanioh (sp?), and it worked great. It also helped to get my nipples ready for nursing.But I really like the ones that come in a stick form (like chapstick) They were easy to carry with me and easy to use.They also only left a thin layer when put on.I think Gerber makes the one I used.When I stopped while breastfeeding my nipples cracked!Then I used the Lansanoh until they healed and then sort of used both.(I also liked the stick form to keep in my diaper bag for me and the baby. It helped keep them from getting chapped cheeks, lips, ect...I used it on them too!) Any of the lanolin creams for breast feeding should work, but most a little thick and do not absorbe quickly. Hope that helps! Good luck!

Hi, you can use Lanolin which you can find near breastfeeding supplies in the store. It's really sticky, not like a lotion. It softens up if you rub it between your fingers first. I just found a lanolin spray at Target. It's so much easier to use! Good luck! M.


If your breasts has already started leaking (some pregnant women experience this and I did when I was about 5-6 months all the way until I gave birth) you can rub the discharge from your nipples on your areola (by slightly pinching or rubbing your nipples firmly until it comes out, which is also good practice if you want to breast feed)or you can buy pure cocoa butter (it usually comes in stick form or Palmers, the stick is better) and rub a very little of it on your nipples and areola too. That will help with the dryness.

Sometimes you can't do everything by the book cause you will learn that the book can't always help you. You need good ol fashion remedies to assist you. Trust me they work!

I used lanolin during my pregnancy. You can get it at your local pharmacy and it will absorb as your body heats it up. Once you have your bundle of joy the infant's saliva will have a soothing/healing effect on the area if you are nursing.

the body does some crazy stuff during pregnancy. Chances are high that it will go away pretty soon after you give birth and hormone levels drop off- or, esp if you are breastfeeding. You are prob shopping for a nursing bra about now, at least this is when they suggest you shop for it. these are really soft and easy to open and position a nursing pad. Any extra lotions you use will prob leak thru your clothes so go get some of those nursing pads. They have reuseable and disposable. The reuseables are very soft and comfortable but start to get a bit mishapen after multiple (!) washes. The disposable are a bit rough until the lotion soaks in-and that's only if you were able to detect the subtle difference in the front vs back of the pad and put it on right!
As for lotion, if you want light, just shower and rub in olive oil or any other naturally extracted oil. (sunflower/almond) If you want heavy duty use the lanolin for nursing moms. It is like clear motor oil but it is REALLY effective. Hop on it now or else if you decide to breastfeed you might be very uncomfortable and possibly have your dried skin crack open.

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