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Dry and Flakey Fingertips and Toes Tips on 4 Year Old Son...

Hi Ladies-
I'm hoping that your wisdom will guide me here, since the Ped (said to moisturize), Derm (said Eczema-special cream script) and Allergist (contact dermatitis-take meds) and nothing has helped. My son has been getting dry/flakey finger and toe tips. It's not blistering and the skin isn't broken YET. I have reserached this to the max, and haven't found much. He hasn't had a fever or rash (so, not Kawaisaki or Hand, Foot, Mouth...I think!), or any notable symptoms. He's had a couple colds during this time with a low-grade fever for a day (I read can happen with fever). I requested a urine test and CBC, both are normal....I'm at a complete loss here. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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I had contact dermatitis and it was candida/yeast and diet related. Have you tried cleaning up his diet?

I have had great sucess with mine.


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My suggestion is to visit someone certified in NAET (Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Techniques). I and 2 of my grandchildren have been cured of numerous allergies in this manner. Our doctor is Dr. David Karaba in Fullerton, at the East West Medical Group.

Best wishes,


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Melaleuca, the Wellness Company, has a lotion that beats the best lotion prescribed by the doctors. It helps when many other things don't. If you are interested in this, and other wellness products, don't hesitate to contact me!

Working at Home to Live a Healthy Life

hi - this might sound too simple, but maybe he needs more water in his system... skin dehydration?

Have you tested for yeast? This is my daughter's symptoms when it is out of control. Best test I know is for stools, send them in and they check which medications will and won't work if yeast is present.


Doesn't is stink when you can't figure out what is wrong with your kid!! I wonder if he is deficient in a vitamin or mineral. Or a food allergy. Most regular Doctors won't be able to really do accurate testing for this. You may choose to go the homeopathic or chiropratic route. One thing you could try on you own is Nordic Naturals fish oil. High in omegas, great supplement for the skin and brain! Can be found at Vitamin Shoppe. They come in small strawberry flavor capsules he can just chew. Then of coarse I only use Arbonne on my kids as far as bath a lotions. It gives truely amazing results and has healed chronic skin conditions for zillions of people! But most important is it is pure, safe and benefical and has no perfumes, mineral oil or animal by-products let me know if you would like some samples ____@____.com GOOD LUCK!!

My 2 yo has the same problem on her big toes. Our pediatrician suggested it could be athletes toe ;-) He suggested using Tea Tree Oil (it is an anti-fungal) or an OTC anti-fungal cream. I have not tried it yet.

So far I can keep it down by moisturizing with Lansinoh after each bath (it helps keep the moisture in the skin).

I hope you find something that helps :-)

I had contact dermatitis and it was candida/yeast and diet related. Have you tried cleaning up his diet?

I have had great sucess with mine.


Hi K.,

I'm new to Mamasource, but I saw your post and I couldn't resist responding. My husband lived with cracked and peeling fingertips for 3 years. I don't know if it's the same thing your son has, but it was really horrible for my husband. His fingers would get dry, crack and then bleed and nothing helped. He went to 2 dermatologists, but they didn't help at all. Then a friend told my husband to take this new nutritional drink called Zrii. It's an herbal ayurvedic drink that Depak Chopra endorses. He started taking it, and 3 weeks later 90% of his fingers were completely healed! We didn't even know if he would get his fingerprints back..it was that bad. So we learned more about it and started giving it to our kids too. It's completely safe for children. And it tastes good, which is nice! I'm a stay-at home mom of 3, but now I help my husband selling Zrii. We love it! If you are interested in trying the product for you son, please let me know. Our website is www.whydrinkamalaki.com
Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks and good luck!

B. Feuling

I suspect some kind of fungus, try giving him yogurt every day and also use some anti-fungal ointment on the hands & feet; worth a try.

The first thing that comes to my mind is poor circulation and then diabetes. I am sure they would have caught that with the testing you have done. I guess if the test aren't show anything then you will have to perform your own tests. Massage his fingertips making sure the blood is moving and see if that helps. The second thing that comes to my mind is what is he using for art projects? Construction paper, glue, other harsh chemical? Try using a mild soap, perhaps an oatmeal soap.

Best of luck.

Hi K., Try Rescue cream, we get it at Henry's health food store, it's great, it's also good for excema, I use it as a hand cream after my hands have been in hot soapy water, it has worked for all of our dry/cracked skin issues. Hope this helps. J. L.

I've found that Burt's Bees Apricot Baby Oil works wonders on dry, peeling skin. It's much better than any lotion out there, and it's all natural.

Since having babies I've developed what they call "housewife's eczema" it's mostly on my hands and water is irritating to it. But it's not like I can avoid all water in life. It started small in 2003 and persisted for years. After trying different steroid creams from the doctor with no relief the only thing I've found that works is consistently taking nutritional supplements. We bought into some Mannatech products in 2005 and I've found that the Ambrotose product and any antioxident product together keep my eczema at bay. Creams/lotions of any kind don't make it go away, but the nutritionals do. My baby nails were even starting to get deformed when I started the products and now they are back to normal! Google glyconutrients and you'll learn a ton about the building blocks the immune system needs to do its job. Good luck!

ps. The doctor also pointed out in my case that I should avoid using antibacterial soaps. I've had several others validate this recommendation and now recent research has started coming down on how much we over use these products in our society now.

Hi Kim,

If you are interested in natural healing, we have found a product called Mangosteen Juice can help psoriasis, eczema, skin burns. Our company also now have a Glimpse Skin Nutrition System whose serum could be applied to your son's fingers and toes.

Please research the following websites:
www.pubmed.com type xanthones or mangosteen in search area

Please call or email me if you want more information.

M. B
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