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"Dry and Cracked Hands"

Hello mommies!!! It's that time of year again..!! My hands are in terrible shape and I am looking for some suggestions. My hands are constantly in water at home and bleach water at work, so needless to say they are extremely dry, cracked, and bleeding. I have been putting Aquaphor on them and then I put latex gloves on for a little while to let it absorb into my skin. What does everyone out there use?! Is there something better than what I am currently using? Thanks in advance!!!

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Just wanted to add that I do wear gloves at home when I clean or do dishes. It's the constant hand washing that gets me. However, with the huge cracks and bleeding I am hesitant to put lotion type products on because it BURNS like crazy...!!! Thank you all so much for all your responses!! Happy Holidays Mommies!!!

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Renew Hand Wash and Lotion should do the trick for you. Also, can you use gloves especially at work if you must use bleach water?

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neutrogena Swedish formula hand cream is the BEST! Has an aquaqhor/vaseline-like consistency without leaving the oily feel.

I suffered with eczema on my hands for years and the prescription creams did not even work for me. It finally cleared up when I tried Neutrogena Hand Cream. Good Luck!

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Your hands' best friend is a pair of rubber gloves. Nighttime treatment with Aquaphor or Bag Balm and thin rubber gloves (or cotton) will make a big difference.

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R. B. I know that hurts triple antibiotic (neo sporin) I buy equate brand from Walmart. I use it on my hands, lips, I have even put it on a q-tip and put it in my nose when I have a sore, I have used it on diaper rash as well. I swear by it totally. If you find Aquaphor is not working try doing the same with the neo sporin..I don't buy the brand name either I always use the generic..after you get your hands healed take a drop or two of cooking oil and rub that on your hands in the evening and that will help keep them softer or if you can make meatballs every week to help keep your hands soft. Good luck.

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Renew Hand Wash and Lotion should do the trick for you. Also, can you use gloves especially at work if you must use bleach water?

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Go to a nail salon and treat yourself to a paraffin wax treatment. Or you can buy your own wax kit for about 20-30 dollars if this is a chronic problem. Also- When my Dad had REALLY bad hands that 'udder cream' helped him. You can put it on at night and then sleep with gloves on. That will really help let it soak in.

Good luck!

Palmers cocoa butter! My hands do the same thing this time of the year. :( I don't use gloves on them. I also put the cocoa butter on my hands right before I go to bed. My daughter has really dry skin and cocoa butter helps her too!

I use rubber gloves when cleaning to protect my hands. Mosturizing the hands and wearing gloves at night will help restore your hands. Personally I use a mixture of raw shea butter and jojoba oil with some kind of essential oil. Peppermint works really nice and the scent is wonderful too. I would begin to tackle this problem by wearing gloves when working. Keeping up the moisturizing throughout the day and limiting being in the water without gloves to the necessary hand washing and body washing. I may even use gloves to wash my hair just to protect my hands.

Suprisingly I like the Suave lotion. I'm very picky about my lotion and I can't stand heavy lotions. This worked overnight. I was in the middle of a move and cooking thanksgiving dinner so my hands were in water or lifting heavy dirty boxes. They were trashed. I put some on whenever possible and then about three pumps of it before bed. They are beautiful now.
I also love sugar scrubs. I can't afford to buy them, but I make my own. I use brown sugar and white. Brown will make you sticky but It makes me super soft. I mix it in my favorite body wash right before I use it or else it dissolves. Love it. I think I might tonight. People also suggest gloves. I wouldn't use latex ones because you just sweat. I like those cheap knit gloves. Or socks. Take them off after the lotion is dry. My hands are glorious.

I suffered with eczema on my hands for years and the prescription creams did not even work for me. It finally cleared up when I tried Neutrogena Hand Cream. Good Luck!

Aquaphor is a great protectant, but not as much for healing. I'd do CerVae cream (recommended by my child's dermatologist for his excema) at night for healing, and Aquaphor during the day to protect your hands.

The CerVae cream (not lotion) is very thick and sold in a small tub. It's not prescription, but is behind the pharmacy counter in some stores.

your skin repairs itself and draws in moisture at night. especially if there is moisture under the skin like if you just showered. try putting on hand cream at night (i like avons silcon glove hand cream) and then bag balm over that to keep the moisture in and then keep gloves on while you sleep. also keep a travel size hand lotion in your pocket and you can put it on at work. idealy everyone should put lotion on there hands after washing with soap and hot water because both dry out skin

Hi R.,

Aquaphor doesn't actually heal. Neither to Vaseline brand products. Renew lotion is the only thing over the counter lotion on the market that has been tested (double blind, clinical study) to do better than prescription lotions that a dermatologist would prescribe. Not only does it heal, but it also protects the skin from being irritated the next time it is abused with bleach and the like.

Let me know if you're interested and I can get you the information about it and where you can buy it.

God bless,


Believe it or not but I think Lansinoh (nipple cream used for nursing) works the best. My DH's hands are the worst (all cracked and bloody) and I make hime put the lansinoh stuff on and it fixes them overnight. Its also good for extremely bad chapped skin.

Not a product suggestion, but a timing one... any product works better if applied immediately after washing your hands... the warm water removes all the moisture from your skin, so it sucks the lotion in much more quickly if put on right away... hope this helps :)

I haven't had the cracking/bleeding/flaking since I started using coconut oil. I use it by itself at bed time, then along with other lotion when needed during the day for faster absorption. I used to need lotion up to 10x/day and since using coconut oil, its maybe 3x/week! Good luck!

I have used Ahava for years. I used to work where I was outside year round, working in a barn and was always washing my hands and using bleach to clean stalls. During the winter was especially hard and they would always get so dry and crack and bleed. This stuff works amazingly well and you can get it at Bath and Body Works. A bit expensive but one tube lasts about 3-4 months for me. I put it on every night before I go to bed and still continue to use it even though I'm not working anymore.

i am a day care provider and i know the answer being my hands are always being washed. After washing your hands while they are wet put cream on them then dry them with the cream on them they will be soft....we found this in first-aid
it works

Vaseline and gloves at night is the best! And using rubber gloves ALWAYS for dishes and cleaning, even bathing the kids. Good luck!

I had the same problem before I found Burt's Bees Shea Butter Hand Repair Cream. It is on the expensive side ($13 for the tube) but you dont use much and it really really works. I to tried everything and this is seriously a god sent for me.

I like the neutragena hands, but I definitely am not as abusive to them as you are, so I don't know if it is strong enough for you. :)

My dermatologist told me about the cream thermaplex. It is an emollient and works really well.

Satin Hands Treatment from Mary Kay!!! Seriously, it works WONDERS.

It comes in peach or unscented and I always give it as a gift to teachers, etc. It comes with an emollient that is super-moisturizing. If your hands are really that dry and cracked, I would wear that at night with cotton gloves so it can really soak in. Then you scrub it with a sugar scrub that gets rid of the dead skin and allows your hands to absorb the moisturizer better. Then you wash it off with warm water, then follow up with the regular lotion for the day.

I usually do it a couple times a week in the winter, but you could do it every night if your hands are bad. Seriously, find a nice Mary Kay lady near you (you can find one online on the MK website) and order it. I think it costs about $30 for the whole set and it will last you about a month if you are using it a lot. I garden a lot so my hands are always getting dry in summer, and I SWEAR by Satin Hands! good luck!

Believe it or not, I can relate to that issue 100%! A few years ago, my hands would get so dried out in the winter that they would crack open & bleed! It was obviously, very painful & no matter what I used, nothing helped.
I ended up stumbling & on this stuff called L'Bri Pure n' Natural at a craft fair in December.....7 yrs ago now. (wow!) I decided to give the samples a try & I can honestly say that my hands have NEVER cracked open since! Their Intense Moisturizer is a God send this time of year! It's very, very rich & creamy but never greasy & it actually absorbs into your skin. Believe it or not, but Aquaphor is a petroleum-based product & it will NEVER absorb past the first 1-2 layers of skin. Furthermore, because of this, it can actually dry your skin from the inside out! (In other words, it's probably making your skin worse!)

I'd be more than happy to give you more information or a website to check out. I really do SWEAR by this stuff though! I would be miserable without it!

In the meantime though, avoid ANYTHING with petroleum, water, SD-alcohols, acetones, waxes or synthetic chemicals as the major ingredients in it.

try cutemol. it's over the counter but you need to get the pharmacy to order it. it's dermatologist recommended.

I have psoriasis, so I'm always battling dry hands/skin. The two things I found work best for me are: Bath & Body Works "Look Ma, New Hands" from their spa line. It's awesome because it's thick and smells good....and it isn't greasy!

I also use Eucerin hand therapy. Works great!

neutrogena Swedish formula hand cream is the BEST! Has an aquaqhor/vaseline-like consistency without leaving the oily feel.

my husband has the same problum and used to use aquaphor then we found a place called the body shop, they make a few things that really wored well for him. they make a peppermint foot repair i think intensive cream that works good other than that their hemp hand cream is great! a little greasy put that on at night w socks on your hand then get the hemp body butter dfor during the day.

I second the Lansinoh! I started using it on my hands the winter after my baby was born. All that hand washing and my hands were dry and cracked and bleeding. The Lansinoh cleared it up immediately! I always keep a tube on hand. Its a bit expensive but a little goes a long way and the tube lasts for a long time.

I recently tried Vaseline's Rescue Repair and liked it. Not sure how good it would be on extremely cracked hands.

A last resort that I have tried in desparate times is to use shortening and gloves overnight. It just reminds me of my college waitressing days when I had the softest hands all winter long because of the whipped butter for pancakes.

I have tried some of the stuff on here because I have the same problem and it simply didn't work. I buy the Perlier Honey Hand Cream on HSN and it works well for me. It doesn't burn when I put it on like so many other lotions. The L'Bri Pure and Natural is one I'm going to try since the main ingredient is aloe, not water, mineral oil, or petroleum. I'm glad you asked this question because I'm always on the hunt for something that heals my hands in the winter. The wind really kills them, even with gloves on. Good luck!

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