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Drool Rash - Austin,TX

My 7 month olds drool rash is out of control. I have tried Aquafor, the lanolin nipple cream from Lansinoh, two prescriptions, a lanolin free nipple cream, organic skin care creams, and neosporin just to name a few. Does ANYONE have some miracle cure out there for this? I try to keep the area clean and dry all day and even put ointment on her when she is asleep in the middle of the night and nothing is working. What am I missing? It's getting worse every day and it itches her in the night so she is scratching it which irritats it more. I will go back and seach for a similar question from another mom to see if there are answers circulating.
Thank you for any help you can send my way.

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I emailed a while back (twice) on what was at first a drool rash on my daughters chin, then it was diagnosed as eczema by 4 pediatricians and one dermatologist. They kept telling me it would pass and it's NOT internal. They kept giving me cream after cream and the same ole answers so I did some research on my own and found this book called Super Immunity for Kids written by Dr. Leo Galland. It was amazing! He talked a lot about infant and childhood eczema as well as kids who are sick all the time. He says childern need Essential Fatty Acids. I took his advice, went to Whole Foods and bought Evening Primrose Oil, Flax Oil and Fish Oils. I started putting this on my daughters skin as well as giving it to her internally. OVER NIGHT her inflammation on her chin was better. Two months later it is 90 % better. She had three spots on her chin and one is completely gone. I was so blessed to find this book and I want to recommend it to all you moms out there who are dealing with eczema, ear infections, colds, viruses etc.. It's worth a shot if you are tired of putting creams on your kids or giving them anti-biotics. It's is a older book but SO GREAT!
Thank you!

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Do not sweat it use Dr Smith ointment for the rash. When my daughter was a baby she had the same problem. The rash went away within two days. I even asked the Pediatrician and he agreed for me to keep using the ointment. You can find the ointment at HEB.

Good luck,

we have faced this several times and it is so miserable and painful for both of you. Believe it or not a mary kay product (emolliant night cream) is a lifesaver. It has an odd smell and is pink in color but it works so well

Sounds crazy but bad balm is the key. It comes in a square, green tin and it will only take a couple of nights to clear up any chapped skin. It worked on me and on my kids. My husband reluctantly tried it when we were camping and we were chapped from too much sun and wind. He's a believer now! Good luck!

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I swore by A&D ointment it worked every time. Use the yellow ointment and not the white zinc oxide.

My son's eczema started with a drool rash and it got so bad....after a couple of weeks he got impetigo (who knows where he picked up the bacteria for that). Keep a close eye on it. After we saw the pediatric dermatoligist we started using a cream called CeraVe - you can get it at Walgreens. I use it every time he has an eczema outbreak and it keeps him from ever getting bad and stops the middle of the night scratchys. good luck.

Hi! I has a similar problem, tried everything that was out there but nothing seemed to work EXCEPT crema de calendula (cream of calendula)which I found at Sun Harvest. It worked right away. Good luck!

My son had a rash like that on his cheeks for a few months. It didn't really get around his mouth, just really up on his cheekbones. My pedi told me it was contact dermatitis. She gave me some creams which helped some. I
She told me it's caused mainly by the drool, but it could also be a reaction to a laundry soap, a fabric softener, or something like that, anything she comes into contact with might make it worse.
I went green by purchasing through an amazing company. Sorry, my son is teething right now and I have to go, but you can pm me if you want to know more.

Be blessed!

Try using Bag Balm it is used for cows udders. I am not sure what is in it that works but by mother in law reccomended it to me when my children were little. You can find it at Walgreens or Walmart,it comes in a square green tin. It worked wonders on my childrens rashes when they were little and we still use it today for dry hands, feet etc I used it on my face after using to much Retin A after trying numerous creams and it cleared it up in two days.

VASELINE...apply liberally throughout the day. Works wonders for my son's drool rash/chapped skin.

Do not sweat it use Dr Smith ointment for the rash. When my daughter was a baby she had the same problem. The rash went away within two days. I even asked the Pediatrician and he agreed for me to keep using the ointment. You can find the ointment at HEB.

Good luck,

We went through this as well. The only thing that worked for us was a dermatologist. We got a referral from our pediatrician. It took about 4 visits and 4 different products but we finally found one that cleared it up. So treat it like any other problem your LO would have and see a doctor about it.


we have faced this several times and it is so miserable and painful for both of you. Believe it or not a mary kay product (emolliant night cream) is a lifesaver. It has an odd smell and is pink in color but it works so well

I am glad to see that you are really concerned..not that you should necessarily be..but do keep an eye on it! My 5 year old had a rash on her chin near her mouth that would not heal. She would scratch it bloody in her sleep. After 4 visits to the peditrician, 2 visits to the pediatric dermatologist and 2 visits to an allergist (7 prescriptions - 2 of those antibotics, 5 ointments) it finally cleared up! It turned into impetigo, and we had a stressful weekend where they thought it was Mercer! It was NOT thank goodness. But the antibotics finally worked to stop the irritation after 14 days.

My advice is to keep calling the peditrician and get a referral to a pedicatric dermatologist if it does not clear quickly. Especially considering the age of your baby.

Best wishes and don't stress too much...just keep on the doctors.

My 6 month old has had horrible rash also. Nothing was working and we finally tried Corn Starch. It keeps the neck dry and let the rash heal some without her scratching it. Just make sure you wash it off every 24 hours and then start over again. It really helped us.

My 6 month old has this too and has for about 2 months. Its a yeast infection from the constant wetness. The only thing that seems to work for us is Lotrimin AF (its an anit fungal). My pedi recommended it. Nothing else works for us either including the prescription from DR and other creams she gave us. The rash has not gone away all together, but its gotten MUCH better! I keep a bib on him and changed it frequently and try to just let the area dry out as often as I can. Good luck!

I know this can be totally miserable for you both- and the creams etc do not work- the secret is to keep it as dry as possible- so I would suggest using corn starch when possible- especially at nitetime- just dust a little on the rash s oten as you can-
My grandaughter has the same issue- under her neck and under her arms and around the mouth area when she is teething- nothing worked except the corn starch- she is now 19 months old and we are still doing that- it gives her relief from the itching and burning. The creames have a certain chemical in them that seems to agravate a lot of little ones. The fewer things you can use that have these chemicals the better.
Have a blessed day

I had this same problem with my son, but under his nose and all over his cheeks as he would wipe his nose and spread it all over his cheeks. Ugh! His whole face was always chapped. Anyway, the best thing I found that helped, was a cream by Mary Kay for extra dry skin. It has beeswax in it and works great. It is called Extra Emolient Night Cream. You can order from any consultant online www.marykay.com. Or I can get it for you. Just let me know. I can give you a discount. It's not expensive - I think like $10 and it will last. But, you do have to be diligent in using it in the beginning. But, it seemed to improve like 75% over night. I had tried everything else too. But, that's what really did the trick. I have also just started using Miracle Salve for other skin irritations and I do like it. But, it's not as thick as the Mary Kay one. But, it has other ingredients that I like for scrapes and chapped lips. I bought if from beeyoutiful.com. It's not cheap, but it lasts a long time. I think it was $15 plus shipping.



I'd like to suggest the following product for topical use:
REAL ALOE, Inc.'s GELLY (in a 6.8 ox. tube). It's a cool, soothing multi-purpose Gel w/ 99% Real Aloe Vera. It will help w/ the relief of the irritation that you're speaking about, along with Sunburns, Burns, Cuts & Scrapes, Insect Bites, Stretch Marks, Hair Gel, After Shave Lotion, Poison Oak (Ivy), Chapped Skin, Windburn, etc.

This product is 100% certified ORGANIC ALOE VERA, KOSHER, VEGAN Certified, 100% GROWN & MANUFACTURED in the U.S.A.

For more info., contact M. @ ###-###-#### and/or visit www.acwbinc.org/products.html

Be Well...


I've had some luck with medicated Blistex (the kind that comes in the blue jar and actually says "medicated" on it). It's worth trying out. You should be able to find it at like CVS or Walgreens.


I agree with Alicia. The times I have had this rash symptom with any of my three boys, it either cleared up with some attention to keeping the area dry or I had to get an anti-fungal from the doctor (since it is around the mouth, don't just apply any over-the-counter (otc) anti-fungal cream without advise from your pediatrician).

I can't say that what you are seeing is a fungal infection, but you sound like you are at the point of needing some doctor advise.

I have been able to call my child's pediatrician and talk to the doctor's nurse. Sometimes, the doctor wanted to see my child and sometimes he had general instructions on which anti-fungal (otc) I could try.

If you are breastfeeding, and you find that the rash is caused by a fungal infection, be wary that you might have the rash transferred to you. In my case, this just meant a little extra step to include putting the medication around the nipple area to 1) keep from getting the rash on me and 2) keep from re-infecting my child whether I showed a rash or not. Although, now that I think about it, my case was when my child had an infection in his mouth, as to what you seem to be describing, like a rash on his chin.

Anyway, good luck! You will get there!

I used blistex or a chapstick style lip balm. Sounds crazy, but it worked.

Sometimes a rash heals better if it dries up - rather than keeping it moist with ointment, try drying it with a tissue and maybe some genuine aloe vera. After some time and a bath, it might just peel off and reveal new skin. Good luck!

I would look into diet changes. Are you breast feeding? If so, it may be something you are eating. I am in a rush this morning and haven't read the other offers, but I just had that thought. Are you introducing new foods?

Try hydrocortisone 1% cream. You can get it over the counter (even available in a lot of dollar stores). My youngest daughter has very fair skin, and it was very sensitive when she was a baby. Laying on sheets even made her little cheeks break out. Hydrocortisone cream was what I used and it worked beautifully. She's 23 now, and still keeps a tube handy!

Vasaline (spelling?) works wonders

if it's just from the moisture, all you need to do is pat it dry, wash with just water, pat dry again, then put vaseline on. the vaseline should moisturize the skin and also protect the skin from the drool.
however, the skin could be infected, possibly a yeast infection. I would take her to the pediatrician if it doesn't clear up using the vaseline, b/c if it is infected, you will need a prescription ointment to clear it up. (the same thing happened due to a diaper rash with my younger daughter. it started out just as a regular rash from too much moisture and got infected. after only a few times applying the prescription ointment it was pretty much gone)

Sounds crazy but bad balm is the key. It comes in a square, green tin and it will only take a couple of nights to clear up any chapped skin. It worked on me and on my kids. My husband reluctantly tried it when we were camping and we were chapped from too much sun and wind. He's a believer now! Good luck!

My son is also 7 months and has super sensitive skin. I've found that the only thing that works is hydrocortisone 1% - anit-itch cream (recommended by his pediatrician). I even put it on his face, but only do it when he falls asleep and know that he won't be touching his face. By the morning, the rash is usually gone or it's minimized. Also when he breaks out, I bathe him everyday with Aveeno baby wash, until the rash goes away. After that, I bathe him every other day. Good luck!


I am sorry you are having that problem. I tried many different things with my son who had the same problem. I don't remember anything in particular that worked better then anything else. However, I did want to mention that my son would get the rash around his mouth before he would start teething. Before teething the saliva gets more acidic to help break down the gum tissue. He would also usually get a diaper rash with it as well. Have you tried Budreaux's Butt Paste? You can use it on both sets of cheeks. :) And it smells nice.

Good luck.

Good Morning,
Even tough I have not experienced this with my 17 month old, he did get some pretty bad diaper rashes. I started buying the baby yogurt juice & thought to myself, this is too expensive for this little 4 oz bottle of yogurt juice. (yogurt is good for rashes caused from yeast infection) So, I started buying yoplait creamy peach & the creamy strawberry yogurt.(not the ones with fruit chunks in it) the large cups (2 lb cups) at wal mart. I also buy he walmart brand vanilla. I alternate the flavor & add it to his bottles of milk. I put about 3 heaping teaspoons to an 8 oz bottle.& shake it real well. He drinks at 3 bottles a day of it.(he doesnt like plain milk anyway,) but He loves it with yogurt! & hasnt had a diaper rash since I started doing that,which was when he was about 8 months old. Its also healthy for them. I do have to put a bigger hole in the nipple because its kinda thick. Even if your breast feeding, if your baby will drink a bottle you can add it to your breast milk. If not you can just feed it to your baby as a dessert after you feed the baby food. Or feed as a treat.
Good Luck, & hopefully this along with other mom's suggestion you can get this under control.
Have a blessed week!

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