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Drool Rash

is there anything i can do for my poor babys chin shes teething and i wipe her mouth constantly but her chin keeps breaking out in a rash! any ideas?

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Hi E.! I used to put a thin layer of desitin (the diaper rash ointment) on my sons chin when he was a baby...that helped heal the rash, while at the same time creating a barrier against the drool! It worked great! Oh, and i used the white paste formula, not the clear ointment-the paste is thicker and stays on better-at least to me it seems it does! Good luck! ;)

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make sure the skin is dry and then apply some vaseline, or better yet, aquaphor. I swore by that stuff when my daughter was little. Any time she was about to cut teeth I could tell because she always got the worst rash on her chin, and then a day or two later, she'd get the same rash on her butt. For the diaper rash that followed I'd put some baby powder on her (to make sure the skin was completely dry, otherwise you're sealing in moisture and that can inhibit healing)and then slather on the aquaphor. It's a little pricey, but it's worth every penny! I think recently I've seen Desitin Clear and I think it's probably pretty similar to aquaphor.
Good luck!


I had the same problem with my son. My pedatrician recommended using hydrocordizone cream. Just a small amount 2x a day. His chin cleared up immediately. If I noticed it breaking out again, I use the cream and it would clear it up.

I agree with the other mommies, but I have one more small piece of advice. Don't keep constantly wiping her little chin. It can irritate it even more. Also, make sure the entire area is completely dry and clean before you put anything on the area. A friend of mine had the same problem with her little boy. They used Vaseline, but it only succeeded in sealing in bacteria and germs. He wound up with a yeast infection on his cheeks and chin. So, before you put anything on, make sure that the area is totally clean. Also, make sure that whatever you're putting on her chin can also go in her mouth. I think the Lanonlin would be best. It's non-toxic and has no taste.

I'm sure mom with younger babies will chime in with good practical tips, but I suggest using some lanolin...like breastfeeding moms use on their nipples...it coats and protects the skin and stays on a little longer in wet areas. The rash is just irritation from the saliva so medicated creams aren't recommeded especially since it is on her face. you can get lanolin/lasinoh in the breastfeeding aisle at target and pharmacys. Hope that helps! and good morning to you! C.-mom and nurse:)

A & D ointment, neosporin or even plain veseline will help protect and soothe the area.

I noticed your daughter was born March 9! My son was born
March 8! Like the one person who posted, use aquaphor. That stuff is awesome. It's good because it's gentle. Aquaphor is made by Eucerin, and it comes in a small tub or a tube. I have both, because I take the tube away from home. Even though it's gentle, it will work for anyone who has dry skin or rash.

No one has said this one yet so I thought I would respond :) Johnson & Johnson Naturals line has a product for chapped cheeks. It's just a little stick (looks like a miniature deoderant) that you rub on chapped areas. We really like it. It's in a green container. You get get it everywhere baby products are sold.

Good luck.

I used Lansinoh on my daughter's chin when teething. It also makes a great protectant from wind and softens rough skin. It's natural lanolin.

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