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Dry Areola

I am in my 36th week, and have developed very dry nipples/areolas. I had read in a book that you should not use lotion on your nipples or areolas because it can block the ducts. Does anyone know of a lotion that is safe to use? Could I use the cream that is used for nursing moms? Is that like lotion or more of a gel? Does it absorb or stay sticky under your bra? Thank you.

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Thank you to everyone for all the wonderful advice. You are all so helpful! I picked up some of that Lanolin, it definitely helped!

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Lanolin. You can even use it once the baby is born. The baby can ingest it and it's perfectly safe.

Lansinoh worked for me. I also used gel pads that could be refrigerated, but they were more for soreness than dryness.

I use jojoba oil on my skin, which seems to help, and it is not really greasy. I never used it on my nipples, but I don't see why it would be a problem.

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Use the Lanolin cream that nursing mothers use....it is sticky but will work. After applying, let it air dry a bit before putting your bra on. Good luck!
-J. D.

Congratulations! You'll need Lansinoh, which is wonderful. It's very sticky and is the only ointment endorsed by the La Leche League for nursing mothers.

Good luck,

You might want to talk to your doctor about what lotions to use, but in the mean time, you may want to try a gentler soap in the shower... your changing hormones might be reacting to something in your soap, even if you've used it forever!

I had the same problem. I used nursing cream (Lansanioh (sp?), and it worked great. It also helped to get my nipples ready for nursing.But I really like the ones that come in a stick form (like chapstick) They were easy to carry with me and easy to use.They also only left a thin layer when put on.I think Gerber makes the one I used.When I stopped while breastfeeding my nipples cracked!Then I used the Lansanoh until they healed and then sort of used both.(I also liked the stick form to keep in my diaper bag for me and the baby. It helped keep them from getting chapped cheeks, lips, ect...I used it on them too!) Any of the lanolin creams for breast feeding should work, but most a little thick and do not absorbe quickly. Hope that helps! Good luck!

Hi, you can use Lanolin which you can find near breastfeeding supplies in the store. It's really sticky, not like a lotion. It softens up if you rub it between your fingers first. I just found a lanolin spray at Target. It's so much easier to use! Good luck! M.


If your breasts has already started leaking (some pregnant women experience this and I did when I was about 5-6 months all the way until I gave birth) you can rub the discharge from your nipples on your areola (by slightly pinching or rubbing your nipples firmly until it comes out, which is also good practice if you want to breast feed)or you can buy pure cocoa butter (it usually comes in stick form or Palmers, the stick is better) and rub a very little of it on your nipples and areola too. That will help with the dryness.

Sometimes you can't do everything by the book cause you will learn that the book can't always help you. You need good ol fashion remedies to assist you. Trust me they work!

I used lanolin during my pregnancy. You can get it at your local pharmacy and it will absorb as your body heats it up. Once you have your bundle of joy the infant's saliva will have a soothing/healing effect on the area if you are nursing.

the body does some crazy stuff during pregnancy. Chances are high that it will go away pretty soon after you give birth and hormone levels drop off- or, esp if you are breastfeeding. You are prob shopping for a nursing bra about now, at least this is when they suggest you shop for it. these are really soft and easy to open and position a nursing pad. Any extra lotions you use will prob leak thru your clothes so go get some of those nursing pads. They have reuseable and disposable. The reuseables are very soft and comfortable but start to get a bit mishapen after multiple (!) washes. The disposable are a bit rough until the lotion soaks in-and that's only if you were able to detect the subtle difference in the front vs back of the pad and put it on right!
As for lotion, if you want light, just shower and rub in olive oil or any other naturally extracted oil. (sunflower/almond) If you want heavy duty use the lanolin for nursing moms. It is like clear motor oil but it is REALLY effective. Hop on it now or else if you decide to breastfeed you might be very uncomfortable and possibly have your dried skin crack open.

Try Lansinoh brand Lanolin ointment. It's not really a cream or a gel, it's more like thick vasoline. It says right on the tube that it can be used during the last trimester to condition the nipples by applying twice daily to ease dryness and promote healthy supple skin. It's in a purple tube. Good luck.

lansinoh-it's the best for nursing because it's safe for the babe and doesn't need to be wiped off before nursing

try olive oil on nipple. that's what i use during nursing as per my lactation consultants feedback. totally safe. natural healer. natural oil.

Best of luck!


I have been breastfeeding my son for 18 months now, and I agree that Lansinoh is terrific. BUT, it is sticky, so if you use it be sure to also put a breast pad in your bra to keep from ruining it. I also like the Olive Oil idea, I will have to remember that for the future.

Hi S.,

Do you drink enough water? Divide the pounds of body weight in half to get the ounces of water you should have each day ... maybe even more if you are pregnant because the amniotic fluid is changed 7x/day...

Safflower Oil is excellent for dry skin -- and Olive Oil works too. We keep aloe vera plants to use the pulp from the leaves on our skin -- the best thing for sunburns I have found! It is kinda sticky though until it absorbs into the skin -- which generally does not take long, so I usually put it on again.

Warm Regards,

(: have an awesome day :)

"Lansinoh brand Lanolin, For breastfeeding mothers" works amazingly. I know it says it's for breastfeeding mothers but what it's for is to condition your dry sore nipples. I used it in the last stages of my pregnancy, during the beginning of breastfeeding and now again during my breastfeeding/pregnancy. It works like nothing else. You can get it at Target, or any store like that. Also they usually give you small tubes at the hospital after you give birth. Just remember "Lanolin"

Hello! There is a wonderful product called Lansinoh. Its pure lanolin and is just what you need. It will not block your ducts, and it is OK if you use it while actively nursing, it will not hurt your baby if s/he ingests it. It saved me a number of times. Lansinoh is just the brand name, there are other brands out there, just make sure it is pure lanolin.
Good luck to you, and kudos to you for nursing. It isn't always easy but its the best thing for baby (and you!).

Try Lansinoh, it is what people use for dry nipples once they start nursing. It does not block the ducts.

I am also a 34 year old first time mom. My son was born 7 weeks ago. I would suggest using one of the lanolin based products that nursing moms use when breastfeeding. Pure Lan is a good brand but any lanolin product should work fine. The lanolin is like a thick gel. Yes it's a little sticky so you might want to buy some nursing bra pads to save your bras. Having both the lanonlin and bra pads on hand before your baby comes will be great because it will be one less thing you have to worry about! The lanolin will be great for that first few weeks you breastfeed and your nipples are sore and so will the bra pads. Good luck...it's the most amazing thing in the world!!

Call Breastfeeding resources. They are SOOO helpful and it doesn't matter where you live they can help you over the phone. They are located in Stratford, CT ###-###-####. They know best.

Lansinoh Lanolin will help a lot. It is about 8 dollars a tube and well worth it. It is great for dry, cracked, and chapped nipples when breastfeeding so I am sure it will work for pregnancy too.

I would suggest using the "nursing cream" just be careful I found that it stained a couple of my shirts, so wear a breast pad w/ it to protect your bras and shirts.

Lansinoh lanolin is good, but very sticky. Edible oils like coconut oil, sweet almond oil, or even olive oil would be effective, too. Also, you should try to figure out what's going on in your body that you have a dry skin problem. Are you eating enough healthy fats to support both you and your baby? Probiotics? Your body will withhold nutrients from you to support the baby. First, try EATING more healthy fats, like avocados, walnuts, olive oil dressings on salad, coconut oil, flaxseed oil. Second, you could try increasing dietary probiotics by adding yogurt, kefir, even an acidophilus supplement. Be careful that the yogurt is unsweetened and whole milk (I buy Stonyfield Farm plain yogurt at the supermarket), and mix in your own fruit. Commercial sweetened yogurt, even those that are orgainc and sweetened with cane juice, will pull more minerals out of your system to digest, possibly removing the very minerals you need. Third, since it's such a glorious Spring, try to get outside in the sunlight with no sunblock on, just for a little while each day - you could be low in vitamin D, and this is a perfect way to get more of it. Vitamin D supplements are not really absorbed well. Good luck!

Lansinoh worked for me. I also used gel pads that could be refrigerated, but they were more for soreness than dryness.

Use Lanolin - it heals everything. It is sticky and thick (like wax you'd use to style hair). You can use a breast pad if you're worried about the bra. You'll love the Lanolin once you start nursing (you'll come to love breast pads too!). If you want to use lotion - just be sure to use a frangrance free, hypoallergenic type. FYI Lanolin is also wonderful for small cuts and scratches - like when the baby scratches himself with tiny nails:)

Lanolin. I had cracked nipples - it was awful, but Lanolin was great. The baby can ingest it and there is no problem. I think you can get it at a Health Food Store. The cream for nursing moms will work too, but the lanolin worked best for me.

I know that there are creams out there specifically for sore nipples due to nursing (I think that there is one out there can Lanolin or something like that)- I am sure that they would be perfectly safe to put on your areolas, and would probably help with the dryness you are experiencing. Again, these creams (which can probably be found in Babies R Us stores)are designed specifically for the breasts of nursing mothers, so I am sure that they will not clog the milk ducts or interfere with nursing in any away - good luck!

Hi S.,

You can use Lasinoh, the lotion for nursing moms. It has the consistency of vaseline only much thicker and it does stick to your bra but it will definitely moisturize tha area.

Good Luck and have a healthy delivery

S. V

Try Lasihoh ointment. It's safe for breastfeeding. I got real itchy there while nursing. You might want to wear a breast pad with it...it does get a little icky in your bra if you don't spread it around enough...!

try lansalin cream! You may want to use a nursing pad so that it doesn't stick to your clothes! This stuff is awesome!

Hi S.,
One word: Lansinoh (or the other lanolin by La Leche whose name I cannot recall). It works miracles. It will stain your clothes, bras, etc. so don't wear anything you care about. But it will get you through the cracking and everything else that inevitably happens. It will NOT cause clogged ducts. And don't get discouraged if it is difficult and sometimes painful to breastfeed, especially in the first few weeks. It makes no sense from an evolutionary perspective, but breastfeeding is hard for a lot of moms! Good luck and enjoy your new baby. It's a magical experience.

I second what Anna said. And just a quick note for the future, if you have this same problem while nursing, the best thing for it is to express a little breastmilk and rub it into the areola and let it air dry. It works better than any cream!


My lactation consultant always recommended olive oil. It is easier to put on that a thick cream, and I found it to be more gentle. If you use it when you are nursing, you don't have to wipe it off before nursing. It's a great, cheap fix.


sweet almond oil is awesome. it does not block poors, it is natural. I get it from our local organic store. it is the edible kind. your skin absorbs it, if it gets on your clothes, it washes out. i have had a severe rash under my breasts for a few months because we used a laundry detergent i am allergic to. nothing i tried worked, it either did nothing or made it worse. i put on the sweet almond oil and with in 12 hours the splits in teh creases under my breasts were healed. Not all that expensive and you don't need much. if you have a co-op near you it is about $4 for a 4oz bottle. T.

Try the Lanisoln lanonlin for breastfeeding moms-- purple bottle & packaging. It is great and safe to use. I have used it before & during nursing both of my daughters. It makes a big difference. It is a sticky ointment, but if you purchase nursing pads to wear in your bra there is little mess. And a little ointment does go a long way!

Lansinoh is what I used...I know I am echoing everyone elses response, but it is the best! I am still nursing my almost 14 month old and keep it handy still incase of dry skin, sore nipples, or even dry skin on the baby. It is completely safe, and you don't need to wipe your nipples off before nursing again. After I had the baby I used lansinoh after each time I nursed because I was having problems with craked and dry nipples...it was a life saver!!! Good luck!

Hi S.,

I am 30 weeks pregnant and having the same problem. I never heard about the cream blocking duicts so I have been using the cocoa butter Tummy Butter on my belly and breasts. When I nursed my daughter I used Lansinoh all the time or I would hurt. My only complaint was I had to wear pads because it was greasy. Hope that helps!

medela makes nipple cream for nursing mothers. . they sell it at babies r us and it works good. also ask your ob/gyn if youre not sure.

Lanolin. You can even use it once the baby is born. The baby can ingest it and it's perfectly safe.

I use jojoba oil on my skin, which seems to help, and it is not really greasy. I never used it on my nipples, but I don't see why it would be a problem.

Hi S.,

I experienced the same thing during my pregnancy. I used Lansinoh and this seemed to help and didn't cause any problems for me. I also had my doctor take a look during one of my visits.

The Lansinoh is like a gel and does stay a bit sticky, even stains a bit, so you may want to use a nursing pad as well.

Hope you feel better.

Hey, not sure if anyone else suggested this, but Motherlove Herbal Nipple Cream is the BEST! I used it before I had my baby and during nursing. It totally helps! Lansinoh is sticky and guey and sticks to your bra and stains your clothes...YUCK! This motherlove stuff is like olive oil or something, so nice:) Feels soothing too:)

Hope this helps!

S., the milk ducts are inside your breasts, not outside. The best thing to use is a pure lanolin based product (provided you're not allergic) such as Lansinoh or Lanolish. This is what's typically recommended for nursing moms.
Good luck!

try lansinoh which is made of lanolin. it will also come in handy if and when you are breastfeeding...whats more lanolin is safe for baby! you just have to work it into you breasts after bath.

Hi S.. When I was expecting then nursing, I experienced the same dryness. I used something call "PURELAN". It was a small tube of pure lanolin for breast-feeding moms. It works wonders and it is safe for baby.

First, congrats on your choice to breastfeed! Both you and your baby will benefit greatly from your commitment. I just had baby #4 two weeks ago, and already I have lost ALL of my pregnancy weight (25 pounds) and taken off a few extra, too! Not to mention that my baby is thriving and I am so crazy in love with her that it makes my milk let down just to type about her :)

To answer your question:
Try Lansinoh brand lanolin. Yes, it is pricey. Yes, it is worth it. Even works great for chapped lips and dry lips during labor! It will, however, remain 'sticky' under you bra and leave oily marks on clothes, etc... I suggest using it right after a shower and leave your breasts exposed while you blow dry hair and put on makeup (or whatever you do after your shower!). By then, most of it will have absorbed and you could safely blot off the excess and get dressed. Breast pads may help protect your bra and clothes if you don't mind using them.

Hang in there, momma! Your baby will be here soon!


yes, you can use the lansinoh - it's a lotion/cream that soothes, heals and protects dry, cracked skin. you can use this now and after you give birth if you are breastfeeding. this came in very useful before my son was born. i too was a little dry and my breasts just hurt. you just put a little bit on (your fingers will be a little oily afterwards) and rub the whole entire areola (even the nipple). this is safe for children if you decide to breastfeed. some lotions/creams you have to wash off before feeding, this one you don't.

i hope i helped out a bit.

Try olive oil. Totally healthy. Great moisturizer. If all of it doesn't absorb into your skin, you can try to use nursing pads for a few days.

Lansinoh. You can find it at Target in the isle with all the nursing items. It is in a purple box. It works so well and is wonderful when you are nursing and soar. I am not nursing any more, but I use it when I have a cold and my nose gets raw. Overnight it feels better. It is great stuff and very safe!

Use Lansinoh ....... is a brand of Lanolin....... very good for the cracks and you will see them heel almost as soon as you put it on. Keep it handy if you will be breastfeeding.
If you are breastfeeding..... at the end of each session spread a bit of the milk all over the areola.... this is great for the cracking also. If you buy natural fiber breast pads that you can wash it will be soft and the area... you can find them online. Just remember not use any softner...... they will not absorb as well...... same as cloth diapers if you are going to use them.

There are several products that are safe to use for your baby and your nipples. I would ask your ped for a recommendation. The reason why you do not what to use regular lotion is that your baby will eat it, even it it is a trace amount, getting a little over the counter lotion in the baby's breastmilk is really not a good idea. The rule of thumb is that if you could not eat it or drink it, do not put it on your breast where you could be passing it along to your baby. for temporary comfort try using a little olive oil on the irritated areas.

100% lanolin nipple creams by Medela or Lansinoh are not really like a lotion or cream; they are more of a very thick gel. They absorb eventually, but are pretty sticky. You can buy them at grocery stores, drug stores, Babies R Us, etc. You do not have to remove it before breastfeeding. I used Mother's Special Blend Skin Toning Oil (basically a blend of food grade oils) all over my body while pregnant and did not have any problems.

Hi S.!

Try Lanolin. It's a product for nursing moms that helps treat and prevent dry/cracked nipples. It comes in a tube, but the best way I can describe it is like a wax. You only need to use a very little bit. It's a funky yellow color. You can use it after the baby is born if you are breastfeeding. I was told that you don't have to wash it off before the baby nurses. Be warned though - it can stain your clothes. Try using nursing pads to protect your bra.

Hope that helps. Best of luck!

my dr told me to use lanolin (i think that's what it's called) and yes, it is for the nursing, and YES it is more like a gel and very sticky and will stick to your bra. i would suggest since you're not nursing, keep a paper towel, or napkin in there just to prevent the gel from ruining your bras, once you start nursing just use the nursing pads (since you'll need them anyway to prevent the leaking). hope this helps...you can also double check with your dr. if you want, but it worked wonders for me, and my nipples/areolas were KILLING ME throughout my pregnancy and almost 1 yr afterwards (but i've always had sensitivity there!). hope this helps.

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